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Feb 13, 5:31 PM
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Just read the 2 bonus chapters in the 15th and final tankobon volume. The first one is an epilogue showing the main characters after the ending and it was beautiful. The second one is a flashback chapter showing Kaizaki after quitting his job

Feb 13, 5:53 PM

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Does anyone know where i can read it?

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Feb 13, 6:44 PM

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so nothing about Honoka and her potential relationship with one of the 2 guys? aw man
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Feb 14, 5:24 AM
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Short_Circut said:
so nothing about Honoka and her potential relationship with one of the 2 guys? aw man

Sadly, no. They all appear during Oga x Kariu's wedding, but no mention of relationship
Feb 14, 5:30 PM

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Yayoi Sensei is a genius for this. She had 2 extra chapter for a final volume release...genius!

I can't wait for someone to translate them, Super excited.
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Feb 15, 4:54 AM
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When i read the announcement i was shocked. This was one manga that will always be in my thoughts, such a great read maybe time for a reread! Just want the them to translate asap...
Yesterday, 6:09 AM

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Awww now this was cute. Hishiro and Kaizaki's kiss was sooo sweet. Onoya and Ryou finally kissed too. Also we got to see Rena and Ooga's marriage.
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