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009 Re:Cyborg
5 Movie 1 something about God telling people to bomb skyscrapers? I dunno. i'm not familiar with 009, but this feels more like an extended, particularly crazy episode of SAC anyway.
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3x3 Eyes
5 OVA 4 There's some neat action animation in here, but i dont quite have the emotional attachement to the main pair of characters the show expects me to have.
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Abunai Sisters: Koko & Mika
1 OVA 10 why Production IG why
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Ace wo Nerae!
7 TV 26 shows it's age a bit in some regards, but is still a lot of fun to watch and rather well paced.
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Ace wo Nerae! (1979)
6 Movie 1 much improved animation and sound effects, but doesn't really hold a candle to the series in terms of content. almost every single side character gets shafted.
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AD Police
4 OVA 3 the police always just happens to run across the culprits by random chance? yeah, okay.
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Afro Samurai
6 TV 5 Stylish action, awesome soundtrack. Not much else to it, unfortunately.
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Afro Samurai Pilot
- Special 1 three minutes of pure Takeshi Koike sakuga with dope music. arguably the best incarnation of Afro Samurai.
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Afro Samurai: Resurrection
5 Movie 1
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Agitated Screams of Maggots
4 Music 1 It helps that i like Dir en Grey.
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Aimai Elegy
6 Music 1 Fantastic song, cute animation.
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7 TV 13 Polygon's cg visuals still aren't good enough to compete with the stellar art of the manga. Satou being an entertaining as hell villain is mostly what makes this series work for me.
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Ajin Part 1: Shoudou
7 Movie 1 I'd still prefer this adaptation to be 2d (or more fluid cg), but other than that its a faithful adaptation of a good manga. Satou is god <3.
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Akatsuki no Yona
7 TV 24 Hak is my husbando. Ao, the squirrel is literally the best background/mascot character ever.
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8 Movie 1 First watched it 25 years after its original release and it totally holds up.
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4 TV 12 Good thing this emotionless teenager on our side is the only person on earth with any sort of strategic thinking!
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All That Gundam
- Special 1 it's a fucking commercial, that's it.
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Amon: Devilman Mokushiroku
7 OVA 1 liked it a lot more upon re-watch. there's some goofy bits (punching Amon), but the oppressive atmosphere in the early part, and especially the home invasion scene, are pretty effectively disturbing.
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Angel Cop
3 OVA 6 Plot: Evil jews want to destroy Japan, because Japan is so rich and awesome. Did i get that right? Even the inclusion of Robocop can't save this anime from being really boring.
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Anime Tenchou
5 OVA 1 Most hot-blooded two minutes ever.
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- Music 1 Aki Akane's voice makes my dick go doki doki.
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Ao no 6-gou
6 OVA 4 flooded earth post-apocalypse, cool submarines and bare chested fish girls. i guess this anime is pretty alright.
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5 OVA 1 charming in a way Shirow cyberpunk tends to be, but the OVA doesn't take full advantage of it. dry tone and sparse, boring story. more character interaction pls.
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Appleseed Alpha
6 Movie 1 Watched for godlike cg, action and cool robots. It didnt disappoint.
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Appleseed Saga Ex Machina
4 Movie 1 lost me like halfway through. Meh.
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Armored Core: Fort Tower Song
- ONA 1 Trailer to a cancelled Armored Core anime.
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Ashita no Joe
8 TV 79 Joe Joe JOEEEE Joe JOE Joe Joe
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Asience: Kami wa Onna no Inochi
- Special 1 it's a shampoo commercial. by Production IG. a really nice looking one. I don't fucking know how to rate this.
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Avengers Confidential: Black Widow to Punisher
5 Movie 1 weirdly bloodless for a movie about the Punisher.
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10 TV 13 Pure unfiltered coolness. Great soundtrack.
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Baccano! Specials
8 Special 3 I want to see more of Graham Specter. That guy is entertaining as hell.
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7 TV 15 love all the pointless banter.
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Baki: Most Evil Death Row Convicts Special Anime
- OVA 1 this is just random scenes of violence, but it does get me excited for that upcoming Netflix Baki show.
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Baoh Raihousha
4 OVA 1 A lot of gory action and some cheesy 80's music ... and thats about it.
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7 TV 11 silly premise, but a suitably relaxing and unique watch. Lovely music (the OP <3) and creative cinematography and scene transitions. Now excuse me, i'm craving a cocktail.
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Basilisk: Kouga Ninpou Chou
8 TV 24 Artstyle is pure sex, and maybe if Gonzo was slightly better at keeping the visuals consistently smooth, i would have given this a perfect rating.
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Bastard!!: Ankoku no Hakaishin
5 OVA 6 Honestly disappointed this doesn't have a 80's heavy metal soundtrack. Jus doesn't feel right.
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Batman: Gotham Knight
6 OVA 6 serviceable shorts for Batman fans (me). Madhouse entries nail the atmosphere the best, Kawajiri's obviously looks the best.
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Battle Royal High School
4 OVA 1 Its dumb, but at least it's the entertaining kind of absolute dumbness.
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Bayonetta: Bloody Fate
5 Movie 1 Nowhere near as exciting as the game, but eh ... i'll take what i can get.
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3 TV 12 even the brawls turn meh eventually and that's all the show ever had going for it anyway.
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2 TV 12 +1 for 'Hai Yo'. from a slightly more objective standpoint this might be like a 4/10, but from a very subjective one, no anime has ever hurt me more.
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Berserk: Ougon Jidai-hen I - Haou no Tamago
7 Movie 1 The cg is bothersome.
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Berserk: Ougon Jidai-hen II - Doldrey Kouryaku
7 Movie 1 Griffith selling his boipussi is only implied heh
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Berserk: Ougon Jidai-hen III - Kourin
8 Movie 1 cg got better. slower pace early on, build up to and Exclipse itself are perfect.
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Bio Hunter
7 OVA 1 I appreciate every anime that takes inspiration from 'the Thing'
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Biohazard 4D-Executer
4 Special 1 gross (both the subject matter and the early 2000 's cg)
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Biohazard: Damnation
7 Movie 1 This is some next level dumb action, yo!
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Biohazard: Degeneration
4 Movie 1
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Biohazard: Vendetta
- Movie 1 i don't even know how to rate this. it's a perfect 10 on the 'dumb action movie' scale. every single action scene is the most insane thing i have ever witnessed. me and a friend were howling with hype and laughter.
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Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
6 TV 46 Usagi is pretty insufferable ngl, but everyone else is okay. despite the boring writing/twists, it's pretty charming and looks nice.
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Black Lagoon
6 TV 12 People who think they're badass because they say 'fuck' a lot: the show
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Black Lagoon: The Second Barrage
5 TV 12 tryhard cursing 2: the fuckening
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Black Magic M-66
5 OVA 1 Terminator, in anime. why would you program your beloved granddaughter as the test target for your killer robot? stupid. some ambitious animation, but some weird editing as well.
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Black★Rock Shooter
3 Music 1 This spawned an entire franchise? It isnt even the best Miku song.
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Black★Rock Shooter (OVA)
3 OVA 1 Well, that was a load of nothing.
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4 TV 12 this and Afro Samurai are the only anime with a black protagonists, right? Kinda wanted to like the show, but it's really held back by it's seemingly complete lack of budget.
