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Jan 23, 2017
Mixed Feelings
This is a manga about a girl who is too embarrassed to admit that her first crush was a girl. Since she was a child, Yashiro has been weak and clumsy. She was often bullied by boys for how weak she was and ended up with a fear of men. Her first crush was a girl who saved her from some bullies one day. They became friends, but eventually Yashiro became so enamored with her savior that she kissed the girl, who then ran away never to be seen again. She didn't even know the girl's name.

Fast forward to high school and a transfer student ...
Mar 26, 2016
"The Town Where Only I am Missing" (loosely turned into "Erased" in the English version), has many amazing aspects, yet with it's rushed pace and incredible amount of unexplained occurrences, it is one that has me feeling a confused love for this show. If it was trying to make me go read the manga to get the full and possibly better version of this story, then it certainly succeeded as that's what I'm going to be doing soon.

Despite being an excellent series (in my opinion), it is a rather predictable one; I won't try to hide that. From just my first time watching the opening ...
Nov 13, 2014
Akumetsu (Manga) add
Mixed Feelings

Akumetsu is a story of one man. And a horde of his look-alikes who collectively become known as Akumetsu. They are a terrorist group who kill off evil politicians and people ruining the country of Japan and causing it to accumulate around 7 trillion in national debt. After an Akumetsu kills his target, he dies as well.

The story is pretty simple and is mainly divided into arcs centering around Akumetsu focusing on a certain target and killing that target (pretty much always an old, corrupt, male politician) in a flashy way so that more and more people come to know of them ...
Oct 20, 2014
I'm a big fan of Kyoto Animation. I really enjoy their animation style and many of their shows. However, Tamako Market was one of the few shows by KyoAni that I did not enjoy. It had a weak and silly plot, too much comic relief thanks to an annoying fat, talking bird, and the animation was not as good as many other KyoAni shows in my opinion. So along comes a movie sequel for the show that has romance at the core of its story rather than slice of life filler, less than five minutes of the annoying bird name Dera, and movie quality animation. ...
Sep 27, 2014
What does it mean to be a good main character? Does it mean being weak and growing strong throughout the story? Or could it mean starting strong but learning how to overcome your weaknesses in order to continue growing? How about starting off absolutely perfect at everything other than noticing girls affection for you? Well, if you answered "no" to that last one, you should probably stay away from this show. If you answered "yes," let me show why I believe that is not the right way to create a protagonist.

Shiba Tatsuya is a new high school freshman at a prestigious magic academy in near-future ...
Sep 21, 2014
DRAMAtical Murder is an anime adapted from a BL visual novel originally created by the company Nitro+ who also made things like Steins;Gate and Chaos Head. Similarly to those and other stories done by Nitro+, it has a very sci-fi and futuristic feeling to it. And despite the original material involving gay rape sex scenes (though I haven't played the original game so I can't compare them more than this), this is tuned down to a PG-13 rating which never delves farther in the shounen-ai element than a simple kiss and gay sexual innuendos galore.

DMMd begins with Seragaki Aoba, a man of around 20 years ...
Jul 30, 2014
Mixed Feelings
Hunter x Hunter, a series renowned for its unique and intelligent battles, is one of the best lengthy shounen/action series I've ever seen. However, this movie throws all of that out of the window of an extraordinarily tall tower and prefers to use more senseless, "beat-em-up with the power of friendship" tactics.

The story is pretty basic: A small group of refugees band together with a powerful rival of the Hunter Association in order to get revenge on them. The story takes place at Heaven's Arena, the tower where Gon and Killua fought while learning the basics of Nen. It brings back some characters from previous ...
Jun 23, 2014
Preliminary (122/364 chp)
"The Seven Deadly Sins" is a shounen action/fantasy manga that seems like it would be about as generic of a story as you could imagine something in this genre being. But only at first. It certainly clears that up quickly by introducing a world and a complex cast of characters that are anything but generic.

Beginning with a meeting between a princess and a man with a childlike stature acting as a barkeeper, the manga begins with the duo deciding to find a powerful group of warriors known as "The Seven Deadly Sins" in order to defeat the evil that has overcome the kingdom's monarchy. What ...
Jun 23, 2014
This is an anime about a man and his dream. His dream of panties. Seeing panties, smelling panties, touching panties.... Yeah that's honestly most of what this show is about. Oh, and a there's also little stuff about making manga. But it's ecchi manga about panties anyway. Each episode is divided into three or four different scenes, and almost all of them deal with panties and Aito's love for them in one way or another.

This is a harem anime about a mangaka of an ecchi manga and the girls around him. His three assistants (though two are hardly ever seen actually helping his manga at ...
Jun 19, 2014
Mixed Feelings
Selector Infected WIXOSS (SIW) is the newest of a number of anime which many people claim "Only exists because of Madoka Magica." Personally I don't agree with that, but just a heads up in case you get part way into this review and just write the show off because of the few similarities like many people seem to do with these kinds of shows. Yes it is a dark show with a sort of magical-girl-esque style that centers around a group of high school girls, but that's about all the similarities you'll find save a couple towards the end that only seem like they'll be ...

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