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(Like I Mentioned in the Short Description, You HAVE to Request to be My MAL Friend First In Order To Join This Club) In this club, you: - will know a bit more about tsubasalover - can talk to tsubasalover - can see how many things tsubasalover likes! (and help herself organize!) - can check tsubasalover's status (by the use of * * on the comment) - can check tsubasalover's current recommendations (from the forum "tsubasalover's Current Recommendations") and share recommendations to tsubasalover (from the forums "Share Any... to tsubasalover!!") tsubasalover's Profile

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tsubasalover - Mar 9, 2009
298 replies by tsubasalover »»
Jun 28, 4:12 AM
How Well Do You Think is tsubasalover Doing as News Mod.?
tsubasalover - Mar 31, 2014
3 replies by tsubasalover »»
Feb 27, 2019 12:03 AM
Is tsubasalover a Weeaboo?
tsubasalover - Mar 13, 2016
0 replies by tsubasalover »»
Mar 13, 2016 7:00 AM
Poll: Who Would I Choose If I Met Them on the Street?
tsubasalover - Jul 23, 2009
8 replies by tsubasalover »»
Aug 10, 2015 8:33 AM
Poll: Do You Think that Anime That Air on Thursdays Are Always Good Ones that Sometime You're Watching Too Much?
tsubasalover - Jan 7, 2011
15 replies by tsubasalover »»
May 19, 2013 3:29 AM

Club Comments
tsubasalover | Jul 20, 11:34 AM
*Reading Detective Conan, Skip Beat!, Karneval, Vampire Knight: Memories*

tsubasalover | Jun 8, 8:12 AM
*Reading Detective Conan* (Seems like She forgot to post this last week, so this is for last week and today)

tsubasalover | Apr 27, 8:41 AM
*Reading Detective Conan*

tsubasalover | Apr 20, 11:11 AM
*Reading Detective Conan*

tsubasalover | Apr 14, 11:03 PM
*Reading Skip Beat!*

tsubasalover | Apr 13, 9:54 AM
*Reading Detective Conan*

tsubasalover | Feb 9, 7:40 AM
*Reading Detective Conan*

tsubasalover | Feb 2, 8:39 AM
*Reading Detective Conan*

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azncrisis (Officer)
Maho-shonen (Officer)

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