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Survival Manga (171)

Shingeki no Kyojin

Attack on Titan

Manga, 2009Finished34 vol, 141 chp

Hundreds of years ago, horrifying creatures which resembled humans appeared. These mindless, towering giants, called Titans, proved to be an existential threat, as they preyed on whatever humans they could find in order to satisfy a seemingly unending appetite. Unable to effectively combat the Titans, mankind was forced to barricade themselves within large walls surrounding what may very well be humanity's last safe haven in the world. In the present day, life within the walls has finally found peace, since the residents have not dealt with Titans for many years. Eren Yeager, Mikasa Ackerman, and Armin Arlert are three young children who dream of experiencing all that the world has to offer, having grown up hearing stories of the wonders beyond the walls. But when the state of tranquility is suddenly shattered by the attack of a massive 60-meter Titan, they quickly learn just how cruel the world can be. On that day, Eren makes a promise to himself that he will do whatever it takes to eradicate every single Titan off the face of the Earth, with the hope that one day, humanity will once again be able to live outside the walls without fear. [Written by MAL Rewrite]


Yakusoku no Neverland

The Promised Neverland

Manga, 2016Finished20 vol, 181 chp

At Grace Field House, life couldn't be better for the orphans! Though they have no parents, together with the other kids and a kind "Mama" who cares for them, they form one big, happy family. No child is ever overlooked, especially since they are all adopted by the age of 12. Their daily lives involve rigorous tests, but afterwards, they are allowed to play outside. There is only one rule they must obey: do not leave the orphanage. But one day, two top-scoring orphans, Emma and Norman, venture past the gate and unearth the harrowing secret behind their entire existence. Utilizing their quick-wittedness, the children must work together to somehow change their predetermined fate. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

Manga, 2000Finished37 vol, 383 chp

Lonely high school student Kei Kurono isolates himself out of a growing cynicism toward his fellow man and the cruelty they are capable of enacting. One day, while waiting to take the subway to school, Kei's classmate Masaru Katou leaps onto the tracks in an effort to save a drunk man. Driven by an uncharacteristic desire to rescue someone else, Kei follows Katou down into danger. While successful in saving him, the two boys are killed by the train. Kei wakes up beside Katou in an apartment full of strangers and furnished by a giant black orb with a glass-like outer surface. After finding out that everyone in the room has recently died, words appear on the black ball tasking them with killing a strange creature. The ball equips Kei and the others with power suits and mysterious guns before sending them off to collect this bizarre bounty. Although Kei discovers the mission to be far more deadly than originally suspected, he manages to survive. He is teleported back to the apartment where he and the other survivors are rewarded point values according to their actions in battle by the black sphere, which a fellow survivor says is called "Gantz." Despite his death earlier that day, Kei is granted the ability to return to his daily life with one condition: he can be uprooted from his day at any time and summoned back to the apartment, where Gantz will task him and other recently deceased with the assassination of another target. While Katou dreads the inevitable return to Gantz, Kei finds himself living for the sole purpose of carrying out these missions. Thriving in the heat of battle and learning to care about himself and his comrades, Kei faces escalating monstrous threats that begin to bleed out into his normal life outside of Gantz. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

SerializationYoung Jump
Manga, 2007Finished13 vol, 58 chp

After a powerful earthquake nearly destroyed all of Tokyo, a prison known as Deadman Wonderland rose from what was left of the city. Privately-run through the guise and functions of a theme park, Deadman Wonderland takes in prisoners from all over Japan, using them as attractions for tourists. Little do the public know about the true purpose of this "theme park" and the horrors that take place within. Enter Ganta Igarashi, a middle school student who has lived a normal life since the great earthquake occurred. This all changes when a mysterious masked murderer called the Red Man appears and kills his entire class, knocking him unconscious which consequently left him as the sole survivor. When he awakens, he is falsely convicted as the perpetrator behind the massacre, landing him a spot in Deadman Wonderland. What will become of this new inmate whose life depends on the bizarre "games" that this prison holds? And just what does Shiro, Ganta's supposed childhood friend who awaits his arrival, know about the Red Man? [Written by MAL Rewrite]

Manga, 2017Finished27 vol, 237 chp

When a mysterious light suddenly engulfs Earth, humanity is left petrified, frozen in stone. Thousands of years later, the world is teeming with vegetation, and forests have taken the places of cities that once stood proudly. One of the very first to emerge from their stone prison is Taiju Ooki, who finds that his good friend, a brilliant young scientist named Senkuu, has been preparing for his awakening. While Taiju wishes to save the girl he loves, Senkuu is determined to figure out the cause behind the strange phenomenon and restore the world to its former glory. But when they free the infamously powerful Tsukasa Shishiou in order to gain an upper hand against the dangers in an unfamiliar world, they realize that their new comrade has other plans. Tsukasa sees their predicament as a chance to start over; free from the corruption and destruction wrought by technology, he will stop at nothing to achieve his goals. With both sides unable to see eye to eye, Senkuu and his devotion to science will clash with Tsukasa and his primal nature in what will truly be a battle of the ages. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

SerializationShounen Jump (Weekly)

Mirai Nikki

Future Diary

Manga, 2006Finished12 vol, 59 chp

The reclusive middle school student Yukiteru Amano finds himself whisked into a fierce game of survival by the god of space and time, Deus Ex Machina, in which the victor shall inherit Deus' unlimited power. All 12 contestants, including Amano, are composed of people who regularly keep diaries, but there is a twist: each person's diary has been turned into a "Future Diary," making it capable of telling the future to various degrees. Amano possesses a "Random Diary" on his cellphone, which gives him accurate descriptions of his surroundings. He is reluctant to fight but his desperation to survive leads to him teaming up with fellow classmate and diary holder Yuno Gasai, an attractive girl who has a strange obsession with Amano. But as this bloody battle royale plays out, shocking revelations are brought to light, changing the very nature of this twisted game. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

Manga, 2006Discontinued7 vol, 33 chp

On a normal day, mindless, flesh-eating zombies suddenly appear and send society into anarchy. In Fujimi Academy, second-year high school student Takashi Komuro witnesses these beasts' murderous nature firsthand. He flees to the roof with friends Rei Miyamoto and Hisashi Igou, only to discover the harrowing reality of their zombie-overrun world. In High School of the Dead, Takashi and Rei must now rely on a band of eccentric individuals composed of: Saeko Busujima, the kendo club president; Saya Takagi, a wealthy genius; Shizuka Marikawa, their voluptuous school nurse; and Kouta Hirano, a firearm-obsessed otaku. Together they must defy all odds and survive against the horrifying undead. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