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Blade of the Immortal
7 TV 13 a promo for the manga, basically. not the optimal adaptation i was hoping for, but not as bad as a lot of people claim either.
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Blade Runner: Black Out 2022
- ONA 1 you watch this for sakuga. the voice acting and dialogue is bland, and the revelation that Replicants caused the blackout seems pretty obvious.
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5 ONA 6 Only makes sense if you recently read the manga.
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Blame! Movie
8 Movie 1 as a vertical slice of Blames world and an adaptation of a manga arc, it's about as good as we could ever hope to get.
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Blame! Prologue
4 OVA 2 ^ same
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Blood Lad
4 TV 10 boring and ugly.
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Blood Lad: Wagahai wa Neko de wa Nai
4 OVA 1 I dunno why i bothered. At least things happened, i guess?
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Blood: The Last Vampire
7 Movie 1 upped my original 5/10 rating, because fuck it, i'm a dumb bitch and horror/action with god-tier animation is enough to get my boner going.
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Blue Gender
7 TV 26 Flawed series, but i appreciate the things it does get right.
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Boku no Hero Academia
6 TV 13 strangely slow pacing, only 20 chapters in 13 episodes. you can FEEL the anime padding itself out to fit entire episodes. the hype moments are great, but short. regardless, i still have high hopes for S2.
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Boku no Hero Academia 2nd Season
7 TV 25 maybe it has better pacing, maybe it just passed quicker watching it with a friend. Shoto's arc is good. this series will always suck until it makes Mina Ashido the main character.
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Born by Myself
3 ONA 1 No idea what i just watched, but it was pretty spooky.
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Bubblegum Crash
6 OVA 3 Nene still makes this series for me.
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Bubblegum Crisis
6 OVA 8 feels a bit like Blade Runner x Terminator, but with added cute girls. Nene = <3
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Burn Up!
3 OVA 1 80s anime grills are always nice to look at and the soundtrack is cheesy/cool, but overall this is pretty forgettable.
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Byston Well Monogatari: Garzey no Tsubasa
2 OVA 3 WHAT IS THIIIS??? i am convinced none of the eng dub voice actors have ever talked to another human being before. it's almost admirable how every single line is delivered terribly.
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California Crisis: Tsuigeki no Juuka
5 OVA 1 California Crisis is the answer to the question "how 80s can a single anime possibly be?" its mostly forgettable aside from the art style, but it makes for a fun, short, nostalgic ride.
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Call Me Tonight
4 OVA 1 if masturbation turns you into an alien monster, a callgirl is the most qualified to person to help you, apparently.
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Captain Herlock
6 Movie 1 aka the most elaborate suicide of all time.
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Casshern Sins
7 TV 24 Good show, kinda hard to watch tho. Its pretty depressing.
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5 Movie 1 I could use more of this. To help me understand.
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Change!! Getter Robo: Sekai Saigo no Hi
7 OVA 13 ALL DIALOGUE MUST BE SHOUTED! Getter Robo Armageddon's abbreviation is GRA, which is an anagram for GAR. coincidence? i think not.
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3 TV 13 what the fuck. this is the worst pacing ever. MCs descent into darkness episode is only one i truly liked.
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Choujin Densetsu Urotsukidouji
2 OVA 3 there is a scene here where a giant demon destroys a hospital with his multiheaded dick. And that's just the first episode!
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1 OVA 1 let's hear it for the boooy
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6 TV 26 Decent story and music, but a bit bland otherwise.
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Corpse Party: Missing Footage
3 OVA 1 more like recycled footage. the entire first two minutes were in the show anyway. the rest is character interactions that are either uninteresting or terrible.
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Corpse Party: Tortured Souls - Bougyakusareta Tamashii no Jukyou
4 OVA 4 a bunch of idiots, that i barely get to know, get killed in a very tropey japanese ghost horror story. it's surprisingly gruesome, if nothing else.
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Cowboy Bebop
9 TV 26 The best show about nothing at all.
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Cowboy Bebop: Tengoku no Tobira
8 Movie 1 I wouldnt mind having more stand-alone Bebop movies.
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Crying Freeman
4 OVA 6 for such a faithful husband Freeman sure has no problem fucking random chicks. what is it with characters stripping naked for no reason in this series? at least seeing Ikegami's art (somewhat) animated is neat.
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Cyber City Oedo 808
7 OVA 3 Good 80's cyberpunk. Would have liked more backstory on the MC's, but i guess there was no time.
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Cyborg 009 VS Devilman
6 OVA 3 came for Devilman, since i know nothing about Cyborg 009, but it was way more C009 than Devilman :( still kinda fun tho.
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Daicon Opening Animations
- Special 2
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Daimajuu Gekitou: Hagane no Oni
4 OVA 1 slightly Lovecraftian, maybe? Mechs don't show up until 45 minutes into the movie and their battle is disappointing.
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Dark Cat
2 OVA 1 two cat dudes fight Shrek and the Thing.
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Darker than Black: Kuro no Keiyakusha
6 TV 25 Couldve used less ambiguity. Seems like the writers confused themselves after a while.
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DD Hokuto no Ken
4 TV 12 i get the references, but it still isn`t that funny most of the time.
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Dead Leaves
6 Movie 1 hello, delivery? one order of crazy please.
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Deadman Wonderland
3 TV 12 Couldve used a proper conclusion. And a lot of other stuff.
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Death Billiards
7 Movie 1 full series, please.
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Death Note
8 TV 37 Second half not as good, but we all know this.
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Death Parade
6 TV 12 It´s easy to lose oneself in it´s world, but the series has a weird fetish for over-explantation without really explaining much at all.
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Densetsu Kyojin Ideon
6 TV 39 i enjoy getting a different planet every other episode and watching the Ideon's power level escalate. if only the entire cast wasn't extremely forgettable.
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Densetsu Kyojin Ideon: Hatsudou-hen
7 Movie 1 suitably violent and epic conclusion to the series. the new orchestral soundtrack definitely helps in giving it the feeling of a grand finale.
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Detonator Orgun
5 OVA 3 watched mostly for Susumu Hirasawa music tbh. slick robot designs. weird color palette, either too bright or too dark = worse visibility than it needs to have.
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Detroit Metal City
7 OVA 12 Still trying to wrap my head around the concept of 'reverse rape'.
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Devilman Lady
5 TV 26 tho the mostly adult female cast and atmosphere are cool, the early monster-of-the-week formula got tired super fast and the show never recovered.
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Devilman: Crybaby
10 ONA 10 the inherent awesomeness of Devilman, presented through Yuasa's unique lens is just an overall fantastic experience.
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Devilman: Tanjou-hen
8 OVA 1 Surpisingly fun exploitative action/horror.
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Devilman: Yochou Sirene-hen
8 OVA 1 these OVAs are so beautiful to look at. it's like Ghibli did the animation under a synonym or something.
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Digimon Adventure
5 TV 54 muh childhood. after adult re-watch: disregarding nostalgia, the series is kinda boring and longer than it needs to be. and obviously not made for anyone over the age of 12. eh.
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Digimon Adventure 02
4 TV 50
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Digimon Adventure Movie
7 Movie 1 I still don't understand the purpose of this subplot in the main series, but it feels like a genuinely cool, short Kaiju movie and the animation is flat out amazing.
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Digimon Adventure tri. 1: Saikai
5 Movie 1 the character interactions and nostalgia pandering really carries this a long way, cause the plot and animation aren't doing much for me.
