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Poll: Kai Byoui Ramune Episode 6 Discussion

Feb 13, 8:58 AM

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Ramune's got my respect this episode. For putting his own life at risk to help another individual...and plus, he got hurt himself.

Seems this episode is continuing the dumpling ears arc and I feel like there's definitely a level of emotional impact on the characters.

Feb 13, 10:17 AM

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This is the first episode where they didn't go starting a new case of a mysterious disease but rather sticking to the previous episode.
But, at least he didn't take any severe damage from that fall. At last, she realized that Yuu is dead and dumplings detached from her ears.
Props to the doctor for taking care of Rio in his condition.
Feb 13, 10:26 AM

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nice conclusion to this mini arc, glad it all turned out well and ramune is a really nice dude.
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Feb 13, 10:30 AM

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Ramune being the massive troll we all know he is was brilliant! He could have used his eye things to get help but he sacrficed his life- willingly or not- so that the family could become more close. Kinda knew that the kid would get his voice back since that's been the theme of teh show so far but the end was heartwarming. Must be tough for a mother to go through her son being kidnapped and murdered and then her other son to also go missing but they potrayed it quite well. Some music sounded kinda out of place but again stuck to the mysterious theme! On the whole another great episode!
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Feb 13, 10:35 AM

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Thanks to Ramune the mother is finally healed and understood that Yû is dead, but well Ramune really put himself in danger for his patients... he could have died, and his also had some hardcore plans, he really thought of kidnapping Rio xD next episode seems to be about popcorns xD
Feb 13, 10:38 AM
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I feel like this case doesn't solved completely, though will it continue in this season or not is yet to be seen. Like, who are kidnappers? Are they involve in supernatural as well?
Feb 13, 10:58 AM

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Continuing with the pot sticker business from last episode...

Of course Ramune won't die that easily, and convincing Rio to save his own mother in Ramune's stead while faking death, that's ingenious thinking.

Honestly though, Kuro's a great assistant to have, and aiding in the search for both boys with the mysterious Pearl item, all hands are on deck for the mother to do what she is supposed to do from the very beginning: accept the reality that Yuu is dead.

All that's left is to rescue Ramune and Rio from their location, and the former's such a troll for scaring the assistant much. Good thing that Rio got his voice back from a sacrifice, and the family matter's settled for good.

A good end to this 2-parter.
Feb 13, 11:08 AM

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It was do or die for Ramune. He put his life on the line in the hopes of healing the mother. His gamble payed off therefore Rio and the mother are now in a healthy relationship.
Feb 13, 11:52 AM
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Is Yū truly dead? :"(
I hope Yu is still alive: "
In this episode, while Yu's mother was trying to hear Rio's voice, there were several voices filtering out saying "hand cut in the yard of the house" ,.
Feb 13, 12:06 PM

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So this episode ends on a happy note with Ramune sacrificing his life so that Rio's mother can be fully healed. Rio had to use the mysterious item at the cost of giving up his voice and his mother had to be willing to listen to Rio's voice while blocking out the noise regarding loosing her eldest son Yuu. When the mother finally heard Rio's voice, the pot stickers came off her ears and Ramune and Rio were rescued. Rio eventually got his voice back so hopefully the family will move on from the traumatic experience and start acting like a normal family again.
Feb 13, 12:09 PM

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Good ending, but wished there was a bit more. Got me excited with Kuro all surprised when he goes to check out the doctor's clothes, but disappointed in a not so surprising reveal.

Granted, it did show Doctor being a much nicer person in the end, so props for that, loved the ending.
Feb 13, 1:08 PM

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Ramune was strong af, not getting much injure from that incident. So, it was true afterall Yuu the victim of the previous episode. Rip with all of those information.

In the end, its just served as the way to cure those both son and mother relations. Such an extreme approaching, to be honestly. But, well, its not Ramune sensei if he didn't use such an eccentric way to solved the problems. Even if he must risk his own live to do that. Case closed...
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Feb 13, 5:24 PM
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This episode got me crying...
In this episode we can see how worry Kuro to the Dr.. I really wanna know their back story
Feb 13, 9:30 PM
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Nice episode, and the end of the first 2-parter. Glad to see it ended well for Rio and his mom, and although I wish we could know more about what happened to Yu, I don’t think Dr. Ramune is cut out for that job lol. We also got to see Kuro worried for Ramune, which is a first. Looks like next week is also gonna be multiple parts, looking forward to it.
Feb 13, 11:12 PM
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This made me cry T________T

I felt so bad for Rio & his family. And they are finally able to heal & move on, with Yuu forever in their hearts. The sad & haunting thing is that these tragic things happen far too common in the real world too. Can only wish for peace & healing for families like Rio’s.

Ramune has drastic methods but he always means well. It was so heartwarming & touching to see how dedicated he is & sincere in helping others. And he has his insightful & wise assistant Kuro who cares for him, always by his side. Love this anime! Glad to see Niconii & obachan again!!!! More of them too pls ♡

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Feb 14, 4:31 AM

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That was a pretty good episode, Ramune is a really nice dude and risked his own wellbeing to cure his patient. His methods might be a little too much but it sure as hell effective.

Hopefully Rio's family will live a happy life from now on and move on from Yuu's death. Though I hope they got justice at least for his death.

Looks like another 2 parter next episode, looking forward to it.
Feb 14, 11:07 AM
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What a nice ending for the two-episode story. I like it very much. Ramune is quite smart I must say and the way he cures people is quite interesting. He fixed a whole family.
Feb 14, 6:29 PM

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Very good episode. This episode made sad multiple times throughout the episode. Happy the family is moving on. I am a bit sad that the mystery behind Yuu won't be uncovered.
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Feb 14, 9:06 PM

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This gyoza case doesn't feel like complete :( they didn't give a closure to Yuu's death. There's still no justice for him T___T I'm glad the mother is already fine.

Kuro is very concerned about his sensei, tsundere XD

when Kuro undress Ramune, I thought he saw a boob that's why he's so shocked LOL
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Feb 15, 12:54 AM

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Kuro and Ramune's relationship is sweet.

Yep, I knew the pearl was edible. Everything is food in this anime. lol

After xxxHolic, I never thought I'd find another psychological story that covered similar themes. So, I am happy this exists. This also has the hints of BL just like xxxHolic. (But, before I start shipping them, I need to know their age difference. lol)

People tend to obsess over what they've lost, and not pay attention to what they still have. I like how this anime played with that concept.
Feb 17, 5:44 AM

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Nice the case has been solved, I'm happy for Rio and his mom. Ramune sensei was reckless with himself thou. He should take care of himself more like Kuro and granny said.
Apr 17, 1:19 PM

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Ramune is such a great guy. He put his life on the line in order to help that family.
May 18, 4:59 AM

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Got my hopes high for what Doctor was carrying around his waist seeing Kuro's angry reaction but I'm a bit disappointed it was just his tools. Good thing the mother is cured now which only leaves catching the kidnapper in order to fully resolve the case.
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Jun 28, 9:10 PM

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I feel devasted I know is not the Doctor field but I wanted justice for Yu.

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