SerializationDragon Age

Imawa no Kuni no Alice

Alice in Borderland

Manga, 2010Finished18 vol, 87 chp

Feeling unsettled about the future, high school student Ryouhei Arisu often escapes the reality of life. After hanging out at a bar, Arisu and his best friends, Daikichi Karube and Chouta Segawa, wait for the first train to arrive in the morning. Suddenly, a colorful array of fireworks set off in the sky, and an enormous blinding firework renders them unconscious. The trio finds themselves back at the bar covered in dust, discovering that the city has become a barren wasteland. But instead of being worried, Arisu feels alive for the very first time in his life and relishes the freedom of this lifeless city. However, his bliss is cut short when the group rashly enters a festival venue. Seeing its delicacies and lively ambiance, they think the place is a dream; unbeknownst to them, it will be the setting for their first deadly game. Together with his friends, Arisu slowly enters the mysterious area known as the Borderland—an unknown country where every game puts their lives at stake, and a single misstep can lead to their demise. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

Manga, 2009Finished27 vol, 125 chp

In the real world, Ryouta Sakamoto is a reprehensible NEET. However, in the online world, he is one of the world's most fearsome players in the bomb-throwing game Btooom! One day, he achieves the game's 10th global rank. Unfortunately, his celebration is cut short when he wakes up to an exotic sight—a remote island far from the comfort of his room. It soon becomes clear that a nefarious party has whisked Ryouta and many other individuals—including the blonde bombshell Himiko and real estate agent Kiyoshi Taira—into a harrowing, real-life game of Btooom! The bombs he wields are no longer virtual; rather, they are capable of sending people to a bloody and terrible doom. With his life now on the line, Ryouta must muster the courage and determination to survive in this hellish free-for-all, where the only way out is to kill seven other players. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

Manga, 2000Finished15 vol, 119 chp

Every year, a class is randomly chosen to be placed in a deserted area where they are forced to kill each other in order to survive. Initially believing to be on a graduation trip, Shuuya Nanahara and the rest of Shiroiwa Junior High's Class B find that they have been chosen to participate in this game of life and death known as The Program. Waking up to the realization that they have been quarantined on an island, the 42 students discover they have been fitted with metal collars which will detonate if certain conditions are not met. In order to obtain freedom, they must slaughter everyone else by whatever means necessary, and the last one standing is deemed the winner. As each member of the class heads down their own path, Shuuya makes it his goal to get off the island without playing the game in order to put an end to this madness once and for all. [Written by MAL Rewrite]




Manga, 2012Finished12 vol, 78 chp

It is no coincidence that Megurigaoka Private High School is a second home for Yuki Takeya and the rest of the School Living Club. The club has only one mission: to spend day and night on campus promoting independence and engaging in a wide variety of school activities. Between Yuuri Wakasa's composure, Kurumi Ebisuzawa's dependability, Yuki Takeya's initiative, and their teacher Megumi Sakura's support, the club should have everything under control—in theory, that is. As it turns out, living at school has its fair share of challenges. In order to make it to graduation and beyond, the members of the School Living Club must overcome their day-to-day troubles while making the most of their school lives. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

Manga, 2011Publishing? vol, ? chp

With the space program attempting to travel to Mars, 21st century scientists were tasked with warming up the planet so that humans could survive on its surface. They came up with an efficient and cost effective plan of sending cockroaches and mold to the surface so that the mold would absorb the sunlight and the insect corpses would serve as a food source for the mold. It is now the year 2577 and the first manned ship to Mars has landed on the planet and the six crew members are ready for their mission. But what they find are giant mutated humanoid cockroaches with incredible physical strength. The crew members are easily wiped out, but not before sending a transmission back to Earth. Now, humanity will send elite warriors to exterminate the mutated bugs and claim back Mars. (Source: MangaHelpers)

SerializationYoung Jump

Tenkuu Shinpan

High-Rise Invasion

Manga, 2013Finished21 vol, 258 chp

Upon witnessing a man's head cracked open with an axe, 16-year-old Yuri Honjou trembles in fear and confusion as she flees from the masked assailant, only to find out she is trapped in an abandoned building where every door is mysteriously locked. Desperately searching for a way out, Yuri runs to the rooftop, but a world with no signs of life stands before her, surrounded by high-rise buildings. Though filled with despair, once she learns that her brother is also in this strange place, Yuri is determined to find him and escape. However, she soon finds that there are more masked murderers in the area, anxious to terrorize their newfound victims and satiate their sickest desires, leaving Yuri to question if they will be able to make it out alive. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

Manga, 2012Finished30 vol, 121 chp

An unknowing Sudou Kaname is invited to try out a new mysterious mobile app game called Darwin's Game, but later realizes that he's in for more than he's bargained for when he finds out that there's no way to quit the game. (Source: MU)

Manga, 2018Publishing? vol, ? chp

In a trash-filled apartment, 24-year-old Akira Tendou watches a zombie movie with lifeless, envious eyes. After spending three hard years at an exploitative corporation in Japan, his spirit is broken. He can't even muster the courage to confess his feelings to his beautiful co-worker Ohtori. Then one morning, he stumbles upon his landlord eating lunch—which happens to be another tenant! The whole city's swarming with zombies, and even though he's running for his life, Akira has never felt more alive! (Source: VIZ Media)



Bokurano: Ours

Manga, 2003Finished11 vol, 66 chp

Fifteen middle school students are happily attending a summer camp by the sea, until one of the children leads the group into a cave that will drastically alter the course of their lives forever. Inside are several computers, along with a man named Kokopelli who offers the students a chance to play a game: one where they use a gigantic robot to defeat enemies who attack the Earth. The children agree to sign a contract by touching a shield-like object, and Kokopelli transports them to the cockpit of the Zearth—the mecha they are to pilot. After an enemy mecha rises from the sea, Kokopelli shows them how to mentally control the Zearth, and defeats it. The children are excited by the prospect of defending the Earth, but not everything is as it seems. The Zearth is in fact powered by life energy, and at the end of every battle, the pilots die. After signing their lives away, the children must now use their time left on Earth to defend it. [Written by MAL Rewrite]


