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Yusa (遊佐)

Yusa is a girl with long blond hair tied into two pigtails secured in place by a red ribbon each. Just like most of the members of the SSS, Yusa wears the standard uniform of the group. She also wears brown stockings and black loafers.

She is also seen wearing an earpiece with a microphone attached to it or carrying a walkie-talkie.

Yusa is an observer during the missions and her ability is transmitting information to help her team. She is a calm and gentle mannered girl. She also has a straight-forward and tsukkomi character. She doesn't show any emotion, and called scary by Hinata and Otonashi (in an omake). She also can't calm down without her headphone.

Voice Actors
Makino, Yui
Varghese, Serena
Bunch, Elizabeth
Häcke, Maximiliane
Blanchet, Margot