Shikabane Hime: Aka

Corpse Princess: Aka

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Alternative Titles

Synonyms: Shikabane Hime Aka
Japanese: 屍姫 赫
English: Corpse Princess: Aka
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Type: TV
Episodes: 13
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 2, 2008 to Dec 25, 2008
Premiered: Fall 2008
Broadcast: Unknown
Licensors: Funimation
Studios: Gainax, feel.
Source: Manga
Genres: ActionAction, HorrorHorror, SupernaturalSupernatural
Demographic: ShounenShounen
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity)


Score: 7.201 (scored by 4355443,554 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #30092
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Popularity: #1599
Members: 117,294
Favorites: 224

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Both are centered around an undead girl who fights other undead creatures. Both have a boy with a connection to the girl as their lead. Both have disappointing action scenes and kind of a cheesy aura of sadness hanging over the girl, with the boy sort of having this attitude of wanting to save her. 
report Recommended by Dorothea
Similar storyline about the hunting of evil spirits and corpses that brings about death and decay to the land. The female lead in Shikabane is very similar to Yomi in Ga-Rei Zero, both in personality and skill. 
report Recommended by jaxu3878
The Gothic motif contains a particular draw, yet the manner in which both utilize said motif is similar. One of the biggest draws for fans of either series is the depressing overture pressing down on the viewers psyche. While this may seem bad - depressing is depressing after all, there is a draw to what fanfic writers call "dark fic", or sending favorite characters through a world of hurt allowing the viewer to root for an ending - or lack there of - where the favorites win out. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Both stories have a butt-kicking superpowered female lead. In addition, death is also a common theme in both these stories. 
report Recommended by NoIceCreamForYou
Both involve protagonists that are undead and slay other undead in order to liberate themselves from their undeath.  
report Recommended by wakka9ca
Both anime have strong willed supernatural characters that has to rid the world of their own kind (in Claymore, its demons rather then undeads). Both feature the main characters "employed" by a larger organization and both has respective handlers for each fighter.  
report Recommended by ricedout
Shikabane is almost like a darker Sankarea. The female character is even a dark version of the main female character in Sankarea. They're both daughters of wealthy families, they are both zombies, they both get close to the male the spend time with. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Both Vampire Princess Miyu and Shikabane Hime have strong, confident, grim supernatural combat heroines. 
report Recommended by formosan
In my personal opinion, Shikabane reminds me a lot of Blood-C. In both anime series, two young girls work for shrine/cults slaying monsters (Shikabanes and Elder Bairins). The female leads (Makina and Saya) are practically unstoppable. Whilst Blood-C is more psychological, if you enjoy one you will likely enjoy the other what with the similar characters, plot, and gore.  
report Recommended by Lunoire
Both of the series contain many buxom girls having bloody fights with undead monster while their clothing is getting ripped apart. 
report Recommended by isokana
Both are about girls that have guns and they both have a man with them that tells them what to do like a handler/monk. And their handler/monk can treat them however they like, a good friend, or just a piece of garbage. Although GS is more realistic.  
report Recommended by neji64plms
Both have female characters who do a lot of fighting, although otherwise they're pretty different. In Murder Princess unlike Shikabane Hime, she's the lead. If you're a girl watching this show just because it's nice having a strong female lead, you'll like Murder Princess, where the character's also a bit more interesting and colorful. 
report Recommended by Dorothea
Supernatural killings bring about both stories born from suffering, or threat of a family member. Introduction of the characters from then on stem from the supernatural occurrence.  
report Recommended by Kurenai_Ichi
Although a much darker story, and a smaller family, the stories both have a close bond to family. The male protagonist(s) are very similar in personality, and both have unique abilities that help them later in the story. 
report Recommended by Forganesolid
The 'usage' of Shikabane Himes and Cursed Children as 'tools' is similar. In both series, the main character wants his Shikabane Hime/Cursed Child to be treated like a human. 
report Recommended by soranotori
Both Anime is about Human coming back alive from the dead but their are a lot of different in the two beside that but I do recommend both 
report Recommended by AkatsukiUlquiora
Both have a female lead that is a monster of some sort or different from the living. Both involve religious sects trying to deal with them. Both have a male lead that trusts the female which leads to them being suspect or ostracized. Both overall have really dark atmospheres and scenes and gore. Kemonozume is more on the extreme but both will sometime leave you shocked. Both have female supporting characters that were in love with the male lead but later suffered because of it. Both rely on the past history of the characters to drive the story forward. Animation in both leaned towards dark  read more 
report Recommended by vlasic
In both u can find: gun action, undead, gore (though its much heavier in hellsing) and chicks killing undead with guns 
report Recommended by Selesnija
Similarities in the plot of both shows. A secret religious organization that few know about that deal with the dead returning as something else. All while keeping it a secret from thew general public. This religious organization training men and women to fight these creatures that have returned to "life" while using weapons from a similar origin to the creatures they intend to destroy.  
report Recommended by NovaInc
I think Shikabane Hime and Blood-c are very similar. Both have a "Unusal" female lead,lots of blood, twists and dark endings 
report Recommended by OceanOfRain
I felt a similarity between Shikabane Hime and Kimetsu no Yaiba because of this: - They both have supernatural beings; KNY has Demons and Shikabane Hime has Corpses. - They both have an overpowered antagonist organized group; Kimetsu no Yaiba has the Twelve Demon Moons and Shikabane Hime has the Shichisei. 
report Recommended by Zahraung