Alive: Saishuu Shinkateki Shounen

Alive: The Final Evolution

Manga, 2003Finished21 vol, 83 chp

Taisuke Kanou is your average 16-year-old student. He has two close friends, Hirose and Megumi. Hirose has trouble with bullies, but Taisuke is always there to defend him, even though he just winds up getting beaten instead of Hirose. During class one day, Taisuke is hit by something unworldly and for that split second, he sees a vision of the universe. As he's walking home from school, he sees a girl fall and die in front of him, but his first thought is jealousy. He later finds out that the strange sensation that hit him is spreading throughout Japan. Those who are struck by it either commit suicide or "evolve," but the comrades that evolve usually have dark intentions for the rest of the world. (Source: ANN)


Natsu Iwashimizu's last memory of her family is eating her favorite meals with them. Unfortunately, she wakes up from her dream only to find herself in a sinking ship, being rescued by three strangers: Arashi Aota, whose kind-hearted personality does not match his quick temper; Semimaru Asai, who enjoys ridiculing Natsu's meek nature; and Botan Saotome, a skillful woman seemingly aware of their situation. Following the four's successful escape, they sail to a deserted island. Unbeknownst to them, the mysterious island is Japan. After a meteorite landed on Earth, humanity was wiped out and the environment changed drastically. To repopulate the country, the government initiated the "7 Seeds" project, consisting of five groups—Spring, Summer A, Summer B, Autumn, and Winter—each with seven young healthy individuals and a guide. Natsu and the others were put into team Summer B, whose members are considered failures by society. To get more supplies, the group must find one of the seven shelters built by the government. In a hostile, unfamiliar world with no loved ones to depend on, the quartet must learn to cooperate with each other to ensure their survival. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

SerializationFlowers (Monthly)

Kanata no Astra

Astra Lost in Space

Manga, 2016Finished5 vol, 49 chp

In the year 2063, mankind's domain stretches across the vast expanse of the universe. Eight students from Caird High School, along with a young child, embark for an exciting interstellar camp on the planet MCPA, which is located nine light-years from their home. Among them are the brave and athletic Kanata Hoshijima and the cute and bubbly Aries Spring. However, once the students arrive at MCPA, a strange ball of light starts chasing them. This mysterious sphere engulfs the students and sends them to a harrowing fate: a remote area of space located 5,012 light-years from safety. Hopelessly lost and quickly running out of resources, the students' only chance of returning home proves to be aboard a nearby abandoned spaceship, where their desperate fight for survival begins and the dark truths surrounding their deadly excursion are slowly revealed. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

SerializationShounen Jump+
Manga, 2010Finished1 vol, 5 chp

In the realm of time and space, deity Deus Ex Machina and his servant Mur Mur prepare for an upcoming battle royale in which the last-standing individual will become the god's successor. However, Mur Mur makes a grave mistake; she creates a hole in the Law of Cause and Effect and as a consequence, Yuno Gasai—the Second Future Diary owner—ceases to exist. Realizing that the future is now disturbed, Mur Mur takes Yuno's place as the Second in hopes of preventing further irregularities. As time passes, Yukiteru Amano—the First—is brutally assaulted, leaving him unable to partake in the bloodshed any longer. With things looking bad, Mur Mur despairs and temporarily replaces Yukiteru with detective Aru Akise. Just how will Akise improve the injured boy's fate? [Written by MAL Rewrite]

SerializationAce Assault
Manga, 2008Finished1 vol, 5 chp

Minene Uryuu is a wanted terrorist who has resented organized religion ever since the demise of her parents. Blaming God for her misfortune, Minene vows to destroy anyone and anything related to the deity. The delinquent decides to disguise herself as a recently-deceased detective in order to get closer to her targets. However, Minene is soon found out and flees. Just when she is at her wits' end, a godlike creature grants her the ability to foresee the future on her cellphone—a Future Diary. Will Minene be able to achieve her ambitious goals with this newfound power? [Written by MAL Rewrite]


Ibara no Ou

King of Thorn

Manga, 2002Finished6 vol, 37 chp

Two twins, separated by fatal illness and a selective cure. Kasumi and her sister, Shizuku, were infected with the Medusa virus, which slowly turns the victim to stone. There is no cure, but of the two only Kasumi is selected to go into a sort of cryogenically frozen state along with 159 others until a cure is found. At some point in the undetermined future, Kasumi awakens to find herself and others who were in suspended animation in an unfamiliar world with violent monsters. Resolving to unlock the mysteries of her current situation and the fate of her twin sister, Kasumi struggles to survive in a treacherous world. (Source: Tokyopop)

SerializationComic Beam



Manga, 2010Finished21 vol, 82 chp

With the upcoming inter high basketball tournament coming up, Akira Takashiro and Eiji Kudou declared a competition: whoever scores more points in the tournament will confess to Miku Aizawa, the girl they both have had a crush on since childhood. However, just as the rivalry was to be resolved, an earthquake knocks Akira out. When he wakes up, he finds hideous monsters swarming his school, leaving tons of corpses and blood on the ground... Where is Eiji? What is happening? And why? As he moves on, shocking revelations will be unveiled, and maybe there's something deeper that the government is hiding.

Manga, 2013Finished1 vol, ? chp

Contains the prototype of the original manga never published before drawn by Isayama Hajime when he was 19 years old for the "Magazine Grand Prix" in 2006.

Manhwa, 2021Finished? vol, 69 chp

While running for his life in the woods, bullying victim Gyuhwan stumbles upon a shotgun and just enough shells for his classmates. It's a recipe for disaster. But fate takes an unexpected turn when he returns to find his classmates under attack by brain-eating creatures. Now, the only thing that stands in the way of their ravenous feast is a boy with a shotgun. (Source: Webtoon Entertainment)


Shingeki no Kyojin: Before the Fall

Attack on Titan: Before the Fall

Light Novel, 2011Finished3 vol, 15 chp

Hunted almost to extinction by monstrous humanoid creatures called "Titans," humanity found refuge by hiding within walled cities. However, with the passing centuries, ignorance fell upon the masses who forgot the Titan menace and have grown perfectly content to live within their fortresses. Angel Aaltonen is no different until, after witnessing the Titan's devastation firsthand, he starts to realize how fragile mankind's safe haven is. Resolved to protect his friends from the threat, the craftsman sets out to create a device powerful enough to fight the Titans. Over a decade later, Kuklo—who was discovered in Titan vomit as a baby and henceforth dubbed the "Titan's son"—finds himself freed from the cage that has held him since infancy. Aware that his life is now in his own hands, the boy soon finds a cause to live for: to meet a Titan face to face and understand why humans have only ever seen him as an object of fear. Thus Kuklo decides to join the Survey Corps, unaware that he may be the person the stagnant military unit has been looking for. Shingeki no Kyojin: Before the Fall tells two separate yet connected tales which detail humanity's struggle, loss, and determination to transcend the role of helpless prey and strike back against the Titans. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