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Digimon Adventure tri. 2: Ketsui
4 Movie 1 we full-on SoL now. complete with boring ass high-school drama. Poor Leomon exists only to die.
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Digimon Adventure: Bokura no War Game!
6 Movie 1 most of the story is spent on people staring at screens and trying or make phone calls, but the animation is very enjoyable again, just like in the previous movie.
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Digital Devil Story: Megami Tensei
2 OVA 1 The ill-fitted 80s music and beep-boop-beep computers are killing me.
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Doamaiger D
6 TV 13 captures the feel of 70s super robot shows perfectly, while having a unique twist (confectionery). shame the episodes are so very short.
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Dog Soldier
2 OVA 1 Alternative title: Rambo with Aids. "This knife is coated in poison!" Well yeah, but you're fighting in heavy rain, it'll wash off real easy.
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Dogs: Bullets & Carnage
4 OVA 4 how hard is it for 30plus gangsters to shoot a single guy in the middle of the street? Very hard, apparently.
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6 OVA 4 Masamune Shirow goes pure comedy. fairly fun tho. the entire first arc is about getting jars of piss, amazing.
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Dragon Ball
7 TV 153 This one is still fun.
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Dragon Ball GT
3 TV 64 This one isnt.
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Dragon Ball Super Movie: Broly
6 Movie 1 went to the cinema to stare at fireworks for an hour.
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Dragon Ball Z
4 TV 291 Neither is this.
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Dragon Ball Z Movie 01: Ora no Gohan wo Kaese!!
5 Movie 1 seeing some martial arts from DBZ again and not just energy blasts is pretty cool.
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Dragon Ball Z Movie 02: Kono Yo de Ichiban Tsuyoi Yatsu
4 Movie 1 the short Roshi fight scene is appreciated.
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Dragon Ball Z Movie 03: Chikyuu Marugoto Choukessen
4 Movie 1 Turles being the version of Goku that didn't fall on his head as a child is kinda cool at least.
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Dragon Ball Z Movie 04: Super Saiyajin da Son Gokuu
3 Movie 1 since when are Namekians weak to whistling? What the fuck
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Dragon Ball Z Movie 05: Tobikkiri no Saikyou tai Saikyou
5 Movie 1 Cooler's calm and collected demeanor makes him one the coolest (heh) DBZ villains. The movie itself is kind of a bore, till Cooler actually starts doing shit in the finale.
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Dragon Ball Z Movie 06: Gekitotsu!! 100-oku Power no Senshi-tachi
4 Movie 1 Why the fuck are Oolong, Yajirobe and Roshi even along on this trip? Cooler's slightly less cool when he doesn't have henchmen to order around/insult.
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Dragon Ball Z Movie 07: Kyokugen Battle!! Sandai Super Saiyajin
3 Movie 1 The main villain straight up punching Goku in the dick is the only memorable part of this movie. Most by the numbers DBZ movie up until this point.
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Dragon Ball Z Movie 08: Moetsukiro!! Nessen, Ressen, Chougekisen
4 Movie 1 It's weird that the animation quality seems to have gone down compared to previous movies. End is laaame.
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Dragon Ball Z Movie 09: Ginga Girigiri!! Bucchigiri no Sugoi Yatsu
4 Movie 1 boring as hell villains, but at least some non-Goku characters finally got to shine.
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Dragon Ball Z Movie 10: Kiken na Futari! Super Senshi wa Nemurenai
3 Movie 1 meh. i got nothing. it's bad.
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Dragon Ball Z Movie 11: Super Senshi Gekiha!! Katsu no wa Ore da
4 Movie 1 I dig the slight sci-fi/horror edge, but Bio-Broly looks dumb as fuck.
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Dragon Ball Z Movie 12: Fukkatsu no Fusion!! Gokuu to Vegeta
5 Movie 1 so close to being the best of the bunch. All that build up to Gogeta and then he gets less screen-time than his fat failed fusion version.
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Dragon Ball Z Movie 13: Ryuuken Bakuhatsu!! Gokuu ga Yaraneba Dare ga Yaru
3 Movie 1 Goku killing the villain after all that defeats the entire purpose of the story. Like, couldn't you have turned SSJ3 right away, you fucking shitbag?
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Dragon Ball Z Movie 14: Kami to Kami
5 Movie 1 this modern super clean glossy animation style for DBZ just doesn't sit right with me. the cg backgrounds in the final battle were especially ugly.
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Dragon Ball Z Movie 15: Fukkatsu no "F"
4 Movie 1 -i guess Frieza just wasn't trying hard enough last time, huh? -Sorbet's ring laser is stronger than Gold Frieza. lol -new transformations all look lame. -Vegeta getting snubbed out of a victory again. In conclusion: fuck this movie.
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Dragon Ball Z Special 1: Tatta Hitori no Saishuu Kessen
5 Special 1 a different set of characters and some world building. eh, solid.
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Dragon Ball Z Special 2: Zetsubou e no Hankou!! Nokosareta Chousenshi - Gohan to Trunks
6 Special 1 the one DBZ side story where Goku is dead and can't solve everything and death has actual weight to it turns out to be probably the best one. Who would've thought?
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Dragon Ball Z: Saiya-jin Zetsumetsu Keikaku
5 OVA 2 Plan to eradicate the Saiyans ... and Piccolo, i guess. Not that i'm complaining, Piccolo's a cool guy.
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Dragon Ball: Episode of Bardock
3 Special 1 this seems almost like bad fan fiction. Oh, it is? Well, there you go.
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Dragon's Heaven
5 OVA 1 probably worth watching for the Moebius-like art alone. Shame about the completely anti-climactic end.
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Dream Hunter Rem
5 OVA 4 fun action scenes. the extended length of episodes 2/3, compared to 1, didn't really do it any favors.
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8 TV 24 A large cast of characters, a story full of twists and an excellent grasp of the modern internet generation make this a very entertaining ride.
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Durarara!! Specials
7 Special 2 Filler basically, but fun in their own way. Focus more on side characters and humor, which is welcome.
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Durarara!!x2 Shou
6 TV 12 for some reason, i assumed Durarara was save from loli incest bullshit. i was wrong.
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Ergo Proxy
6 TV 23 might have to give this another chance sometime in the future.
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Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone
7 Movie 1 Nothing new content wise, but extremely well made.
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Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance
7 Movie 1 Aint got much to complain about.
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Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo
7 Movie 1 the only that tries to go in a different direction, but goes too far and ends up being confusing for the viewer (and Shinji). intriguing, but also confusing.
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5 TV 13 Iskandar a cool guy.
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Fate/Zero 2nd Season
5 TV 12 Saber is boring.
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Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
5 Movie 1
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Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete
5 OVA 1 Those action scenes make my dick pretty hard, i aint gonna lie.
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Final Fantasy VII: Last Order
5 Special 1 Nothing i haven´t seen in Crisis Core.
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Five Star Stories
4 Movie 1 This movie looks really really pretty, but the plot is completely incomprehensible (unless one has read the manga, i assume)
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- Music 1 Wow, the voice on this girl.
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6 OVA 6 Well, this might need a rewatch eventually.
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Flip Flappers
6 TV 13 episodes 3, 5 and 8 are pretty GOAT. don't care a whole lot for the rest.
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6 TV 12 Didnt realize i turned into enough of a weeb to enjoy something like this. Its a surprisingly gradual process.