In JJK the cast is defeating curses bred from negative emotions, while in Shikabane Hime, they are defeating corpses which appear after someone dies, generally in horrific incidents but not always. The vibe is very similar between these two anime; they both have mentor figures that are childish and funny but also strong fighters (Keisei and Gojo) and an antagonist that was once apart of the clan but left to oppose it to serve their own world views (Akasha and Geto). 
report Recommended by kawaiidri
Both feature main protagonists who are fighting demons, in a very traditional Japanese setting. Both also feature a lot of references to Buddhism which is interesting. You may like both if you like one or the other.  
report Recommended by Sara_Isayama
Both are set in the present / near future and have distinctly "darker" atmosphere and deal with strange beings. A certain fascination with death is present in both series. 
report Recommended by BruscoLee
Dark cult-oriented supernatural series set in different alternate era's with some heavy violence, drama, action & intense murder scene's. Both focus on solid plot development which are gradually explained throughout the series. Also having aired 3 years apart during mid-late 2000's, animation styles are quite similar.  
report Recommended by Nekonoroi
In Fate/Stay Night, powerful familiars called Servants fight alongside their contracted Masters to have their wishes fulfilled by the Holy Grail. The Masters provide mana to the Servants so they can exist in the world. In Shikabane Hime, powerful undead corpses called Shikabane Himes fight alongside their Contracted Priests to have their wish of going to heaven fulfilled. The Contracted Priests provide "Run" energy to the Shikabane Himes so they can exist in human form. If that weren't enough, Emiya Shirou of Fate/Stay Night and Oori Kagam of Shikabane Himei are both recklessly brave protagonists, risking their lives again and again to protect the people they  read more 
report Recommended by Felix_Omni
Both have leading characters killing their own species to bring peace. Although 'Nightwalker' revolves around Vampires, the storyline's are still very similar. Also, both have an innocent character dragged into the heat of the story through their love of another character. 
report Recommended by Dragime
If your into the art style of FLCL then you may like another Gainax series; Shikabane Hime. You'll notice immediately the similarities in style. 
report Recommended by dvice
Both feature main female heroines with supernatural powers who fight enemies that are somehow related to the source of their own powers. Both have a regular male companion to their adventures. Both have a dense and dark feel to it. Art is similar. 
report Recommended by TheDeadServ
A spooky atmosphere, buddhist culture, zombies, action. Worth checking out if you liked the other. 
report Recommended by Denizen
Both feature main female heroines with supernatural powers who fight enemies that are somehow related to the source of their own powers. Both have a regular male companion to their adventures. Both have a dense and dark feel to it. Art is similar. 
report Recommended by TheDeadServ
Both feature main female heroines with supernatural powers who fight enemies that are somehow related to the source of their own powers. Both have a regular male companion to their adventures. Both have a dense and dark feel to it. Art is similar. 
report Recommended by TheDeadServ
Both anime are directed by Gilgamesh's Masahiko Murata, and thus share the dark-shonen genre, with Jinki:Extend being more mecha-oriented. They also share a lot of themes, the same script structure and have the same kinds of characters. While obviously not being exempt of defaults, I would say that both series are heavily underrated and if you can overlook their over the top plot as well as sloppy artistry and animation, you're in for two surprisingly enjoyable shows. 
report Recommended by Jacut
Both feature main female heroines with supernatural powers who fight enemies that are somehow related to the source of their own powers. Both have a regular male companion to their adventures. Both have a dense and dark feel to it. Art is similar. 
report Recommended by TheDeadServ
Female making contracts to gain more power, As for Alice and oz fighting side by side to regain Alice memories and Oz sins while for Makina and Ouri fighting side by side for revenge and humanity sake. Both of the Anime has light and dark sides, fighting scenes,missions for own sakes etc.. 
report Recommended by natzin25
They're both horrors that both have relations with living life more than once, and they both have their funny moments too that softens the horror a little bit. 
report Recommended by TsuruyaSonozaki
Corpse Princess is basically the horror version of Birdy. You've got a butt-kicking, scantily clad headstrong female lead who works with a powerful but mysterious group who are working against malicious forces, who gets involved a somewhat boring normal teenage male protagonist with annoying friends. But hey, the action scenes are awesome.  
report Recommended by MelonSama
There are many things alike in these, the fighting girls. The boy who always appears when she is fighting and he is not meant to know about it. The contract between the fighter and their "owner". Overall this anime reminded me a LOT of shana. 
report Recommended by keirapop
The music and soundtracks are nearly identical, which is no surprise since both series' OPs and EDs are songs by Angela. Shikabane Hime deals with corpses and dying, where Asura Cryin' has a "ghost" as a main character. 
report Recommended by NoIceCreamForYou
Both have a similar brand of frantic, kinetic action and reveal in a certain level of absurdity and humor.  
report Recommended by internetotaku
Hellsing can be considered a bit more violent and gruesome, but it has the same concept with the "living" undead, vampires, and the fact that both of the main characters fight and destroy their own race. 
report Recommended by AuroraStar
Both of them are the same too, where both of the main characters are undead and they involve killing their own race/other. 
report Recommended by AuroraStar
both main characters make contracts with demons, well in shikabane hime:aka are corpses, the character plot and story are brilliant and yet very similar, both animes share the same dark feeling while in shikabane hime:aka the main character is looking for revenge, both contractors and the demons/corpses share a really strong bond that gives both animes the same feeling, there is a church in both animes pulling all the strings, both animes are action pack with funny moments and very sad moments, in my opinion i think Shikabane Hime: Aka is more dramatic, but in the end both animes are worth watching. 
report Recommended by blade20