Manhwa, 2018Finished? vol, 111 chp

The sea level rose to cover the continents. On a planet where dry land can no longer be found, the young Bota's family lives on a small boat and wanders the vast ocean. A harpooner who hunts in deep sea water may be the prey of a monster at any time, those who only appear at night. Will Bota and his family ever make it to safety and escape this aquatic hell?... And who in the world is Kana?! (Source: Toomics)

Manga, 2013Finished1 vol, 2 chp

A story that picks up after the first story ends. It tells the tale of the 3rd Universe's Gasai Yuno after her encounter with the Yukiteru and Yuno of the other universes. Her life seems normal, but something feels like it is missing. She can't help being fascinated with the boy in her grade, Amano Yukiteru, because he keeps appearing in her dreams...

SerializationShounen Ace
Manga, 2018Finished13 vol, 120 chp

When a police officer is posted to a remote village in the countryside, little does he realize he's encroaching on a community of a cannibals... (Source: MU)

SerializationManga Goraku
Manhwa, 2019Finished? vol, 68 chp

A relaxing getaway in paradise, or a death trap? A young man wakes up on a breathtaking beach, but he has no idea who he is or how he got there. Try as he might to piece it all together, untangling this mind-bending mystery won't be easy when every clue leads to more maddening questions... and the family that welcomes him into their home is not what they seem. (Source: Webtoon Entertainment)

Manhwa, 2014Finished10 vol, 114 chp

Gangnam in complete darkness... "Am I the only one alive? What's going on?..." A boy wakes up to find himself in a building full of dead people. No cars, no electricity and no stars in the sky... Not only Gangnam, but the entire city seems deserted. (Source: LINE Webtoon)

Manga, 2000Finished12 vol, 105 chp

Japan was in need of food. Bio-engineers had the solution, BioMeat. A thing which feeds on everything but glass and vinyl. In return they produce a endless supply of food. One day a BM escapes into the city. What will happen with a killing machine on the loose?

Manga, 2020Publishing? vol, ? chp

A peasant named Hanbei asks a girl named O-haru for her hand in marriage, but O-haru confesses that she is already thinking of another man named Masakichi from a neighboring village. When Hanbei seeks out Masakichi, he finds that Masakichi possesses a sword and the skills to use it, despite being a peasant. (Source: ANN)

Manhwa, 2021Publishing? vol, ? chp

Lee Hojae had given up his life as a pro gamer, until one day he received a mysterious message: "Congratulations! You've been invited to the Tutorial World." Intrigued, he enters the game and confidently chooses "hell" difficulty, but soon learns that he is trapped there. With a mere 0.01% survival rate, Hojae must somehow overcome the game's agonizing challenges to figure out the real reason he was invited. This tutorial may be tough, but its secrets are what's truly hellacious. (Source: Tapas Media)


Kyochuu Rettou

The Island of Giant Insects

Manga, 2014Finished6 vol, 24 chp

After an airplane crash during a school trip, Oribe Mutsumi and her classmates were stranded on a seemingly deserted island. Mutsumi found the other survivors, and used her wilderness knowledge to help them. She expects that they will be rescued in about three days, which doesn't seem so long to endure. However, she didn't account for the fact that the island is populated with gigantic killer insects. Her knowledge of butterflies, wasps, and more may be the only thing that will help any of her classmates survive to be rescued! (Source: MangaHelpers)

Manga, 2002Finished33 vol, 330 chp

When Akira Miyamoto learns that his older brother, Atsushi, is missing, his family begins to fall apart. The family business fails, and his father becomes an alcoholic. His two parents constantly compare Akira to Atsushi. Worse, Akira has a crush on a girl named Yuki, who already has a boyfriend, his friend Ken. One day, Akira finds a girl unconscious in front of his house. The girl, Rei Aoyama, shows Akira Atsushi's ID card, claiming that Atsushi is alive. Rei explains that Atsushi is trapped on Higanjima Island, said to be inhabited by vampires. Akira invites his friends to help his brother, under the guise of a vacation to celebrate their graduation. Upon arrival, vampires attack their boat and capture all of them except Rei. However, Akira escapes with his friends before vampires can drain their blood. On the island, he meets with Atsushi, who explains that the vampires are led by Miyabi, another vampire. Trained by Atsushi, Akira and his friends begin the battle against Miyabi and his vampire army in order to escape the island alive. (Source: Wikipedia)


Sounan desu ka?

Are You Lost?

Manga, 2017Finished10 vol, 128 chp

Because of a plane crash... starting today, we're spending the springtime of our lives on a desert island!! There's nothing here, so we have to make everything!! And eat everything!! (Ugh!) Check out our high school girl survival story of courage and knowledge. We're actually doing pretty well! (Source: Kodansha USA)

Manhwa, 2023Publishing? vol, ? chp

The world was embroiled in a death game involving individuals from ages 15 to 29. Thrown into a game devoid of empathy and compassion, Min Ryu had no choice but to fight for his survival. For the 99th time, he finally made it to the end of the game. Standing alone in front of the final boss's chamber, Min Ryu was greeted with betrayal as the system killed him for not having four more players with him. On his 100th and final attempt, can Min Ryu find the help he needs to end this ruthless game? (Source: Tapas Media)


Sousei no Taiga

Taiga of Genesis

Manga, 2017Publishing? vol, ? chp

A story of a young man who lacks a sense of reality after being dumped by his lover. He was visiting a seminar on cultural anthropology with his fellow classmates when he discovers an ancient wall painting, but afterward, a cave-in occurs cutting them off from the the path they have come from. When they find the second exit, they find themselves in a world where mammoths and other ancient giant mammals have dominated it. (Source: MU, edited)