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Free!: Eternal Summer
6 TV 13 This water looks better than any real water ive ever seen. Same for the prettyboys.
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Free!: Eternal Summer - Kindan no All Hard!
6 Special 1 amazingly gay. It was only a matter of time before we got a crossdressing scene, why am i even surprised?
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Full Metal Panic!
5 TV 24 How does Gauron survive all that shit?
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Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid
6 TV 13 even after all this, i still don't particularly dig Chidori or Sagara and i outright loathe Tessa. Give me more Melissa/Kurz any day tho.
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Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid: Wari to Hima na Sentaichou no Ichinichi
6 Special 1 Ah, finally. A special focused on the character i dislike the most in this series. ... actually, Clouseau and others made it pretty funny and bearable.
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Fullmetal Alchemist
8 TV 51 the different interpretation of Homunculi, as consequence of human transmutation, is interesting. I like how even the characters of the show barely take the little shit Wrath seriously.
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Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
9 TV 64 Fantastic huge cast of characters and one of the most satisfying endings i have seen in a while.
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Fumiko no Kokuhaku
4 ONA 1 what
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7 Special 1 bitch tears were shed. Its simple and kinda cliche, but it works somehow.
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- OVA 1 more of a motion comic than an anime. a pilot for ... something, maybe? the idea of a main character that resets her memories on every mission is novel, at least.
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Gake no Ue no Ponyo
8 Movie 1 this movie looks absurdly beautiful. No tension anywhere, but thats fine, i watch most Ghibli stuff just for relaxation anyway.
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4 TV 25 humor is eh, everything else is almost nonexistent.
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6 TV 24 gay hugs are stronger than a lifelong vendetta, clearly.
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6 TV 13 Goddamn, that pacing.
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Gantz 2nd Stage
6 TV 13
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7 Movie 1 has eyecandy, solid action and weird monsters. all the good parts of Gantz, without the convoluted baggage.
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Garo Movie: Divine Flame
6 Movie 1 fuck, were the action scenes in the series also this fast or i'm just getting old? anyway, it's a long ep of Garo basically, it's aight.
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Garo: Honoo no Kokuin
7 TV 24 tends to lose direction and dabble in filler, but remains overall enjoyable. Good old ´hero of justice´ tale.
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Garo: Vanishing Line
5 TV 24 with action that is plenty, but erratic to the point of nonsense, and character interactions that are good, but not great, Garo is a show constantly on the edge of being engaging and never quite managing.
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Gekiganger 3: The Movie
- OVA 1 it's cool that this exists. also, the Nadesico scenes are post-series? war ended confirmed, Yurika and Akito marriage confirmed.
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Generation of Chaos
1 OVA 1 shitty and boring, the worst possible combination.
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Genma Taisen
3 Movie 1 mind-numbingly boring, meandering snorefest. maybe 80 minutes worth of plot stretched to 140 somehow. not even the animation impresses particularly.
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2 OVA 5 Possibly the most violent, nihilistic and misantrophic anime in existence. Soundtrack has aged, but works fairly well.
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Giant Gorg
7 TV 26 adventures of a boy and his fucken cool-ass giant robot.
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Giant Robo the Animation: Chikyuu ga Seishi Suru Hi
5 OVA 7 Surprisingly few Robo scenes, actually. In fact, you could probably remove the kid and his Robot completely and have a much better story.
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Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu
9 OVA 110 Fantastic space opera that doesn't even need to shy away from the genre best in other mediums.
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Ginga Nagareboshi Gin
6 TV 21 10/10 awesome concept with somewhat lackluster execution. the entire middle part which is just a long, episodic 'recruit more dogs'-arc is fairly boring.
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Godzilla 1: Kaijuu Wakusei
6 Movie 1 a lot of set-up for the next movie, but it's a cool enough setting for a Godzilla film, and probably not one that would have been possible in live action.
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Godzilla 2: Kessen Kidou Zoushoku Toshi
5 Movie 1 a slow as hell and exposition laden first hour, and a finale where Godzilla barely does anything, other than fire the occasional beam, makes this a mostly very dull affair.
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Godzilla 3: Hoshi wo Kuu Mono
5 Movie 1 this series sure was ... uuh ... boring.
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5 ONA 2 A better representation of humanoid cockroaches than Terra Formars ... ha!
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Golden Boy
7 OVA 6 Fairly formulaic, but it has it's moments. Kintaro's voice actor is fantastic.
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Golden Kamuy
6 TV 12 not bad, but just a kind of soulless adaptation of a manga i love specifically cause it has tons and tons of personality. Geno Studio really not out to prove themselves as anything other than mediocre.
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Golgo 13
7 Movie 1 Cool pulp-y action movie, but boy, that cg helicopter scene is awkward as hell.
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Grappler Baki
5 OVA 1 the optical nerve is located in the neck, apparently?
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Grappler Baki (TV)
7 TV 24 Bloodsport: the anime. No pretense of anything deeper, just pure fighting every episode.
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Grappler Baki: Saidai Tournament-hen
7 TV 24 I appreciate this series effort to present old men as actually strong and relevant fighters.
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Great Teacher Onizuka
8 TV 43 Onizuka is the coolest lame guy ever!
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Gundam Build Divers Prologue
- ONA 1
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Gundam Build Fighters
8 TV 25 the HYPEst toy commercial. getting Beyblade vibes (but better). Yuuki Hayashi carries this series on his back. Rinko Iori is the hottest milf in anime.
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Gundam Build Fighters Specials
4 Special 3 i've seen good blu-ray specials before, this on the other hand is nothing. two unfunny comedy shorts and one very short "6 years later" tease that only shows off one aged character design.
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Gundam Build Fighters Try
8 TV 25 On the one hand is does a worse job at memorable antagonists than S1, on the other hand, it jerks of super robots harder, so -/+ scenario, really. Yuki Hayashi is still the absolute lad.
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Gundam Build Fighters: Battlogue
6 ONA 5 this is just pure fanwank ... and i'm all for it.
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Gundam Build Fighters: GM no Gyakushuu
5 ONA 1 lmao, the fucking GUNPLA MAFIA. whatever, its just fights. eh.
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Gundam: G no Reconguista
6 TV 26 i don't remember the last time i had this mixed feelings on anything. it has just as many, if not more, glaring faults as it has genuinely great aspects, but i enjoyed it regardless somehow.
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Gundam: G no Reconguista - From the Past to the Future
- Special 1 i had no subs lol. nice cg tho.
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7 TV 26 what a great final episode.
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7 OVA 2 Good start, i wish they would have kept going and adapted more of the manga :(
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Gunnm 3D Special
4 OVA 1
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Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji: Hakairoku-hen
8 TV 26 "I can't decide if you're a idiot or a genius, Kaiji" lacks the variaton of S1, but the tension is still there. Even if it gets silly at times.
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Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor
9 TV 26 who would've thought that an anime with a grand total of three environments could be this exciting?
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Gyakusatsu Kikan
6 Movie 1 touches upon some interesting ideas and comes with believable world building, but the way it moves through the plot is just kind of lifeless. as are the characters. and the production value is nothing to write home about, considering the long wait.
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5 OVA 1 there's no way this was ever conceived as anything other than horror-comedy. shame both the visuals and the characters are so flat, it had all the makings of a dumbfun cult classic otherwise.
