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Links to all topics in the Modern CSS category are on this page. See all club categories here: Club Index.

Looking for a premade layout instead? Premade templates are found on this page: Premade Layouts.

If you are trying to find a tutorial for the classic CSS, see here: Classic CSS tutorials

Tell everyone! It's easy to customize the new modern CSS!

Please read:
To use these list tutorials and add-ons below, go to this page and be sure you have your list style set to Modern (save afterward).
You will add codes to the Add Custom CSS box on the page for the theme you are using (explained in the beginner's tutorial).
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Apr 15, 2016 6:37 PM

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Easy beginner's tutorial on using premade list layouts

Start here if new! With these videos you'll quickly learn how to install custom CSS layouts to your lists. I link you to all the layouts below.

How to install a modern-style premade layout

Official Topic with text alternative tutorial:

Youtube Link:
Premade Layouts:
Repair a broken layout:

How to add/change backgrounds and preview pics on the modern list style

Youtube Link:
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Apr 15, 2016 6:37 PM

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Quick Tips and FAQs

Remove the default banner

How to add thumbnails (cover pics) to the modern style

Apply a premade layout to Modern CSS

How to upload or change the background or banner

How to add a background if MAL says your background image is too large, or if the uploader doesn't work

How to make your wallpaper cover the entire screen on all resolutions

How to change the manga list

How to switch to classic layouts

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Nov 2, 2018 10:30 PM

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More Tutorials

Making an original theme out of a premade layout (video)

Youtube Link:

Making your own original list layout (video)

Youtube Link:

Use Inspect Element to customize your CSS live and find any code (video)

Youtube Link:

All CSS Codes/Find any code (video)

Big Preview Pics on any layout

Big Preview Pics and/or Tags on hover

Add Headers to the modern list style

Reposition your list layout

Add custom row highlights to your list layout

Add an animated intro to your modern list

Color Coded Tags

Got a question?
Use the Ask a Question topic:

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