Manga, 2013Finished2 vol, 10 chp

Rumor has it that teenagers who have committed a terrible misdeed in their life will go missing. These young criminals are taken away and never heard from again. When Yuuki Oku awakens, he has no memories and is being driven to a remote school in a car. After arriving, he is led into a classroom. Only six other people are inside. To his horror, he learns that everyone in the room is a criminal, including himself. As students of the class, each and every one of them is incomplete. Whether it's a limb, a heart, an entire head, or—in Yuuki's case—memories, they have all had something vital removed. Though there are seven people in the class, they are told that one of them is not human, but a puppet constructed from their stolen body parts. To escape, Yuuki must first earn the right to graduate in a week's time. But even if he does, he must also identify which of his classmates is the puppet and take back what was once his. [Written by MAL Rewrite]


Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge

The Severing Crime Edge

Manga, 2009Finished11 vol, 67 chp

Haimura Kiri is a seemingly ordinary boy with one slight problem: he is obsessed with cutting other people's hair. One day he meets Mushiyanokouji Iwai, the "Hair Queen" who cannot cut her hair because of an inherited curse. Kiri finds out that his scissor, "Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge" is the only thing that can cut them. But little did he know that their meeting sparked the start of an old murder game to kill the "Hair Queen" using the cursed killing tools, the "Killing Goods." Can Kiri protect Iwai from the Killing Goods Owners? Let the game begin! (Source: MangaHelpers)

SerializationComic Alive
Manga, 2012Finished8 vol, 42 chp

The Communication Player (COMP) is a portable gaming system that can send and receive emails and surf the web. Kazuya Minegishi and his friends are each given a COMP by Kazuya's ominous hacker cousin, Naoya, who tells them they will need the devices to survive. Confused, the three think nothing of Naoya's warning and proceed to open up a strange "Laplace Email" in their inboxes. The email claims that someone will be brutally murdered, followed by a large explosion and a blackout that will take the entirety of Tokyo offline. They believe it to be a joke until the terrifying events unfold in front of their eyes. Shaken, the three soon learn that Naoya has loaded a demon summoning program onto their COMPs, which causes powerful demons to crawl out of their devices and attack them. When defeated, the same demons forge contracts with them and become their partners. Armed with the ability to summon demons and predict the future via email, the three friends fight to survive in their new, demon-infested reality. Along the way, they must uncover the truth behind the summoning program and what happens when they change their fates. [Written by MAL Rewrite]


Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku

Magical Girl Raising Project

Light Novel, 2012Publishing? vol, ? chp

The hit smartphone game Magical Girl Raising Project is not only free, but one in tens of thousands of players will win real-life powers. In N City, sixteen of these lucky girls help the city's citizens—until upper management announces that each week, the least productive magical girl will lose her gifts. But this is no ordinary contest, and as the rules become increasingly sadistic, the competition to keep their powers becomes a vicious battle for the girls' very lives... (Source: Yen Press)

Manhwa, 2021Finished7 vol, 101 chp

Sighs of awe follow Eun Chaerin wherever she goes, as expected for the perfect protagonist of a run-of-the-mill romance novel. She was once the novel's reader in the real world, and now she has the opportunity to live it herself and have her storybook ending with the male lead, Yu Jeha. But everything goes south on the day Jeha is supposed to confess his feelings, for he turns into a disfigured zombie and bites Chaerin. Instead of dying, Chaerin is forced to relive the same day, trapped in the loop of a bizarre zombie outbreak, unable to save Jeha. She desperately clings to him, as he is the only person she can see—all the background characters appear as nothing more than dark silhouettes to her. After almost four hundred repetitions, something unprecedented happens: a formless classmate pulls Chaerin to safety, and she catches a glimpse of their true appearance before dying again. The possibility of unlocking and revealing the extra characters fills Chaerin with new vigor. If she forgets about saving Jeha and focuses on finding this unknown extra in her next regression, she may be able to reach her happy ending after all. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

AuthorLee, Yeon
SerializationNaver Webtoon

5-fungo no Sekai

After the Five Minutes

Manga, 2018Finished7 vol, 66 chp

The story takes place in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. The main character, Yamato, cares a lot about his younger twin brother, Yuuto, and is unable to confess to Michiru, his childhood friend. One day those three are shocked by a sudden situation... (Source: MU)

SerializationShounen Sunday

I'm Shinomiya Hokage, a 3rd-year high school boy who dreams of a survival life. One day, everyone in my school transferred to a mysterious island in a parallel world. I woke up in an unknown cave and I started moving on my own. Then, I met up with some of my classmates. My knowledge and tools in survival shines through. I was a plain guy in school but I'm the leader in this world. (Source: Novel Updates)

SerializationDragon Age
Manhwa, 2021Publishing? vol, ? chp

"You have been chosen as a player in the great game to select the next god's successor, the Mission! Congratulations!" Seonghoon has suddenly fallen into another world to participate in a game to become a god. This other world that is akin to that of a game contains players who cooperate and also kill each other in cold blood...!! Seonghoon, a person without an ounce of talent, uses wicked and crude tricks to become an all-powerful player! (Source: Naver Corporation, translated)

Manga, 2006On Hiatus10 vol, ? chp

The Igura: a deadly battle game where players stake their lives in the ruined city of Toshima. In a post-apocalyptic Japan where the underworld rules the day, Akira is placed in jail for murder. He's given a chance at freedom if he can win the game. Whether he finds victory, death, or even love, he will be in for the fight of his life! Based on the ground-breaking bishonen game! (Source: Tokyopop)

SerializationComic B's-LOG
One-shot, 2022Finished? vol, 1 chp

Epilogue chapter of Dr. Stone.

SerializationShounen Jump (Weekly)
Manhwa, 2020Finished? vol, 176 chp

Yoonjae leads an empty life after his wife and daughter are brutally murdered. One day, his journal reveals one mysterious sentence: "You can see them again." Yoonjae is pulled into a parallel universe where everyone is a player in a lethal game, and the final survivor will be granted any wish. Desperate to be reunited with his family, will Yoonjae succeed in fighting his way in this hellish world to be the last one standing? (Source: Manta)


Juuni Taisen

Juni Taisen: Zodiac War

Manga, 2017Finished4 vol, 29 chp

Rampage. Weep. Kill. Every 12 years, the 12 signs of the Chinese zodiac take the form of warriors and engage in the ultimate battle royal. They face one another in battles to the death, using all the powers of their star signs, and the sole survivor is granted the ultimate prize—a wish. Any wish. (Source: VIZ Media)

SerializationShounen Jump+
Manga, 2003Finished2 vol, 19 chp

(No synopsis yet.)

Manga, 1976Finished22 vol, 119 chp

An inexplicable catastrophe plunges Japan at the bottom of the sea. A boy survives misfortune, but he has been abandoned in a land surrounded by seas on all sides. His effort to stay alive compels him to sharpen the wit, and that nothing he learned in school is useful for staying alive.