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6 TV 25 cute dork boys being dorks together, sometimes volleyball happens.
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Haja Taisei Dangaiou
5 OVA 3 how come only the dude gets to pilot the mech? the character are all equals, until it's mech time, then the girls are useless. lol
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Hajime no Ippo
10 TV 75 Extra hype as a group watch. after rewatching series alone: nothing has changed, still extremely good and hype.
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Hajime no Ippo: Boxer no Kobushi
7 Special 1
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Hajime no Ippo: Champion Road
7 Special 1 Doctor really wasn't as interesting as some of Ippo's other opponents.
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Hajime no Ippo: Mashiba vs. Kimura
8 OVA 1 Hell yeah, Kimura totally held his own as protagonist!
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Hajime no Ippo: New Challenger
9 TV 26 dat Takamura tho
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Hajime no Ippo: Rising
9 TV 25 Yooo, that 1940's flashback arc is the best.
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Hametsu no Mars
1 OVA 1 hilarious
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4 TV 13 I sure liked this when i was an edgy 14-year-old.
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Hellsing Ultimate
6 OVA 10 if i had seen one more character doing that dumb ´psychotic grin´, my eyes would have rolled out of my head.
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Hellsing: The Dawn
5 Special 3 well, that didn´t add a whole lot. Young Walter was a smug little shit, i guess.
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Hibike! Euphonium
5 TV 13 basically Whiplash, but boring.
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Higashi no Eden
7 TV 11 carried mostly by a fearless and likable protagonist and a cool unique concept.
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Higashi no Eden Movie I: The King of Eden
4 Movie 1 why did Akira need to lose his memory again? wow, they are really taking their time with this pacing. barely anything happens: the movie.
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Higashi no Eden Movie II: Paradise Lost
4 Movie 1 barely anything happens: electric boogaloo. Now with disappointing conclusion and unresolved romance. t-thanks ;_;
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Highlander: The Search for Vengeance
7 Movie 1 The concept behind Highlander is a cool one and Kawajiri does it justice.
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Highschool of the Dead
3 TV 12 Not a huge fan of fanservice, but it was decent fun as a groupwatch.
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Highschool of the Dead: Drifters of the Dead
3 OVA 1 So, uh ... Komuro just fucked a zombie?
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Hitsugi no Chaika
5 TV 12 Chaika's speech pattern is cute. That's about all i found memorable.
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Hokuto no Ken Movie
8 Movie 1 lack of Toki makes me sad, but its still pretty manly.
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Hokuto no Ken Zero: Kenshirou Den
7 Movie 1 Kenshiro casually killing a pack of wolves in the first five minutes, i can already tell this is going to be radical.
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Hokuto no Ken: Raoh Gaiden Gekitou-hen
7 Movie 1
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Hokuto no Ken: Raoh Gaiden Junai-hen
8 Movie 1
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Hokuto no Ken: Raoh Gaiden Ten no Haoh
5 TV 13 Raohs a pretty cool guy, show seriously lacks budget tho.
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Hokuto no Ken: Toki-den
7 OVA 1 Toki is best Hokuto guy, get out of my face if you disagree.
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Hokuto no Ken: Yuria-den
3 OVA 1
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Hon Ran
3 OVA 1 Teenage Fist of the North Star. kinda. not as good as that sounds.
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Honoo no Tenkousei
6 OVA 2 As simple and straightforward as a railway punch!
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Hoshi no Koe
5 OVA 1 Gunbuster, but less cool and somehow also less tragic. i get that it's a metaphor for people drifting apart, but cell phones, really? what network provider covers the entire galaxy? lol
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Hotaru no Haka
8 Movie 1 Its hard not to grow angry with Seita eventually. Very powerful movie, knowing that its semi autobiographical is kinda important tho.
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Howl no Ugoku Shiro
8 Movie 1 Shits magical, yo. Makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.
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Hunter x Hunter (2011)
8 TV 148 No matter which way you turn it, Ging is still a really shitty father.
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Hunter x Hunter Movie 1: Phantom Rouge
4 Movie 1 nothing terribly interesting happens: the movie. where are the mind-game battles of the main series?
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Hunter x Hunter Movie 2: The Last Mission
4 Movie 1 what the fuck is "On"? where does it come from all of a sudden? how does it work? do i actually care? Not really.
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Inferno Cop
8 ONA 13 status of anime = saved
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Initial D First Stage
5 TV 26 *muffled eurobeat playing in the distance*
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Initial D Second Stage
5 TV 13 same as first season: anything that isn't racing to eurobeat soundtrack is kind of trash tbh
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Initial D Third Stage
6 Movie 1 group watch = more fun. i can't believe Initial D has a fucking rape arc. shit got so real.
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Inou-Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de
3 TV 12 insanely boring. super powers are completely irrelevant (outside maybe the last episode) and could easily be written out of the show without losing anything. no conclusion, ofc.
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Interstella5555: The 5tory of The 5ecret 5tar 5ystem
7 Music 1 Ah, daft punk and anime. Two great tastes that go well together.
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Iron Man: Rise of Technovore
4 OVA 1 the Technovore seems too strong an entity to beat, which is why he is defeated by deus ex machina bullshit. and the Stark vs Shield conflict is hella forced.
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9 Movie 1 Red riding hood references may be a bit too on the nose, but i love it otherwise. Perfect ending.
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Jinzou Ningen Kikaider The Animation
5 TV 13 characters being real sad about one thing or another, occasionally a robot fight happens. got tired real quick and only got a bit more interesting when Hakaider showed up.
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JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken
7 OVA 6 Dio, i love you, you crazy asshole.
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JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken (TV)
10 TV 26 There is no better way to translate the manga to anime. Glorious.
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JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 3: Stardust Crusaders
9 TV 24 A series where one of the heroes feeds an infant its own shit. Anime of the Year.
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JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 3: Stardust Crusaders 2nd Season
9 TV 24 I can always rely on JoJo to brighten my day. <3
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JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 4: Diamond wa Kudakenai
9 TV 39 JoJo is still great, who knew. some production issues/iffy animation at times (looking forward to those blu-ray fixes!), but also a step up from previous parts in terms of directing and editing.
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JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken: Adventure
6 OVA 7 Too dark. Not enough posing. Still Jojo tho.
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Just Awake
- Music 1
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Juubee Ninpuuchou
8 Movie 1 Ninja B-movie anime. Loads of fun.
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Kaguya-hime no Monogatari
9 Movie 1 The artstyle for this movie is absolutely fucking bonkers and i mean that in the best way imaginable. A folktale in motion, beautiful.
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7 TV 12 Kaiji: We gotta gamble to get off this oppressive capitalistic treadmill Kakegurui: We gotta gamble to get off
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Kakugo no Susume
3 OVA 2 I don´t think this was ever supposed to be taken seriously. The gross-out humor is not really my thing.
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Kakumeiki Valvrave
3 TV 12 'baffling' is the only adjective i can think of that accurately describes this series. i can't on good conscience give it a good rating, but it is a pretty entertaining trainwreck to watch.
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Kamen Rider Fourze x Crayon Shin-chan
- Special 4 blessed.
