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Links to all topics in the Images category are found on this page. See all categories here: Club Index.

Find the images you need! This GIF will get you started- put it in your "Greatest thing ever" folder.

Image sources and requests

Renders sources and requests
I link my vast collections of anime renders here, plus you can also request a render! There's even a video on how to make a render.

My scenic wallpapers- full list and album links
I link my scenery (no humans) wallpaper collection here- over 100 backgrounds- perfect for adding renders to!


Special Effects:

More scenic wallpaper sources
More users share their scenic wallpaper images and source here!

Best image sites
A full list of sites you can get anime and game images from with detailed info.

Guide to using Danbooru:

Find the source/name of any unknown image/character
Its easy to find what any unknown pic is or comes from! Use my quick tutorial. You can also find the names of unknown characters. Also info on finding higher quality versions of your pic. If you still need help, you can ask in the topic too!

Note: Replaces the previous image-help topic.

Image sharing

Show your Desktop

Wallpaper you made

Favorite Wallpapers

GIF sharing
Thread for sharing GIFs! You'll find a lot of good ones here.

Scary image sharing
Just a fun thread with some creepy stuff from around the web.


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This topic has been locked and is no longer available for discussion.