SerializationShounen Sunday

Shin Tokyo

Tokyo Underworld

Manga, 2022Publishing? vol, ? chp

According to urban legend, the guilty are sentenced to fall to the Tokyo Underworld. There, they are given no mercy and are mercilessly judged for their crimes in the cruelest ways imaginable!! (Source: MANGA Plus)

SerializationShounen Jump+
Manga, 2023Finished? vol, 3 chp

(No synopsis yet.)

SerializationShounen Jump (Weekly)

Urasekai Picnic

Otherside Picnic

Novel, 2017Publishing? vol, ? chp

Her first encounter with Toriko Nishina was on the Otherside after seeing "that thing" and nearly dying. Ever since that day, exhausted university student Sorawo Kamikoshi's life changed. In this Otherworld, full of mystery, which exists alongside our own, dangerous beings like the Kunekune and Hasshaku-sama that are spoken of in real ghost stories appear. For research, for profit, and to find an important person, Toriko and Sorawo set foot into the abnormal. A tale of two girls' bizarre exploration and survival, brought to you by an up-and-coming sci-fi author! (Source: J-Novel Club)


Nicaea, a dead face delivery website, reveals to its users a video of their friends' deaths. Most people sign up on the site for trivial reasons, including Io Nitta, Daichi Shijima, and Hiro Kageyama. As they return home from a mock entrance exam, the three students receive a message simultaneously from Nicaea, depicting their gruesome fate in the subway station. Despite being shaken by the email's contents, the trio disregards it until a subsequent earthquake and train derailment causes the premonition to come true. Swallowed by darkness, Io is posed with a simple question: does she want to die, or would she rather live? Presenting a will to live, Io wakes up in the rubble alongside Hiro, Daichi, and mysterious entities who ask the three of them to "manage" them properly. Soon, they find themselves in the custody of JP's—a mysterious defense force that only operates during a national state of emergency. After making contact with the otherworldly beings that attacked them earlier, the three students learn that they are now "devil summoners." The Earth is under attack by "Septentriones," strange creatures hellbent on destroying humanity. With their fates now intertwined, Io, Daichi, and Hiro must work together to protect what remains of their planet before being completely obliterated. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

Light Novel, 2012Finished2 vol, 17 chp

Middle school 2nd year, Amano Yukiteru, is a boy who has problem making friends. He thinks of himself as a bystander and will always write down everything he sees in a cell phone diary. Tormented by solitude, Yukiteru began to imagine things like a friend called Deus Ex Machina who is apparently the Lord of Time & Space. Seeing Yukiteru's miserable state, Deus gives him a new ability. His diary will now record events that will happen in the near future. Yukiteru is then forced to participate in a game whose winner will become Deus' successor. (Source: MU)

Manhwa, 2019Finished? vol, 169 chp

In a post-apocalyptic world ruled by hordes of flesh-eating zombies, law and order have fallen by the wayside, and it's every man for himself. Luckily, Yohan has the unique advantage of having gone through this once before. After traveling back in time to six months before the initial outbreak, he gets to work amassing supplies and gearing up to take on any undead creatures. But the living dead aren't all he has to worry about, with bandits, gangs, and rogue factions cropping up all around to inflict terror and seize control. And when the timeline stops playing out the way he remembers, Yohan realizes that his prior knowledge will only take him so far. Now, the only way for him to make it out alive is to conquer both the living and the dead. (Source: Tappytoon)


Ningen Bokujou

Human Ranch

Manga, 2018Finished5 vol, 28 chp

Yuuki Tachibana's planned school trip deviates off course and goes on a deserted road. When he realizes that something is amiss its already too late, all the students on the school bus are taken to another world to a mysterious facility as food for the elves. Can Yuuki escape from the facility protected by magic and demons? (Source: Takeshobo, translated)


Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku

Magical Girl Raising Project

Manga, 2014Finished2 vol, 11 chp

The highly popular social network game "Magical Girl Raising Project" is a miraculous game that produces real Magical Girls with a chance of 1 in 10000 for each person. Girls who are lucky enough to gain the power of magic spend fulfilling days. But one day, the administration arbitrarily announces that "There are too many magical girls so they will be halved." The curtain will now be raised on the relentless and merciless survival game between 16 magical girls. (Source: Baka-Tsuki)

Manga, 2015Finished5 vol, 96 chp

"Could you survive in the wilderness that has lost all civilization?" A huge earthquake occurs while Satoru and his friends are exploring a cave. After somehow making it to the surface, Satoru is shocked by the scene that lays before his eyes. From that day on, the lonely battle for survival begins! (Source: Manga Box)


When his best friend, Daichi Shijima, signed him up for Nicaea, Hibiki Kuze thought nothing of the bizarre "dead face delivery site" that tells its users when and how their friend will die through a "death clip." On their way home from their mock entrance exam, the premonition comes true when a subway train derails and crushes them underneath. In the darkness, Hibiki is presented with two choices: to live or to die. When he chooses to live, Nicaea downloads a demon summoning app onto his phone. Upon waking up, Hibiki is relieved to see that Daichi and their classmate Io Nitta have somehow made it out of the accident unscathed. They soon find that all of Tokyo is in disarray following a massive earthquake. As the trio tries to locate their families amidst the chaos, a strange creature falls from the sky right in front of them and blows up, killing and injuring a large crowd of people. With nowhere to run, Hibiki decides to use the demon summoning app and calls forth a demon to take out the otherworldly being before it can cause further harm. Hibiki's unusually powerful demon catches the attention of JP's—a secret government research organization that appears to understand the current situation. It is there that Hibiki learns that humanity has seven days to defeat invaders known as the "Septentriones" in order to prevent the world from being eroded away. Having defeated the first one already, he must now join forces with the other fated "Devil Summoners" to repel the threat. [Written by MAL Rewrite]


Dai Kyochuu Rettou

Die! The Island of Giant Insects

Manga, 2019Publishing? vol, ? chp

(No synopsis yet.)

