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TOHO Strengthens Animation Division with Acquisition of Science SARU

May 24, 12:20 AM
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Overkilled Red

Aug 2013

TOHO, a powerhouse in the film industry, has taken significant strides to strengthen its animation production arm. The company announced its acquisition of all shares of Science SARU, marking its incorporation as a subsidiary into the TOHO Group.

Under the leadership of CEO Eun-Young Choi, who also serves as a producer and holds all shares, TOHO will finalize the transfer of all shares on June 19, 2024, with the transfer price undisclosed. Subsequently, Science SARU will transition into a consolidated subsidiary of TOHO, effective from the second quarter of the fiscal year ending February 2025.

Despite the prevailing market challenges, Science SARU has demonstrated robust financial performance, boasting three consecutive years of profitability. For the fiscal year ending January 2024, the animation studio reported robust figures: revenue totaled ¥14.3 billion (approx. US$91 million), operating profit reached ¥4.28 billion (approx. US$27.2 million), ordinary profit stood at ¥5.26 billion (approx. US$33.4 million), and net profit amounted to ¥3.5 billion (approx. US$22.2 million).

Established in 2013 by Masaaki Yuasa and Eun-Young Choi, Science SARU is a prominent animation studio headquartered in Kichijoji, Tokyo. Renowned for its commitment to creative excellence, the studio has produced an array of theatrical animations and anime series, earning acclaim for its high-caliber visuals and global network across creative and commercial spheres.

In recent years, Science SARU has demonstrated a proactive approach to production, collaborating with diverse directors and spearheading series projects such as Heike Monogatari (The Heike Story), Yojouhan Time Machine Blues (The Tatami Time Machine Blues), and Dandadan.

The forthcoming nationwide release of Kimi no Iro (The Colors Within), the latest feature film from acclaimed director Naoko Yamada in the Summer of 2024 through TOHO distribution, underscores the interdependent potential between Science SARU and TOHO, contributing to the studio's acquisition.

This strategic acquisition aligns with TOHO's overarching vision encapsulated in its "TOHO VISION 2032 TOHO Group Management Strategy," devised in April 2022. The strategy underscores key growth areas, including "Planning & IP," "Animation," "Digital," and "Overseas," with a concerted emphasis on fostering growth through targeted investments, including mergers and acquisitions.

The integration of Science SARU into the TOHO Group is poised to significantly bolster the conglomerate's animation production capabilities, propelling accelerated growth within its anime business. Additionally, TOHO anticipates enhanced production environments and increased creative opportunities as a result of this subsidiary acquisition.

Source: Press Release, Nikkei, Animation Business Journal

May 24, 1:45 AM
ranked 54 in FAL
Mar 2018
toho produces a lot of good stuff, i just hope this doesn't change science saru too much, at least in regards to the kinds of projects they make.
May 24, 2:00 AM

Jul 2021
Whoa... I wonder why they gave up their independence when they're supposedly doing fine. A net profit of $22.2 million last year sounds pretty good to me.

Maybe we don't have the full picture here. Or maybe Choi just wanted to cash in.
May 24, 3:00 AM

Feb 2021
Good news. They can make more anime this way.
May 24, 3:49 AM

Oct 2013
All anime I saw that had TOHO involved in the production process were great. I think that acquiring Science SARU studio will end up as mutually beneficial to both that studio and TOHO. I can't wait to see an anime released after Science SARU got acquired by TOHO.
May 24, 3:57 AM

Sep 2020
Toho produce peak anime so it's a huge W imo.
May 24, 5:20 AM

Jan 2009
we got aniplex owning studios like a1 and cloverworks and look how overwork they are so im guessing science saru will have the same fate
May 24, 8:18 AM

Aug 2015
As long as Dandadan gets more budget they can do anything to the studio.
May 24, 9:00 AM

Apr 2021
This is great news. I like science saru. Now hopefully they might get better projects with higher budget.

Also new maasaki yuasa anime when?
May 24, 9:30 AM
Dec 2022
I didn't know this, but Eunyoung Choi has a thick mixed Korean and British accent when speaking English.
May 24, 11:33 AM

Jan 2021
Funny to see Science SARU giving their liberty to become another IP farm.
May 24, 7:50 PM
Aug 2018
It seems like a good thing to happen.
May 25, 1:40 AM

Apr 2012
Reply to Ionliosite2
Funny to see Science SARU giving their liberty to become another IP farm.
@Ionliosite2 Do you think turning them into a pocket studio for adaptations of Toho IP is a done deal?
May 26, 7:35 PM
Sep 2016
I don't know abt this.... seems kinda sus further down the line.... When it's abt entertainment industry, anytime a big corp started to buy up the smaller ones (no matter how innocent they may started), greed started to creep up and ruin everything. It has happened to IT industry (ex: Facebook, Google, etc.), american entertainment industry (ex: Disney, WB, etc) and gaming industry (ex: EA, Ubisoft, etc) before, it will happen again. This time, I'm afraid, it might be time for anime industry to have it's turn.
uncleqrowMay 26, 7:40 PM
Python is the best programming language ever. FIGHT ME!

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