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Labrador (ラブラドール)

Birthday: January 8
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 50 kg
Blood type: B

A sweet bishop with a passion for flowers and gardening. Works with Castor, Frau and Lance.

He is one of the Seven Ghosts, Profe, and his power is that of a prophet. His predictions always come true. He has both healing and manipulating type Zaiphon. He uses his manipulating to control plants during combat and his healing to take care of injuries sustained whilst in battle. He is one of the two characters who possess two kinds of Zaiphon, the other being Capella.

Labrador is very gentle and kind, and always speaks softly to everyone. He is very patient and almost impossible to anger.

Possibly due to his precognitive visions, Labrador often appears dreary or not fully aware of the events happening around him, behaving in a sleepy or dazed manner. However, he still is a capable fighter and can be dangerous when he fights seriously.

He is quite a pacifist, objecting to killing even his biggest enemy, even indirectly saving his enemies' lives on one occasion. However, he will not hesitate to kill or gravely injure his opponents under certain circumstances. He also appears to be quite courageous, as he does not get intimidated by even his strongest enemies; seen when he openly challenged Ayanami twice and sardonically told Hyuuga to cut off "whichever [of my limbs] you like".

He is the oldest of the bishops and gets along well with all of them. Although the other bishops argue with each other a lot, they almost never raise their voices to Labrador and respect him, even giving him the affectionate nickname "Lab (Rabu)". His relationship with Castor is especially strong, as they spend a lot of time together and have both risked their lives to save one another. He is also the only person who acts friendly towards Lance, who calls him "Master Lab (Rabu-shishou)".

Voice Actors
Miyata, Kouki
Yang, Seok jeong