Doujinshi, 2019Finished1 vol, ? chp

The space ship "Leviathan" was once the arena for a cruel battle of survival. The only hope: a cryogenic chamber—but there's only room for one person (Source: MangaMogura)

Manga, 2016Publishing? vol, ? chp

Granted powers by the Land of Magic, Magical Girls are protectors of the world. A strange invitation to a game called Magical Girl Raising Project was sent by an unknown person. Now, 16 magical girls are trapped in a game world and are forced to work together to survive. The objective is simple, and the tasks will be difficult. But in this survival game, not everything is as it seems…

Manhwa, 2014Finished? vol, 243 chp

Gigantic oxygen-doped bees are attempting to dominate the human race by reversing the food chain. Lee is a mid-level manager at a large company who only has one thing on his mind: to save his family from the bug-apocalypse. (Source: LINE Webtoon)

SerializationNaver Webtoon

A heroine with a one-sided love for a boy gets drawn into a deadly game?! The students of 2-A's Hamanowa High School wake up one day in an abandoned school in the middle of a deadly game. But "something" is wrong with this game... A story of romance and comedy disguised with a more serious plot. (Source: Kodansha, translated)

Manhwa, 2019Finished? vol, 110 chp

While out to get his sister's favorite snack, Baekhyeon finds himself and the people around him suddenly shrinking... to the size of ants! Now, everything from cats to robotic vacuums pose a threat to human survival. Within this chaos, everyone is given a gift—a unique superpower and interface that lets them see data about themselves. Though it's become a dark and desperate world, Baekhyeon must put his ability and wits to the test to make it out alive and save his sister. (Source: Webtoon Entertainment)

SerializationNaver Webtoon

Nare no Hate no Bokura

The Shadows of Who We Once Were

Manga, 2020Finished8 vol, 74 chp

Nezu was looking forward to his elementary school reunion—after all, his class was united by unbreakable bonds. But when his former classmate, Mikio, reveals that this reunion is a very real matter of life and death...suddenly Nezu finds those bonds put to the test. (Source: Kodansha USA)

Manhwa, 2019Finished? vol, 135 chp

Overly rational. Sociopathic, even. Sean's unfeeling personality consistently drives people away from him. That is, until he wakes up after a night of heavy drinking in... an escape room? Now he must use his unique mind and join hands with other players to survive sadistic games of life and death. The only way out is to escape! (Source: Webtoon Entertainment)

SerializationNaver Webtoon
Manga, 2018Finished6 vol, 48 chp

In the future, Btooom has become extremely popular, and the death game is now broadcast across the world. While many people think that it is staged, Kan knows better because his best friend was killed while playing it. Now a popular NewTuber, he vows to reveal the truth by entering the game and livestreaming it to his viewers. [Written by Denji]

Manhwa, 2016Publishing? vol, ? chp

After the death of her parents, Hanna Yoo sees her life tumble out of control, until one day a mysterious email invites her to compete in Zero Game, where losing means death, but winning brings a big reward: the ability to reset your entire life and live it over again...this time without all the pain and suffering. In Zero Game, Hanna faces danger everywhere. But who can she trust? And how is her deceased father involved? Rivals beware: she may seem like a noob...but inside Zero Game, you underestimate Hanna Yoo at your own risk. (Source: Webtoon Entertainment)

SerializationNaver Webtoon
Manga, 2010Finished16 vol, 168 chp

This is a continuation of the story of Higanjima, featuring an isolated island surrounded by fish demons and a population of warring vampires and humans. Ryousuke, his girlfriend Kazumi, and his friend Yamaoka are shipwrecked by the fish demons and wash up on the shore of this cursed island. They soon encounter the inhuman cruelty of the vampires first hand, before Ryousuke is able to meet up with the human resistance. Ryousuke wants nothing more than to escape the island, but mainland Japan may not be safe for long. If the humans don't defeat the vampires soon, then the vampires will succeed in their plans to spread the virus to the mainland! (Source: MangaHelpers)

Manhwa, 2022Finished? vol, 60 chp

Could you survive as a fish? Yushin, the president of Saseong Group, is betrayed by his boss and thrown into a lake, left for dead. But a mysterious voice calls out to Yushin underwater. "Would you like to start a new life?" He wakes up to find himself as a slimy, scaly largemouth bass tasked with a plethora of quests to fulfill that ultimately promises him one wish. Will Yushin be able to navigate the waters and find a way to become human again? (Source: Webtoon Entertainment)

Manhwa, 2021Finished? vol, 53 chp

The final goal is to be the master of time. But in order to become the master, you must kill and steal. The universe has given powers to a select number of people. The only problem is, you can get your powers taken away... along with your life. The keepers of time will need to protect their powers or pay the ultimate price. (Source: Webtoon Entertainment)

SerializationNaver Webtoon
Manhwa, 2019Finished? vol, 149 chp

Can two people look exactly alike? Fear sweeps the city as people report seeing their own doubles. Then the disappearances start. Mere coincidence? Or are the mysterious twins harbingers of bad luck? Whatever they are, if you spot one, you better think fast! (Source: Webtoon Entertainment)

SerializationNaver Webtoon

#Zombie Sagashitemasu

#I'm Looking for Zombie

Manga, 2022Finished3 vol, 17 chp

The manga is set in a world where 90 percent of humans on Earth have contracted and died from a deadly, virulent disease; only to then rise again as zombies who only attack people. 13 years after that "Red Day" of societal and civilizational collapse, the surviving humans survive away from the big cities, while still hoping to retake them someday. An entirely new generation of people who know nothing of the pre-Red Day world are now coming into their own. The story begins when Aki and her close friends Haru and Natsuki begin a journey to find Aki's missing father. (Source: ANN)

Manga, 2024Publishing? vol, ? chp

Mysterious alien life-forms invade Earth! Most of humanity is wiped off the face of the planet. John, his sister, and the remaining survivors hope to find a new world to inhabit... But one day, they're targeted by aliens again! (Source: MANGA Plus)

SerializationShounen Jump+
Manhwa, 2014Finished? vol, 60 chp

Beginning on the 4th day after a zombie virus broke out, this is a story about the will to live, human instincts and our selfish desires. A thrilling tale about the survivors of a zombie apocalypse. (Source: LINE Webtoon)

SerializationNaver Webtoon
Manhwa, 2018Finished? vol, 103 chp

Am I dead, or am I alive? After Seong-hun gets bitten by a zombie, he soon realizes that he hasn't completely turned into one. Yes, his movements are slow, his urge to bite humans is strong, and his looks are completely different. But he remembers. He remembers the scent of his crush, he remembers how to read, and he remembers that he should protect his friends. Unfortunately, the other intelligent zombies seem to disagree with the last bit... (Source: Webtoon Entertainment)

SerializationNaver Webtoon
Novel, 1999Finished1 vol, 82 chp

As part of a ruthless program by the totalitarian government, ninth-grade students are taken to a small isolated island with a map, food, and various weapons. Forced to wear special collars that explode when they break a rule, they must fight each other for three days until only one "winner" remains. The elimination contest becomes the ultimate in must-see reality television. (Source: Viz Media)

Manhwa, 2021Publishing? vol, ? chp

(No synopsis yet.)

