Jun 30, 2019
*Clap clap* before I start this review I will like us all to bow our heads and have a moment of silence for all our fallen comrades, just like us they them-self started this series from season 1, but as time passes and more seasons are release many has fallen and so I will like to congratulate each one of you for making it this far and finally being able to see what is in that damn basement! lol

Now let's begin this review.

Imagine if you were a fish that since birth has been living inside a fish tank, you are unaware that there is a bigger world out there with vast oceans where you can swim to many different areas and see various different species. That is basically what Eren and company were in, and we as the viewers were also in the same situation. Attack on Titan season 3 part 2 is the season that connects all the previous seasons neatly together, this was three seasons in the making. Snk is an action/mystery series that builds its foundation and then explodes with greatness when the apparent time comes.

To appreciate this season you have to realise how important foundation is, in terms of setup, without proper build up this season would not be getting the praise it currently has, because if there wasn't any foundation the impact of the basement reveal and the character interaction/fights would be lacking, there would be a big void there.
I think plenty of persons believe the basement would be the end game, where after finding out what is in the basement the series would eventually end, the twist is that the basement is simple the key to open the next level of the series, the first 3 seasons
were simple the prologue and it is now time for the series to touch on the main plot or the true issue at hand.

Visually this season looks great despite the issues with the animators, the staff did their best with this season from the awesome soundtrack, to the great action scenes, some fights were lacking a bit like episode 2 also the cgi Collosal titan was a bit distracting at times, but that still didn't affect my enjoyment of this season, the voice acting in this season was phenomenal especially in episode 6 when there was minimal ost used in that episode.

The interaction and development for some of these characters in this season was also a highlight, especially between Erwin and Levi, there is a famous criticism that snk gets a lot and that is that the characters are bland, but I think it is an outdated criticism back in season 1 that needs to die, simple put a lot of characters didn't get much time to develop in the first seasons also in retrospect some of the characters didn't get early development because of their secrets, but as more seasons were release, the more the characters grow on you and the more you appreciate these characters and want them to finally be free.

Despite giving this series a 10/10, don't take it as me saying it is a "perfect" series, because no series is perfect and this is where I will point out a flaw I personally have for this particular season and that is the fakeout in this season, specifically regarding Reiner and Armin, I didn't like the situation/explanation in how they both survive and that bothered me, but here is where Isayama shows why he is a God writer! he somehow finds a way to make something great come from those two sour situation for me, with Armin in episode 6 and how that was written was just incredible the same with Reiner, can't say much but all I will say is that he is putting him to good use, not often a writer can write something you as the viewer didn't like but then just blow you away with what he has done with that particular situation.

I don’t think I will ever like it, but what I am getting at is that nothing in this world is perfect, just like how you care for your close family and friends and you know they have their flaws, you argue with them at times and there is somethings you don’t like about them, but in the end you care deeply for them, it is basically the same for loving a series or someone despite their flaws.

And to end this I will say to all anime only watchers, I know that some of you are nervous, excited and even skeptical on where the series is going, but trust me when I say you should have faith in Isayama, he delivered on the basement reveal and has set up the series perfectly for the main course, see you all again in season 4 and make sure that you will not become another fallen soldier when the next season arrives, Erwin would not be pleased.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of your day.
Reviewer’s Rating: 10
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