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Kara no Kyoukai 1: Fukan Fuukei
5 Movie 1 I could really go for some häagen dazs now.
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Kara no Kyoukai 2: Satsujin Kousatsu (Zen)
5 Movie 1 2
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Kara no Kyoukai 3: Tsuukaku Zanryuu
5 Movie 1 deep
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Kara no Kyoukai 4: Garan no Dou
5 Movie 1 4
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Kara no Kyoukai 5: Mujun Rasen
5 Movie 1 me
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Kara no Kyoukai 6: Boukyaku Rokuon
5 Movie 1 Closest thing this series has to filler, the change of pace is not unwelcome tho.
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Kara no Kyoukai 7: Satsujin Kousatsu (Kou)
5 Movie 1 The kiling in the end doesnt seem to have any repercussions, despite the characters talking about that for half the fucking series.
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7 OVA 6 2D and 3D art mixed together and somehow it doesnt look awkward? What is this beautiful sorcery?
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Karigurashi no Arrietty
9 Movie 1 magical little humans as "normal" protagonists and regular humans as the scary unknown. heh. the harp soundtrack is unusual/new for Ghibli, but absolutely beautiful <3 <3
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7 TV 12 Im beginning to suspect that i like this Nisio Isin guy.
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Kaze no Tani no Nausicaä
8 Movie 1
Add - More
Kaze Tachinu
8 Movie 1 I think im physically incapable of rating Ghibli movies lower than 8.
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7 TV 13 at it's core it's about romance and the various troubles of a relationship, but like ... presented in a fever dream whirlwind. it's cool.
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Kenpuu Denki Berserk
8 TV 25 Id be really mad about that ending if i hadnt read the manga.
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6 Movie 1 Well, this is weird. And enjoyable. Love the OP.
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Kidou Keisatsu Patlabor 2 the Movie
7 Movie 1 A really good movie, that i'm just too dumb to truly appreciate at this point in my life.
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Kidou Keisatsu Patlabor the Movie
7 Movie 1 cute tomboy plus police robuts = <3
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Kidou Keisatsu Patlabor: Reboot
- Movie 1
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Kidou Senkan Nadesico
8 TV 26 real robot show with a super robot heart. almost equal parts comedy and drama, does both aspects pretty well. the ending doesn't quite stick the landing, but everything up until then is a good ride.
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Kidou Senkan Nadesico: The Prince of Darkness
6 Movie 1 gorgeous animation, but most of the the movie is just re-assembling the crew. the actual resolution to the plot comes very fast and anti-climactic. character interaction still solid tho.
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Kikoushi Enma
5 OVA 4 turning the incredibly goofy Enma manga into a straight horror story sure was a decision.
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Kill la Kill
10 TV 24 re-watching this show is the most i've enjoyed myself with an anime in like a year at least. Kill la Kill is blasting fun and passion from every pore.
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Kill la Kill Specials
- Special 2 loose ends, farewells and new beginnings. actually good epilogue and pretty great as far as special episodes go.
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Killing Bites
5 TV 12 Hitomi is a character seemingly designed specifically to appeal to me. it's a shame then she is stuck in an otherwise pretty mediocre battle royale show.
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Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV
3 Movie 1 incredibly beautiful, high budget, garbage. the very definition of a 'polished turd'. see the other two FF movies as reference.
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Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu
8 TV 24 once again, anime takes inspiration from ´the Thing´= automatically cool in my book.
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7 TV 12 people stuck in a situation where they're forced to be friends? this is Breakfast Club: the anime and that's fine with me. Nico is THE BEST.
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Knight's & Magic
2 TV 13 the evil is defeated.
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Kobutori (1929)
- Movie 1 oldest anime on my list. honestly looks surprisingly good, considering how old it is.
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Kokurikozaka kara
8 Movie 1 You did good, Goro.
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Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!
6 TV 10 not very funny, but i enjoy how the characters are stupid dorks. and the very elastic, purposely off-model animation.
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Koukaku Kidoutai
9 Movie 1 One of my gateway drugs into full-on anime obsession.
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Koukaku Kidoutai 2: Innocence
8 Movie 1 An exercise in philosophy quoting.
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Koukaku Kidoutai Arise: Another Mission
4 Special 1 Its a commercial, but at least it looks pretty. Wont sell me on a Surface tho.
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Koukaku Kidoutai Arise: Ghost in the Shell - Border:1 Ghost Pain
7 Movie 1 As a fan i am pleased, just wish we had a full series.
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Koukaku Kidoutai Arise: Ghost in the Shell - Border:2 Ghost Whispers
7 Movie 1 Still doing good.
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Koukaku Kidoutai Arise: Ghost in the Shell - Border:3 Ghost Tears
4 Movie 1 Eeeh
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Koukaku Kidoutai Arise: Ghost in the Shell - Border:4 Ghost Stands Alone
6 Movie 1 Mirrors the 1995 movie a bit too much, while not being as good.
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Koukaku Kidoutai S.A.C. 2nd GIG
10 TV 26 Really appreciate the Pazu and Saito episodes. Holding out hope for 3rd GIG.
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Koukaku Kidoutai Stand Alone Complex - Solid State Society
9 Special 1 reunion tour!
Add - More
Koukaku Kidoutai: Shin Gekijouban
6 Movie 1 I don't find this new Major's tendency to refer to her team as "parts" terribly endearing. feels like i'm only giving this movie slack due to the name attached.
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Koukaku Kidoutai: Stand Alone Complex
10 TV 26 I fucking love worldbuilding and GitS is unbeaten in that regard. Of course it helps that everything else is spot on as well.
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Koukou Tekken-den Tough
4 OVA 3 a less entertaining Baki the Grappler. the idea of Pro Wrestling being the strongest martial art in this world is pretty hilarious. fights are adequately brutal, at least.
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Koukyoushihen Eureka Seven
8 TV 50 i have my problems with some of the writing at times, but clearly this is a unique, special series and by the end i enjoyed my time with it.
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Koukyoushihen Eureka Seven: Pocket ga Niji de Ippai
3 Movie 1 this one's weird ... it doesn't really work as a part of the E7 franchise, nor as it's own thing.
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Koutetsujou no Kabaneri
5 TV 12 Wit masturbating and making SnK yet again. appreciate the 80s throwback animation. Lost interest with the introduction of Biba (main villain with dumb motivations).
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Koutetsushin Jeeg
7 TV 13 stupid, hotblooded and also fun, so feels like a proper Go Nagai super robot anime done in modern times. better than the mango.
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Kurenai no Buta
8 Movie 1 Classy and beautiful.
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8 TV 26 consistently entertaining, light watch with Kennosuke being a charming lead and good character interactions. easy to marathon. S2 pls, Netflix.
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5 TV 12 cool concept, feels nicely old-school, but the characters are very wooden and boring.
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Kyomu Senshi Miroku
5 OVA 6 honestly can't say what was happening most of the time. lots of fighting between non-characters, that's for sure.
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Kyoushoku Soukou Guyver (1989)
5 OVA 6 Guyver design is cool and the OP kicks ass. Pretty forgettable otherwise.
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Kyoushoku Soukou Guyver II
4 OVA 6 More of the same, less of an ending. eh.
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Lily C.A.T.
5 Movie 1 Alien+the Thing? Cool. basically a rip-off, the characters seem strangely unfazed by the rising body count and there are some strange music choices, but still, cool.
