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Sep 28, 2019
Kimetsu No Yaiba is a masterpiece in the making, it doesn't have the best or most original story but it has the capability of going the unpredictable way when faced with cliches, it has creative writing, art, animation and a great set of characters that help it achieve much more than most action/drama anime which is why it became as popular as it is now.

What makes the anime stand out are the good characters as well as the animation/art. The animation/art part is predictable though, I mean it is Ufotable after all so I never expect any lazy parts in that part but let's read more
Sep 21, 2019
"Can I say something depressing?" -Me

I always feel sad when the end of the season comes, I feel excited because of the new shows but that means that the hidden gems that I found in the current season are ending and the chances of it getting another season is low. 90% of the time it marks the end of me watching this anime forever and the end of me seeing something that made me relax and enjoy myself.

Creating in the Slice of life genre is a difficult task. Tons of Sol anime already exists so you need to be as creative as possible read more
Sep 18, 2019
Maou-sama, Retry is the combination of every Isekai cliche you could see, from the overpowered MC to the harem forming part, it embraces evrey cliche you could think of and yet for some reason, I found myself enjoying it. The idea of an anime using nothing but cliches and building a world with it seems fascinating to me for some reason and the fact the MC acknowledges all that and acting different helps create more diverse scenes than lots of other Isekai anime.

This is an over the top kind of anime, it doesn't take itself seriously and though that doesn't necessarily make an anime read more
Sep 18, 2019
A great story doesn't come around so often, sure you could find a great anime every season but the greatness of it rarely comes from the story, some become great for the characters and their development while others become great for comedy or any other genre. I think this is the first anime that I can call great just for the story since 3 or 4 seasons ago when Sora Yori was airing.

What makes me think that Kanata No Astra is great are 2 reasons: The story and the characters.

The story is great because of many things but I think the thing that made it read more
Aug 24, 2019
It took me 5 years to know, find and watch these specials and I have to say that I'm so happy I did.

I always loved the anime, it had a great sense of humor and the characters were great so watching it now makes me like it even more.

The specials are 2-4 minutes long with the last one being around 8 minutes, each one has a different short story. I found them all to be so cute specailly the last one since it showed that Kohina can feel loneliness and using the music/sound to present it was outstanding so credit to the director/sound read more
Aug 20, 2019
Gintama (Manga) add (All reviews)
Making a good manga that lasts long is tough, we've all read some manga that were so good yet end up being axed because they didn't get enough attention, we also know about lots of manga that are still popular and becoming even more successful because the author decided to follow what was popular and got rid of his ideas that made that manga stand out in the first place, there are some that ride on the popular trending genres and rarely do you find one that takes you to a whole new world with genuinely good characters, I think all this shows you how read more
Jul 28, 2019
Never in my life did I think that I would give a JoJoanime a 9/10, I was never a fan of the anime and I watched it because it was a way to pass time and it was enjoyable but to be fair I lost all hope when season 4 aired. Thankfully season 5 was probably the best out of the entire series and now for the first time in my life, I'm looking forward to the next part of JoJo.

I'll talk about the great things of the anime in this review: the characters and the plot.

The best things imo are the characters, the read more
Jul 27, 2019
I didn't expect to ever say this but thank you J.C staff for allowing me to see the conclusion to the story I really loved 5 years ago.

Rurumo was never the anime that I watched for the dirty nor harem stuff, Rurumo for me is a much more complex anime, it has genuine good characters and very nice plot and I really liked it for that. It having very low ecchi made me love it even more because it showed that you can make a great story without relying on fan service.

The story of this movie is good and while it does feel read more
Jun 22, 2019
Natsume yuujinchou never fails to amaze me, no matter how old I am or how I personally changed, I can never find myself unable to enjoy it, it is a work of art that continues to this day and I hope I can see more of it.
Whenever there is a movie made for an anime it usually has some random action and mainly flawed plot but thankfully this is not the case, this feels more like a longer episode of natsume rather than a movie, it is soothing, relaxing and it personally made me very happy considering I didn't like part 6 as much read more
Jun 21, 2019
Not many people get the charm of SOL anime, some think that there needs for an anime to have a phenomenal story for it to be good which I personally find it to be 100% false. You can't get a "A Place Further than the Universe" anime every season because of how difficult it is to create a story like that and I also don't think that is the main charm of an SOL anime. For me personally I watch most SOL anime to relax and thankfully Hitoribocchi did that greatly for me.

Hitoribocci no Marumaru Seikatsu is one of the best SOL anime that read more