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Dec 19, 2023
Helck (Anime) add
From a light-hearted comedy show with few action scenes to an amazing show with wonderful world building, characters, heavy backstories and one of the best voice acting roles I have ever heard in my life (Ma Shaa Allah). Welcome to the fantastic world of Helck.

What I picked up as a comedy show due to what feels like a drought of good ones in months, turned out to actually be a very solid anime. An anime that started with a very unique premise of a hero trying to be a demon lord and the antic he faces along the way. From demons accepting him and others ...
Sep 18, 2023
When it comes to the supernatural, we rarely get a story with very big depth to it. The main aspect is mainly around using the power, growing it to fight different guys with power and then ending up as the best. But rarely do we ever get the chance to actually do more with it. Despite the stupid idea of because people believe it then it exists, Mononogatari has always been capable of building up on the supernatural in a very fulfilling way.

When I started the first season of this anime, I didnt expect to enjoy it to the point of wanting a 3rd season ...
Mar 29, 2023
Are you cool? Are you good-looking? Are you clumsy? And most importantly, are you a boy? If you answered to any of those with yes (or no doesn't really matter) then this is the anime for you.

It has been a while since I recommended a simple relaxing and heart warming slice of life anime. I think the last one was the Yuru Camp Movie and that was for obvious reasons but other than that, there have been less and less relaxing anime which is sad considering it is my favorite genre. So with this one, an anime about just clumsy good looking guys trying ...
Mar 25, 2023
Never in my life did I expect to give a shounen a 10/10 again let alone a 6th season of one. I can say that this season of Boku no Hero was probably one of the best well-presented anime I have ever seen.

From the beginning of the season and after so many disappointing seasons, we finally got a look at how good the premise of BNHA is. A story about heroes and the heavy dark undertone that can easily outweigh the peaceful moments at any given moment.

From the start of the season and the introduction of many amazing characters like Miruko to the ending ...
Mar 5, 2023
Been a while since I found a series I wish to experience so much more of. A story with amazing character and a main character that you actually care for and want to see more of specially when it's not a slice of life series. I think the last one that was like that was Gintama, although I rarely recommend it anymore, and this really says a lot about how good this series is.

When starting the season I was told the most heart-brearking news, Best girl, aka Ameri, won't appear much in this season. That alone is enough for me to lower the rating ...
Dec 25, 2022
When it comes to social anxiety or any general form of mental illness, we mainly see it in 2 ways.
It's either very depressing to the point you become unable to watch it, or it is only played as a cute gimmick to a character.
But rarely do we ever see it as an issue and something that needs to be fixed. Well, Bocchi the Rock has been a wonderful anime about that exact idea of trying to overcome a mental illness and how it actually feels having one.

Bocchi the rock has been an anime that took me by surprise. I got into it ...
Dec 21, 2022
There may come a time in your life where you begin to devalue yourself. A period in which you feel that maybe you don't deserve anything. Not accepting yourself and feeling unjustifiable inferiority and thinking you are only filles with flaws. Mob Psycho is one of the best anime at addressing that and how to help yourself when dealing with it.

Mob Psyho is a perfect example of how to create a flawed main character and how to develop it. Starting from an average looking guy with nothing but psychic power that wishes to hide it and is always being used. You see a character ...
Nov 27, 2022
"It's as beautiful as the day I left it"

Life goes on, and so do we. It's always a very strange concept no matter how much one can experience it. The fact things go forward no matter what is something that can be both calming and anxiety inducing. But well, that is life.

Haven't watched almost any of Yuru camp since the last special but it's still so wonderful to see the cast is still together even after so long into the future which I really though was a strange way to create a movie with such a big timeskip as the premise.

Yuru Camp has ...
Jun 13, 2022
In an already established world with magic, power systems and supernatural beings (and what they consider gods for some reason), there is a very big flow in almost all fantasy anime that starts with those troupes, forgetting the existence of a family.

From the first episode of season 1 in Honzuki, we are introduced to an idea that has been expanded to a degree I never saw before, the value of having a family and how hard it is to write them. Yet, with every new season we are met with deeper level of depth to each character and how they relate to their family. ...
Mar 25, 2022
Slow Loop (Anime) add
With Yuru Camp seemingly moving towards its end and the recent conclusion of Non Non Biyori, I found myself falling back and remembering how those 2 helped me throughout my life. Whether it was the relaxation nature of Yuru Camp as it helped me through a very difficult period in my life, or the way Non Non Biyori taught me that life goes on and we have to try and enjoy every moment of it. Those 2 set the standard of how to make a Slice of Life anime, how to create good characters and how to build an expanding beautiful world though simple story ...

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