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Poll: Boku no Hero Academia 4th Season Episode 22 Discussion

Mar 14, 1:50 AM

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They're really giving La Brava and Gentle their run for money. A lot of scenes are featured between their fight against Deku. Interestingly, La Brava's own quirk managed to make Gentle stronger in that fight.

Gentle's background story though...

Also, I gotta give a lot of credit to Gentle's VA this episode. They really made his personality stand out.
Mar 14, 3:17 AM

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been a while since i wanted a 'villain' to win
Mar 14, 3:19 AM

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This was such a great episode, focusing on the action for most of its runtime while still balancing moving backstory.

I'm really excited for the next episode, I've been looking forward to seeing it animated since this arc began.
Mar 14, 3:33 AM

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Gentle was such a fking bad ass in this episode
Mar 14, 3:33 AM
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Man Overhaul is cool and all I guess, but fucking Gentle and La Brava are amazing. Great emotional episode
Mar 14, 3:35 AM

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YES! My favorite MHA Villain one you can really root for!
Such a simple yet great backstory thats essentially dark version of Deku if he didnt get OfA...
well that's just my opinion.....
Mar 14, 3:36 AM

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This was cliche and boring. Also the bgm was killing the flashbacks.
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Mar 14, 3:50 AM

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Unironically better written and has a better pace than the whole overhaul arc lmao
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Mar 14, 3:52 AM
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Oh I thought Gentle want La Brava to experience school festival LOL

And I like how La Brava just gave up on loving boy at her age and go straight to Gentle, because everyone knows that love in school age sucks, except boy love, boy love is always beautiful in any age

And the falling victim that Gentle try to help is the classic reason on why helping without license/authorization is prohibited in this world, and that is why vigilante is illegal (and has its own story), because Deku class members are wondering why they can't just go out and help people.
Mar 14, 3:53 AM

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The feels, tho ;_;

After seeing Gentle's backstory and the strong bond there's between him and La Brava, you can't help but root for them.
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Mar 14, 3:54 AM

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I ended up liking Gentle a lot more than I thought I would at first. He's a good guy that just went down the wrong path, but definitely still a man that has some integrity. As a villain he could do a lot worse than silly little stunts or pranks. He may be breaking the law to an extent but at least he's not intentionally out to hurt anyone. I respect the guy and feel bad for him.

As for Deku, Wow! He really lvl'd up his fighting skills. He was on point with his deductive cognitive reasoning, as well as his ability to improvise and adapt to the situation in the heat of the moment. I'm impressed with him as always. If this is what he can do when he's only capable of using 12-20% of OFA, I can't wait to see what he'll be able to do at 100%. Given his crazy cognitive/analytical skills he may even prove to be greater than All Might. Although I still don't think he'll ever be as cool as All Might =P
Mar 14, 3:58 AM

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Did Midoriya say Gentle was harder to fight than anyone EVER UNTIL NOW or am i hallucinating?

Mar 14, 4:09 AM
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Kerozinn said:
Did Midoriya say Gentle was harder to fight than anyone EVER UNTIL NOW or am i hallucinating?

Not in a physical way, but in a moral sense. Deku could connect with Gentle, which made this fight emotionally tough for him.
Mar 14, 4:13 AM

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Hands down best episode of season 4 for me. Gentle is my favorite villain, way above All for One, Shigaraki, Chisaki, and maybe a little bit above Stain.
Mar 14, 4:18 AM

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La Brava and Gentle's backstory is good, the end was pretty sad for them even if they're villains tbh
Mar 14, 4:44 AM
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i really didnt like the gentle arc, but this episode kind of changed my opinion.

i love that they included a backstory for gentle and la brava
i cant wait for the next episode
Mar 14, 4:47 AM
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Greatly animated ep. Hope this would change some perceptions about this arc and the season as a whole!
Mar 14, 4:53 AM

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The Overhaul arc was what was being hyped when this season was first announced, but I feel like this arc was executed better tbh. Sometimes an arc doesn't need to span half the season to be great. This was short and sweet, with simple antagonists that had simple backstories, and a fight that wasn't too long-winded or overly stretched out.

Looking forward to seeing Deku's class perform, and hearing how the song sounds. It's one thing reading it in the manga but I want to see how it ends up working out in the anime, now that there's actually movement and voices.
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Mar 14, 5:00 AM
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Mar 14, 5:06 AM

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I was actually rooting for Gentle and La Brava here. But of course generic shounen MC wins.
Though I have to say their reasoning was weak. "I will change society" turned into "I want a wikipedia page".

Now for generic school festival. Im sure that one could just be skipped.