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Little Witch Academia
7 Movie 1 Harry Potter, the anime. Good stuff, will watch ep2.
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Little Witch Academia (TV)
8 TV 25 i subsist entirely on a diet of stupid Akko faces and sounds.
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Little Witch Academia: Mahoujikake no Parade
7 Movie 1 It's fun, it's charming, it delivers. Trigger, the only studio to sell me on 'cute girls doing magical things'
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Lodoss-tou Senki
5 OVA 13 as charming as the LotR/DnD fantasy is, it feels like Lodoss has little identity of its own. the animation was seemingly made for screenshots only: beautiful drawings, but the movement is Inferno Cop-tier at times.
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Lupin III
6 TV 23
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Lupin III: Cagliostro no Shiro
8 Movie 1 top Lupin.
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Lupin the IIIrd: Chikemuri no Ishikawa Goemon
7 Movie 1 oozing-with-style animation extravaganza, and with Takeshi Koike at the helm, it's an exception where animation > all else.
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Lupin the IIIrd: Jigen Daisuke no Bohyou
7 Movie 1 As if nailing the timeperiod Lupin takes place in wasn't hard enough. How about giant robots and optical nerve camera feeds?
Add - More
Lupin the Third: Mine Fujiko to Iu Onna
6 TV 13 tries to be all ambitious with main character development, but in the end all of that was pointless? no amount of surreal shit happening can hide that. otherwise it's still mostly cool.
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Macross Zero
6 OVA 5 6.5. maybe more entertaining for Macross fans, but entertaining regardless. Looks beautiful and opera music in final episode is fan-tas-tic, but i'm not sold on the characters and their romance.
Add - More
Macross: Do You Remember Love?
5 Movie 1 Winning the war with the power of 80s J-pop. Protag is a shitbag.
Add - More
Mad★Bull 34
4 OVA 4 "You're a police officer, you can't go around robbing hookers!" Since when can mass murder be absolved through marriage? the FUCK am i watching?
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Made in Abyss
6 TV 13 sure wish most of the titular abyss was more interesting than just "there's some monsters here". maybe in S2. the Mitty stuff was pretty well done.
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Madobe Nanami no Windows 7 de PC Jisaku Ouen Commercial!!
3 OVA 1 Windows 7 is pretty moe, yo
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Majo no Takkyuubin
9 Movie 1 This is seriously the cutest friggin movie. Had a smile on my face the entire time, thank you based, soul soothing Ghibli!
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Makai Toshi Shinjuku
5 OVA 1 Really nice animation, but that finale didn't deliver.
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Makaryuudo Demon Hunter
4 OVA 1 as a series this coulda been good, as a standalone episode it's forgettable. cool monster designs tho.
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Manie-Manie: Meikyuu Monogatari
7 Movie 3 ranges from trippy to darkly comedic to straight slow paced horror, while always being a visual feast.
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Mass Effect: Paragon Lost
4 Movie 1 based on the hit franchise ruiner Mass Effect 3!
Add - More
Mazinger Z Movie: Infinity
7 Movie 1 definitely needs a rewatch, when it doesn't have subs that are complete crap. it was nice seeing the Mazinger cast all grown up tho.
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Mazinger Z tai Devilman
3 Movie 1 to anyone wondering about the title, Mazinger and Devilman fight at no point. Also, Devilman ends up looking like a huge pussy, since Mazinger just defeats everyone on his own at the end.
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- OVA 7
Add - More
Mazinkaiser SKL
8 OVA 3 this anime is the single most metal thing in existence.
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Mazinkaiser: Shitou! Ankoku Dai Shogun
5 OVA 1 is it just me or did those villains show up from literally nowhere?
Add - More
MD Geist II: Death Force
1 OVA 1 the fuck? Am i supposed to be cheering for Geist? A character who spends 100% of his screen time dooming humanity?
Add - More
Medaka Box
3 TV 12 Kurokami Medaka, a girl who is the best at everything for no real reason. Wow, what a compelling character. Calling this show a parody doesn't make it any less boring.
Add - More
Megalo Box
7 TV 13 definitely the best looking and sounding show to come out in years, feels like. falters a bit on the landing tho.
Add - More
7 Movie 3 Magnetic Rose: 8/10. Stink Bomb: 6/10. Cannon Fodder: 6/10.
Add - More
Metal Skin Panic MADOX-01
4 OVA 1 The mechanical animation is superb. The characters however, are some of the most retarded i have ever seen. All of them.
Add - More
Micro Teukgongdae Diatron 5
1 Movie 1 what?
Add - More
Midnight Eye: Gokuu
6 OVA 1 and of course we never find out where the eye comes from. That's lazy and kinda unsatisfying.
Add - More
Midnight Eye: Gokuu II
6 OVA 1 don't know whetever to respect or laugh at Goku's choice of attire. It's unique, for sure.
Add - More
Mimi wo Sumaseba
8 Movie 1 Slice of Life, the Ghibli way. That singing scene is so goddamn adorable.
Add - More
Mob Psycho 100
8 TV 12 Bones going all out and creating the most animated tv anime in years is truly a sight to behold. Other aspects aren't too shabby either.
Add - More
Mobile Fighter G Gundam
7 TV 49 super cheesy with incredibly hammy characters. some of the worst mecha designs out there. still good fun.
Add - More
Mobile Suit Gundam
6 TV 43
Add - More
Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket
7 OVA 6 grounded, concise/focused Gundam is cool. some jarring music choices at times. strange no one ever found that Zaku just lying around.
Add - More
Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory
6 OVA 13 pretty pointless bridge between 79 and Zeta, but okay enough executed. nice mecha pornography, i'm all about dat.
Add - More
Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory - The Mayfly of Space
- Special 1 "wow, it's fucking nothing"
Add - More
Mobile Suit Gundam F91
4 Movie 1 re-chews a lot of the same shit from previous Gundam series, but executes nothing well, probably due to being a cut down 50 ep series. Animation is nice, but that's pretty much a given with Gundam.
Add - More
Mobile Suit Gundam I
6 Movie 1 the amount of "White Base gets re-directed to the next rendevouz, yet again" is a bit silly and most of the movie is just fighting, but when it focuses on characters (Amuro only in this one), its pretty solid.
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Mobile Suit Gundam II: Soldiers of Sorrow
6 Movie 1 lots more action, some people die, but they never had that much personality to begin with. Ramba Ral is the stand-out of the movie as a pretty cool villain.
Add - More
Mobile Suit Gundam III: Encounters in Space
7 Movie 1 damn, Mirai's pussy game must be mad strong, everybody in love with her. the space battles turn into noise after a while. AmuroxChar rivalry still cool.
Add - More
Mobile Suit Gundam MS IGLOO: Apocalypse 0079
5 OVA 3 what a nice video game intro cut scene.
Add - More
Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt
8 ONA 4 eyegasmic. the artstyle is PERFECT. would't mind it being at least half an hour longer/more characterization. or a full series, i'd be very okay with that.
Add - More
Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt 2nd Season
7 ONA 4 whereas S1 was fairly self contained, S2 seems more like piecemeal of a longer season. the animation quality is maybe a notch below S1, but still well above the average anime.
Add - More
Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt: December Sky
- Movie 1 watched for additional scenes. still trying to figure out which ones were new. just the post credits ones, i think?
Add - More
Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn
8 OVA 7 watched it as a soft reboot of 0079 of sorts, feel like it works better that way. some elements are a bit too similar to previous UC series for it to be a great sequel. at least early on.