SerializationNaver Webtoon
Manhwa, 2021Finished? vol, 50 chp
100 100

Armed only with a gun and a frying pan, Hoyoung Cheon must survive Battlegrounds: a battle-royale style game with 100 participants, where there's only one way to win: kill the 99 other players, all of them death-row convicts. Hoyoung has another objective besides survival, though—he must find an assemblyman who was captured while investigating the game, and is now an unwilling participant. Can Hoyoung complete his mission on an island with 99 people willing to kill to survive, and emerge the last one standing? (Source: Webtoon Entertainment)

Manga, 2018Finished4 vol, 30 chp

Kyou Ayaha is a third year high school student who excels in everything he does, even sports. With nothing exciting happening in his unchanging life, he spent his days bored out of his mind. But he had no idea that this life of his was about to collapse...! He went to Shibuya with three other people he usually hung out with: Minto, Renka, and Mawata. There, they witnessed a gruesome scene, as the clothes of people coming and going through town transformed into ferocious monsters, tearing humans into pieces! Everywhere in Shibuya, every type of clothing, every sort of textile and fiber started eating people and overrunning the town! Amidst his crumbling life, can Kyou survive this terror...?! (Source: Shogakukan, translated)

SerializationSunday Webry
Manga, 2024Publishing? vol, ? chp

A squad of soldiers receive a distress signal from an abandoned mining facility where they soon have to face dangerous creatures in a battle of survival. (Source: MU)

Serializationgood! Afternoon
Manga, 2014Publishing? vol, ? chp

(No synopsis yet.)

Manga, 2023Finished3 vol, 21 chp

Through a friend, the Shirotani family are introduced to an apartment to move in to. Their joy is short-lived as they learn about a strange rule the apartment building has. The rule is, "Whenever you're in front of the owner you must always wear a smile." If they break this rule... Escape is impossible! The curtains rise on a apartment building survival horror. (Source: Kodansha, translated)


Quanqiu Gaokao

Global Examination

Manhua, 2020Publishing? vol, ? chp

This is an examination that puts your life at stake. Answer a plethora of questions, pass the exam, and you may live. Two-faced examiner, Qin Jiu, meets the cold examinee, You Huo. In this inhumane system, both of them who have lost their memories go head to head against each other. Despite that, they have a strong mutual understanding. Alarms go off and the system collapses time and time again. During which, their memories gradually return. It turns out that even at the end of the world where there's only dust left, you're still the first person I met. What's so great about this system? We'll just destroy it. The world is brilliant and grand still, so welcome home. (Source: Bilibili Comics)

AuthorsMu, SuliE Ze

Trapped between two sides. The Resistance, or The Land of Magic? Rumors have spread of a Magical Girl with the ability to cancel death. To confirm these rumors, the Land of Magic sends two Magical Girls to investigate. What they found instead was a large dome-like barrier. Inside were a group of Magical Girls, calling themselves The Resistance. They claim to fight against what they believe is the corrupted regime of the Land of Magic. As the Land of Magic loses contact with their two agents, tensions escalate as both sides are locked in a clash within F-City. Experience both sides of the story in this Magical Girl vs. Magical Girl conflict. (Source: MU)


Juuni Taisen

Juni Taisen: Zodiac War

Novel, 2015Finished1 vol, 12 chp

Rampage. Weep. Kill. Every 12 years, the 12 signs of the Chinese zodiac take the form of warriors and engage in the ultimate battle royal. They face one another in battles to the death, using all the powers of their star signs, and the sole survivor is granted the ultimate prize—a wish. Any wish. (Source: VIZ Media)

Manhwa, 2018Finished4 vol, 60 chp

Eight participants, 100 days, and a shared pot of money amounting to 44.8 billion won (around 38 million USD). This is Money Game, a reality TV show, where participants try to spend as little as possible to walk away with as much as they can. Marooned in a specially designed TV set with nothing but a set of clothes and a rule book, every item they purchase is 1,000 times the original price. How much money will the participants manage to keep? (Source: Webtoon Entertainment)

Manhwa, 2012Finished? vol, 33 chp

A secret experiment on serial killers conducted in the woods? What could possibly go wrong? Follow one young researcher's descent into madness and self-doubt as she attempts to escape a locked facility with ten bloodthirsty murderers. Will she make it out with her humanity intact? (Source: Webtoon Entertainment)


Death row prisoner. Criminals who committed violent crimes and were sentenced to death by law. Akari, a woman who had no meaning in the prison island "Deep Palace" near death, accommodating them, acted with a certain purpose. Just when she thought she was able to complete my purpose safely, the death row prisoners has started to kill each other? A battle royal "Killing" was held where men and women were separated and the remaining team could escape!! Can Akari survive the "Killing" safely and escape from prison? Blood, Eros, and dangerous guys fly around, all the characters, a Battle Royale of all scum prisoners!!!!! (Source: Takeshobo, translated)

Manga, 2023Publishing? vol, ? chp

Challenge it. As many times as it takes until your spirit breaks. In order to rekindle the life that has been extinguished, in the harsh and merciless mountains of the underworld... A staggering dark survival epic depicted with overwhelming artistic skill. (Source: Cygames, translated)

Manga, 2011Finished1 vol, 4 chp

A short collection of stories detailing what Atsushi was up to on the island prior to his younger brother's arrival. Included one-shot: Kanojo wa Warau

Manhwa, 2022Finished? vol, 54 chp

In a twist and turn of events during a school trip to a rural, northernmost province of South Korea, Se-yeon and her classmates find themselves stranded on a remote island off the coast of North Korea. Extreme circumstances drive the youngsters to take extreme measures to survive. Who will live on, and who will fall victim to the harsh reality surrounding them? (Source: Webtoon Entertainment)

SerializationNaver Webtoon
Manga, 2019Publishing? vol, ? chp

College students went to a tunnel in the mountains in order to livestream a test of courage... where they are attacked by giant insects! A brutal survival story of giant insects vs. humans!! (Source: Akita Shoten, translated)