Overall this could have been better if the story behind it was better, while Overhaul should have been better executed.
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Mar 14, 5:17 AM

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I really enjoyed Gentle Criminal as an antagonist, maybe even more than Overhaul. Looking forward to how this arc wraps up.
Mar 14, 5:39 AM
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Spectacular episode. Bones really adapted this fight so well. Had so many feels revolving around Gentle expressing his dream and the flashbacks he and La Brava had. I genuinely teared up when it showed La Brava flashbacks to her love letter being mocked which made her feel so alone even saying she might be ready to end her life after being so alone. makes the episode all the more poignant when she's crying out for Gentle using her quirk to power him up. they each deeply care for one another, La Brava wanting to see Gentle admired by everyone the way she does, Gentle wanting to live up to the love La Brava has for him.

Which brings up the connection he and Deku have that they both acknowledged. They're each fighting for someone else right now, wanting to live up to the people around them. Deku saying Gentle was the toughest he's faced might've just been reciprocating Gentle recognizing him but he also might've meant it in a philosophical way. As Gentle has had the strongest drive of all the villains Deku has faced so far. All the other villains have been fighting for themselves but Gentle was fighting for her, fighting for his La Brava.

Till the very end trying to do right by her. Even sending Deku off so they would just think it was trespassing or something and not much worse like it actually was. Have to come back around and applaud Bones for this episode too. Been waiting to see these chapters animated and while maybe not as pristine as the manga it looked incredible in motion. The action shots with Gentle and Deku clashing fist to fist and zooming around with the elasticity were really fun to see. Get to see the big performance next episode with the festival.
Mar 14, 5:43 AM
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I initially didn't expect much from this arc, but man.. this episode was so powerful. The fight was so emotionally impactful. I didn't expect La Brava's quirk would be like that, but it makes a lot of sense.
Mar 14, 5:47 AM

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I liked how Gentle and La Brava helped us see villains from a different perspective but mostly, I'm just glad the fight is over so we can finally see class 1-B's play Romeo and Juliet and the Prisoner of Azkaban: The Return of the King. I've been wanting to see it since they first announced it.
Mar 14, 5:49 AM

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Slightly better than the horrible Mirio adaptation. Still pretty garbage compared to the manga. Not that it's gonna matter with the next season of Fairy ta.. ups I meant My hero academia
Mar 14, 6:04 AM
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This arc is better adapted than the Overhaul arc. I guess its because of the movie, i think.
Mar 14, 6:15 AM
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Best episode of the season
Mar 14, 6:21 AM
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Comander-07 said:
I was actually rooting for Gentle and La Brava here. But of course generic shounen MC wins.
Though I have to say their reasoning was weak. "I will change society" turned into "I want a wikipedia page".

Now for generic school festival. Im sure that one could just be skipped.

Overall this could have been better if the story behind it was better, while Overhaul should have been better executed.

It's almost as if you missed the point of this whole cour
Mar 14, 6:29 AM
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asdqua said:
Hands down best episode of season 4 for me. Gentle is my favorite villain, way above All for One, Shigaraki, Chisaki, and maybe a little bit above Stain.
It is the same for me
Mar 14, 6:46 AM

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This episode really shows how bad the Hero system can be. Not just that, but also how cruel things can go, to make someone make the hard choice of becoming a villain. Real sad and touching episode.
Mar 14, 6:50 AM

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That was a really great episode for me. I really liked this arc even if it was short.

I'm still really pissed at what happened to Gentle. He really was only trying to help, but then it was considered a crime that he "interfered with official business." I mean what was he supposed to do, just stand there??? I understand that what happened was wrong even though it wasn't on purpose, but his reasoning for doing it wasn't wrong. If you have the power to save someone, then you should at least try to use it.

And wait... he's in his 20s/30s??? I seriously thought he was an old man cause of his hair lol
Mar 14, 6:50 AM

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I'm surprised how much I ended up liking those two goofballs, sure they aren't a threat to the world, not even to the neighborhood, they only wanted to feel acknowledge by the society that turned their back on them.

I hope their punishment isn't so severe and even if it would be too cliche I would love if the can get a redemption.
Mar 14, 6:58 AM

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I liked more the anime version, to the point that I wanted them to win for a moment, felt really bad for La Brava and a little for Gentle. I also would like to see Takeshi apppearing again. But that's probably impossible so nevermind.
Mar 14, 7:01 AM
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ShinyOppai said:
Better love story than Twilight

I'm about to say this lol, both of them are just so lovable.
Anyways, great episode, so much feels </3

Awesome fight between Deku and Gentle too, with sakuga scenes.
Mar 14, 7:03 AM
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Thank God the didn't pull a Mirio for Gentle vs Deku. even though the changed some stuff up and the manga art is better, it still give me the same feelings reading it 2 year ago. loved the episode.
update: i just reread the chapters and damn, the manga is better way better.
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Mar 14, 7:07 AM

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Gentle and La Brava were great villains with great backstories. I feel sorry for both of them.

