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Days: 29.7
Mean Score: 5.96
  • Total Entries251
  • Rewatched11
  • Episodes1,814
Anime History Last Anime Updates
Tsuki ga Kirei
Tsuki ga Kirei
Yesterday, 4:56 PM
Re-watching 9/12 · Scored 9
NHK ni Youkoso!
NHK ni Youkoso!
Jun 12, 5:57 AM
On-Hold 2/24 · Scored 5
Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen OVA
Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen OVA
Jun 12, 5:18 AM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 6
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Days: 14.6
Mean Score: 6.70
  • Total Entries79
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  • Chapters2,603
  • Volumes175
Manga History Last Manga Updates
Oshi no Ko
Oshi no Ko
Jun 11, 11:38 AM
Reading 46/? · Scored 7
Who Made Me a Princess
Who Made Me a Princess
Jun 11, 11:28 AM
Reading 101/? · Scored 7
Spy x Family
Spy x Family
Jun 9, 7:48 AM
Reading 47/? · Scored 9


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gl4ss 2 hours ago
i love how confident she gets when she's ladybug. i love marichat they're so funny <3 same, i wish they interacted more :( who's your favorite character out of the whole series?
Hyskoa_Morroh 9 hours ago
Oh wow I did not know that eve started when he was 14! He was younger than me 。゚(゚∩´﹏`∩゚)゚。

I really love ERA, Gen Hoshino, Sumika, Uutubo, and HoneyWorks ^^
adlibbed Yesterday, 6:05 AM
I'll back to your profile comments after i read new chapter i jus wanna learn twins' entire backstory already ): like you haha

Sumairu-kun Yesterday, 5:33 AM
That's kind of sad to hear :( hopefully it'll decrease in the coming days. Damn a third wave? We've had enough of this already.
I hope everyone will get vaccinated before that target date :((

I think this is going to be over next year. A lot of vaccines are being distributed around the world so we can expect normal life once again :D

gl4ss Yesterday, 1:07 AM
yes!!! i originally watched it because my friend said it was really good and i had been meaning to check it out. i really like the show but at the same time i just sit there silently roasting everything about it lol. marinette isn't that bad when she's not obsessing over adrien. it really is.

oh really? that's cool if it's true. the character designs would probably be phenomenal :D
gl4ss Jun 11, 6:42 PM
that show drives me nuts but i still continue to watch it :'D like it's good but bad.

lmao. it was a good story in the beginning, sucks that it ended up this way but whatever.

the art is literally my favorite <3 i'm really looking forward to reading it!
Hyskoa_Morroh Jun 11, 3:52 PM
Nice (^^)b

Yeah, ikr! It makes me feel so untalented. oh to be eve.

I started listening to his old music and I really love this one song, but idk how it's called in English. It's【38番】故にユーエンミー 歌ってみた【Eve】
Hyskoa_Morroh Jun 10, 5:12 PM
He wrote it and someone else drew it! I think it's based on one of his MVs. It should be on mal
Here it is!
adlibbed Jun 10, 3:09 PM
Yes yes i have, i'm in tbhk fandom for 1,5 years B) there is just one week to 79th chapter ugh i cant wait.. our poor baby tsukasa :((
Sumairu-kun Jun 8, 9:00 AM
I really don't have plans but I guess I'll just use this time to rest my mental health and watch anime series. I've also been playing P4 Golden a few days ago since it's been a year since I first played it. I'm just trying to revisit the best persona game (imo P4 Golden is the best though I haven't played 5)

Thanks! I hope the cases are going down in the UK. A lot of people are getting vaccinated here and I hope this will be all over at the end of the year.

adlibbed Jun 7, 4:58 PM
Hey your taste in utaite is amazing, and anime/manga as well i'm happy to found sora yori mo tooi basho enjoyer i think it's quite underrated though :( We have so many similar interests that i would be happy to befriend with you!!
Ugh and i saw you on tbhk chapter discussions hi :]
Hasy_ Jun 5, 12:07 PM
I can't stop listening to Hyori Ittai as well, hxh ed 5 and 6 are amazing. hxh ed 5 is definitely one of my fav ed's as well!

I will soon! probably after my exams now
have you read it? ;o

Yeah, I hope to go down the medicine route but I know it's gonna be soo tough. I just gotta work hard though and hope for the best :)
also I'll be off MAL for a few weeks because of exams. please take care!! I'll definitely reply when I'm back
gl4ss Jun 4, 9:30 PM
HAHA NOT THE ADRIEN AGRESTE. i literally hate it when characters do that like it pisses me off so much, especially when you can tell they have strong feelings for the other character. that's kinda sad that the story went downhill but also funny for no reason.

ok, i'll put it on my plan to read! i have watched the anime and i really like the art and characters.
Hyskoa_Morroh Jun 4, 5:55 PM
Ahh yeah. I recently subscribed to the animator of his newest video. I can like instantly tell it's an eve song by like the art style. And the animators have so much talent.

Also I just recently figured out that eve has a manga, but idk if you also knew ^^
Hasy_ Jun 4, 11:33 AM
Episode 135 made me so emotional.. the conclusion for both Meruem and Komugi was just beautiful. Chimera Ant is such an amazing arc, I think hxh is my number 1 anime now!

ahh, some tough a levels there. good luck!!
I'm doing maths, biology and chemistry