Add - More
Mobile Suit Gundam Wing
3 TV 49 every character cept Duo is stoic, unlikable and boring, the fights are unimpressive, the tone is dry and i don't even know who's fighting who by the end and i don't give a shit either. worst Gundam so far.
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Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz Movie
5 Movie 1 it's still stupid, but unlike the series it's mercifully short and there's an abundance of mecha sakuga.
Add - More
Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack
5 Movie 1 Char is literally worse than Hitler now. Quess is fucking awful and the fact that several of the movies subplots hinge on people liking her too much is hilarious to me.
Add - More
Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans
6 TV 25 Orga/Mika = Kamina/Simon of the Gundam-verse? Akihito = Guts? there's potential here, hope the second season builds upon it in interesting ways.
Add - More
Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans 2nd Season
6 TV 25 pretty good when things get going, but they don't get going often enough. also, that ending ... hm, don't know what to think about it.
Add - More
Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team
8 OVA 12 what Gundam should be more often, tbh. I love it when mechs are presented as actual huge machinery with lots of weight, and this show does that all the time.
Add - More
Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team - A Battle with the Third Dimension
- Special 1 a cool fight and a short bonding moment between Sanders and Michel. As far as blu-ray extras go, this is pretty neat.
Add - More
Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team - Miller's Report
- Movie 1 makes the transition between episodes 8 and 9 make more sense and should honestly have been part of the main series instead of that pointless episode 12.
Add - More
Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam
6 TV 50 Plot = aimless for a good 70% of the shows duration. Most characters = unlikable. Romances = shite. +1 for killing Katz and Reccoa.
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Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam: A New Translation - Heir to the Stars
5 Movie 1 not made for newcomers and the pacing and editing is so fast and haphazard i'm not sure even fans would enjoy it much. the switching between old and modern animation is very jarring. why not remake it entirely?
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Mokei Senshi Gunpla Builders Beginning G
5 Special 3 a less over-the-top Build Fighters. good mecha pornography, as expected of Sunrise.
Add - More
Monogatari Series: Second Season
7 TV 26 Fuck the pedo pandering, fuck pedoragi. Amazing show otherwise. Kaiki best girl.
Add - More
8 TV 12 Art so good, gurl
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Mononoke Hime
10 Movie 1 I cant even find anything negative to say about this movie. I just adore it.
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6 TV 74 Decent thriller with crushingly slow pacing.
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Monster Extra: Hottan
- Special 1
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Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou
5 TV 12 this show exists only to make people question whether they'd fuck a monster girl, and my answer is honestly a pretty unenthusiastic "eh i don't care, probably"
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Mori no Andou
- ONA 1 wat
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Mousou Dairinin
7 TV 13 7.5? undecided on rating. who cares, anyway? too unique/weird not to appreciate, maybe a bit too episodic on the earlier episodes.
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- Movie 1 feels like it was made a hundred years ago, in a good way.
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Musekinin Kanchou Tylor
6 TV 26 other than the old-school sci-fi flair, theres not much in this for me. Not bad, but i don't find Tylors lazy personality endearing, i find it irritating. Same for the humor.
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5 ONA 1 Showed him your dick. Showed it good.
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Neko no Ongaeshi
7 Movie 1 absolutely lost my shit at the cats getting thrown out of the castle window. probably the single funniest scene in any Ghibli movie. btw, dogs > cats.
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Nekomonogatari: Kuro
6 TV 4 Couldn't you just hide the sword in your clothes/behind your back, Arararagi? You weird shit.
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Neon Genesis Evangelion
9 TV 26 Too bad about the budget issues towards the end.
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Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion
9 Movie 1 Hoo boy, what a ride.
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New Dream Hunter Rem: Yume no Kishitachi
- OVA 1 whoa big mr skeletal dragon
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NHK ni Youkoso!
6 TV 24 Plot bends itself backwards to accommodate the MC, who is less likable or interesting than his supporting cast. Shite animation btw.
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Nihon Animator Mihonichi
- ONA 35 absolutely wonderful project. MeMeMe is straight up one of my favorite anime, others i enjoyed a lot include: 6. 9. 10. 11. 12. 14. 19. 21. 25. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35.
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Ningen Doubutsuen
1 Movie 1 One of the most pointless things i have ever watched.
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Ninja Batman
- Movie 1 this movie is just so hog wild. like, they really fucking went for it. every conceivable cliche about japan/anime, but injected into what is basically silver age Batman.
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Ninja Slayer From Animation
8 ONA 26 YEEART/10 special props to whoever made the comedy enhancing translator notes in the fansub and the episode that makes fun of recap episodes.
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7 TV 11 Araragi is a fucked up guy.
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Nisoku Hokou
- Music 1
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No Game No Life
3 TV 12 If fanservice and ass-pullery is your thing, you might enjoy this more than i did.
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Noblesse: Awakening
5 ONA 1 And i wait for Dio as they lift a vampire coffin from the bottom of the ocean, but sadly he never shows. Might be cool as a series, as it stands it's just super rushed/eye candy.
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Nobunaga no Shinobi
6 TV 26 i'm missing the expertise on japanese history to fully appreciate the references, but it's still very adorable and gets a giggle out of me every now and then. great OPs too.
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7 TV 12 The characters are likable, the humor works surprisingly well and the music's good. obviously unfinished tho.
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Noragami Aragoto
7 TV 13 Expands upon characters, relationships and world quite nicely. Bishamon a cute. Still kinda lacks an overarching plot/hook (other than vague Yato's money collecting).
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Noragami OVA
6 OVA 2 Yato and Kofuku troll people for an episode straight. For no real reason. fucking lel.
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Omoide Poroporo
8 Movie 1 as if Ghibli movies weren't nostalgic enough, here's Nostalgia: the movie. this is exactly the type of movie that would get better the older the viewer is, for obvious reasons.
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One Piece 3D: Mugiwara Chase
5 Movie 1 i sure love PS1 cutscenes.
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One Piece Film: Gold
7 Movie 1 One Piece heist movie (at least for a while in the middle). pretty fun. lotsa nice animation.
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One Piece Film: Strong World
5 Movie 1 the outfit changes are the most exciting part of this movie. :/
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One Piece Film: Z
6 Movie 1 Avril Lavigne credits made me laugh.
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One Piece Movie 1
4 Movie 1 completely forgettable.
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One Piece Movie 2: Nejimaki-jima no Daibouken
5 Movie 1 there's a scene here where Usopp literally eats an enemies farts ... i am stunned and disturbed lol.
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One Piece Movie 3: Chinjuu-jima no Chopper Oukoku
6 Movie 1 some solid chuckles were had. humor's fairly on point.
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One Piece Movie 4: Dead End no Bouken
5 Movie 1 does every single one of these movies got to have some random kid with a sappy backstory and a predictable as fuck subplot?
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One Piece Movie 6: Omatsuri Danshaku to Himitsu no Shima
7 Movie 1 ahead of any other OP movie in terms of animation and atmosphere. wish Mamoru Hosoda would put his spin on a lot more boring shonen filler movies.
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One Piece: Glorious Island
4 Special 2 "yo, check out Nami's tits": the eleven-minute special
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One Piece: Jango no Dance Carnival
5 Movie 1 What is this, One Piece: Eurobeat Edition?! I would have actually enjoyed a full movie based on Discoball Island.
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One Piece: Mezase! Kaizoku Yakyuu Ou
5 Movie 1 they couldn't even be arsed to get the voice actors to voice this short.
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