Sep 23, 2014
keragamming (All reviews)

Ok, before you click on the not helpful button just because I rated this series a 7. Which from what I'm seeing the majority of reviews are dashing out 10/10 left and right. Time to have some variety in these hxh reviews. ;)

First thing I'll have to admit is that when I first watch this series it was so goofy, Gon fighting with a fishing rod was such a turn off, I thought this series would be another fairy tale with no dark element in it, oh boy was I wrong.

Story 7/10. The story starts off with Gon and his soon to be friends which are Killua, Kurapika and Leorio who has set out a task of entering the hunter exam to be a official hunter. Now the story does branch off to other sub plots after they became hunters. For eg. Kurapika story which was in the Yorknew city arc, and imo was the best arc in the entire series, it had drama thriller action, interesting dialogue everything in it was perfect. The beginning of this series was quite slow and uninteresting, all the arcs I watch was just good nothing great or spectacular except for the Yorknew city arc, after the greed island arc the chimera ant arc came into play, and imo this arc felt out of place I didn't feel like I was watching hxh anymore, ants coming out of nowhere devouring people and wants to rule the world, so unoriginal. The pacing in the series started to drop the story in my honest opinion was not interesting each episode I watch in the chimera ant arc was just ok, nothing special. I did enjoy the Ikalgo episode though, the mind game was awesome in that episode, there were a few other good gem in the chimera ant arc as well.

Art 8/10 The art in this series was really crisp and nicely drawn, I rarely saw the art being bad or having bad animation, I think madhouse did a very good job in this series when it comes to the art.

Sound 6/10. This was the weakness part in the series for me, yes, there is some good soundtrack in it, but the majority of soundtracks imo didn't fit the atmosphere or scene of what was happening at the moment in the series. What makes the soundtrack even more disappointing is that they reuse the same soundtrack over and over in each episode. I think they needed more soundtrack for this series. The variety of soundtrack in this series was poor imo.

Characters 7/10. The characters in hxh is good imo. Each characters have depth in them, the only person that felt one dimmensional to me was Gon, overall I can see why a lot of people liked the characters in hxh even the antagonist as well. Also Togashi did a good job in making us hear the thoughts of the characters even the villain as well, this gives them more depth and I think that was one of the major reason why a lot of people got attach to the antagonist in this series, me personally I didn't. The new characters in the chimera ant arc that are on the good side was just too much imo, and I wasn't interested in none of them, except Ikalgo.;) So when I was watching a episode focus on these new character I wasn't interested at all which made my experience unsatisfactory. Too much new characters were introduce at once in this arc.

Enjoyment 7/10. This part is kinda tricky. I enjoyed this series but I also got bored to hell out of it as well, especially in the greed island arc and the chimera ant arc. I was bored to hell. But I think it was balance out. Some episode was just drag out and it felt like nothing happen the pacing imo got slow in the chimera ant arc, which took up the majority of this series, so it affected me a lot on the enjoyment part and also the overall of the series, plus you can factor in things like me not interested in the new characters or the lvl 1 ant characters, not talking about the royal guards if anyone is wondering, which our heroes did have to face.

Overall 7.5/10. Overall I had a blast with this series I started to watch it in 2013 so I came in late in this series. This series was overall a good series imo, if you notice I didn't say anything was out right bad in hxh, hxh did a good job in most of these categories, but for me it just did a good job not anything that will make me go "Woah" or anything extra ordinary, it was just a good series and it was overall good. I personally think this series is overrated just by seen the amount of 10/10 it's getting and also hxh looks like it will soon to be in the top 5 on mal. Any ways just like everyone else it's just a opinion, and I just wanted to share it with whoever is reading this.

Thnx for reading.