Mar 14, 7:14 AM
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Midoriya in this episode is truly fuckin garbage, selfish, no more just a childish high-school student. However it's just a high school fest.. And the other way Gentle's hope also La Brava's hope.

Between someone's "last hope" and fuckin fest, he (midoriya) chose the fest.. Yoo.. He's fuckin the badass in this episode.

As we knew Gentle isn't a dangerous villain, everything what he has done only a joke.. Criminal (maybe not), joke and popularity (yes).

I feel sorry for this villains, and thanks not Mirio at this position cause it would be an awkward.
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Mar 14, 7:18 AM

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Man, the two had some rough pasts but the fact that they found solace in each other was brilliantly conveyed! Midoriya acknowledging Gentle's reasoning was very touching to see as well.

La Brava's crime prior to their first meeting was hacking to find his location, right? And this just makes me even sadder. I was supporting Gentle right after their backstories and I really wanted him to win, damn it! But then there's Eri-chan on the other hand so a tough call even then.

I just feel sorry for them now...

Definitely the episode that hit me the most from this season...
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Mar 14, 7:26 AM

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tbh i hoped Deku would get emotional from La Brava and grab them both and move them away before hound arrived.... i cry every time
Mar 14, 7:26 AM

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This episode was really enjoyable. Gentle Criminal might be the "bad guy" here, but I think he's done enough to win a good legion of fans here on this forum, me included. ^_^

In terms of strength, even with the power up from La Brava's quirk, Deku has had fights against physically and skillfully stronger villains, but he was right to call his victory against Gentle his toughest fight to date due to how much Deku can relate to Gentle on a morality point of view.

Both backstories for La Brava and Gentle were really sad and it does show the bad side of the hero society that threw them under a bus. Both of them are amusing and look as threatening as a cute squirrel, but these villains, for me, were better than Overhaul by some margin.

With La Brava and Gentle finally accepting their fate at the end, I do hope Deku's class can put on a great show at the festival. With Eri watching, I expect this performance to be really good...
Mar 14, 7:27 AM

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For some reason, until I saw this animated, I didn't realize that Gentle had coloured around his eyes for La Brava's sake.

This was really great to see in its animated form. The music added so much to the mood that by the end, the emotion you felt that much deeper.
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Mar 14, 7:35 AM
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nice gentle finale lol gentle criminal made his crime really gentle there
Mar 14, 7:35 AM

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Gentle is totally the best MHA villain. Not even joking.
Mar 14, 7:44 AM

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That was a bittersweet episode. I feel so sorry for Gentle. I hope he will make a comeback and become a recurring character. His quirk is actually handy if he can just improve his skills. I don't like the idea that this is the end of his character. He tried so hard to achieve his dream; but he's just unlucky. I hope he will be given a chance in the future.
Mar 14, 7:46 AM

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That was the best damn episode this season! I almost fkn cried! I knew it wasn't my imagination. The Gentle arc was far better handled than the Overhaul arc both in the anime and manga. Not only was it fun, it was also incredibly relatable and highly emotional. I just could not understand all the complaints about it. Koichi Yamadera and Yui Horie were fantastic as Gentle and La Brava.

Horikoshi needs to bring these characters back somehow.
Mar 14, 7:55 AM
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the best episode of this season in my opinion.
Mar 14, 8:05 AM

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The main problem with Gentle is even if his ideals are somewhat pure and explained by his backstory such as Stain, he will be forgotten instantely right after this episode while Stain changed THE WHOLE UNIVERSE of My Hero Academia after his defeat.

The contrast between this episode and next one will be unbearable as for me, I don't think those 8 episodes were also worth waiting for this, it had some feels but once again cliche + melodrama cannot reach the greatness of a Izuku against Shoto and mostly All Might Vs All for One.
Mar 14, 8:11 AM

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Definitely the best episode so far. Personally, I feel it's on par or even better than his fight with Overhaul with Eri enhancing his powers. If Deku didn't inherit OFA and had All Might and his friends, teachers, mom, etc. by his side then he would've probably ended up like Gentle himself.

This episode was so emotional, I got teary-eyed while watching it. I remember feeling sad while reading this arc in the manga but the Anime delivers it really well. Gentle's school, family and "friends" turned away and even forgot who he was. Yes, La Brava is creepy for stalking but she's pure-hearted and doesn't know how to express her love in a healthy manner. She probably doesn't even realize what she did was creepy or wrong in any way. The way Gentle protected her was so touching.
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Mar 14, 8:20 AM

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This episode was absolutely beautiful, both Labrava's and Gentle's backstory add into the fact why they love each other and want to protect each other. That's why Gentle was so persistent. I really wanted them to win, but plot. I see this as one of the greatest episodes this season and both Gentle and Labrava as some of the best villans Mha has.
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Mar 14, 8:35 AM

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What a disappointment.
The fight was a joke.
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