Tenchi Souzou Design-bu

Heaven's Design Team

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Alternative Titles

Synonyms: Tenchisozo Design Bu, [Ten-De-Bu] What a strange animal!, Tendebu
Japanese: 天地創造デザイン部
English: Heaven's Design Team
German: Heaven's Design Team
Spanish: Heaven`s Design Team
French: Heaven`s Design Team
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Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jan 7, 2021 to Mar 25, 2021
Premiered: Winter 2021
Broadcast: Thursdays at 23:30 (JST)
Licensors: None found, add some
Studios: Asahi Production
Source: Manga
Genres: ComedyComedy, FantasyFantasy
Themes: EducationalEducational, Gag HumorGag Humor, MythologyMythology, WorkplaceWorkplace
Demographic: SeinenSeinen
Duration: 23 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.171 (scored by 3281232,812 users)
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Ranked: #38782
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Popularity: #2415
Members: 79,445
Favorites: 290

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Preliminary Spoiler
Mar 25, 2021
Who cares if the average rating is not great? Who cares if someone says this anime isn't that good? Who cares if someone says there is no plot, just animals? If you want a fun slice of life to watch, this is a good choice.

Tenchi Souzou Design-bu or Heaven's Design Team is an anime where God (yes, literally God) has gotten tired from making animals himself that he branched it off to his angels or "employees" and they sit down to make animals. The angels are named after planets of the solar system and every one of them has some kind of specialty. For example, ...
Jan 28, 2021
Preliminary (4/12 eps)
(Completed the show, don't feel like deleting the review to update the episodes watched as it's still useful.)

-As a Biology Student, I think I can give a bit more info about this show than a normal weeb, but keep in mind Biologists aren’t living Pokédexes. There are a lot of creatures in this world to remember them all by the book.


-Most of the time what we do to educate people about a creature is to keep information nice and simple to understand, and that’s what this show does best.

-Similar to Cells at Work! This is an educational Anime, this time focused on living creatures (I ...
Mar 27, 2021
You know, if God really did ask for even half of Earth’s creatures to be made just on the whims of really vague requests, I’d believe it. Because nature is often times really fucking bizarre and the things that’re considered as ‘evolutionary advantages’ really test the limits of how ‘life finds a way’ no matter the situation. Fun, but also really…really weird.


Putting it simply, God got too bored or busy to make all of the animals on Earth, so he did as all corporations do and outsourced his work to a group of designers that have God himself be the main client to fulfill any ...
Mar 25, 2021
"Everything began, with the creation of the world. The Almighty God created everything: light, waters and the land. Then, He tried to make the creatures living on Earth: animals...or so, that was the plan. God thought He'd create them, but it became tedious, so He outsourced them instead"...to the only group that could: the Heaven's Design Team.

This Winter 2021 season is stacked on all fronts, but also in the edutational department as well? Sheesh, what a time to be alive! If there was ever an eulogy for the passing season, it'd go like this:
Dr. Stone: Teaches you all about the properties of Science, according to ...
Mar 25, 2021
The creation of the universe is an issue that always intrigues all of humanity. Curiosity has always been prevalent in trying to find some answer, logical or illogical, to unravel the mysteries contained in the immensity of planets, stars and life (in the case of Planet Earth).

The existence of God is also a recurring issue, being a possible solution for all creations. Among them, animals are some of the main jewels, true carriers of natural beauty in the world, in addition to being diverse. Some fly, others swim, others even crawl. This anime, Design-Bu, came up with an idea, a proposal: "How about doing a ...
Feb 2, 2021
Preliminary (4/12 eps)
If y'all are looking for a quick and digestible (yet informative and fun) show, this is for YOU GUYS.

This anime is fairly demographic-specific.
For those of you going into it thinking you'll be given a complex character/plot-driven story, this is not the show for you.
BUT if you're a fan of episodic shows like Hataraku Saibou/Cells at Work, and you'd like to learn about interesting/cool/bizarre animals on earth, then THIS is the show for you.
It's by no means a revolutionary, but it's definitely enjoyable, and you'll leave every episode feeling like you've learned something (whether it be able biology, problem-solving, ...
Feb 5, 2021
Preliminary (4/12 eps)
This is a series of shorts. As in, in a single "episode", 2 or 3 smaller episodes occur, depicting a situation.

Story - 9
Every episode is interesting, capturing my attention with the premise. Sometimes, I can see where the end result is leading, but that does not take away from how the characters progress to get there. There are running gags that are still funny no matter how many times they occur.

Art - 9
Simple art style that does not take away from the simple office life type story. There are many stills, but they are suitable for depicting new animals. This is marvel of animation, ...
Jun 28, 2022
About as simple as it gets, without any aspirations to be anything other than a slightly manic workplace comedy. It's also surprisingly educational; I definitely picked up a few extra animal facts here and there. Mostly, it's carried by its characters, who are all very fun and silly and chaotic and charming.

It's very fun to watch with friends; me and the people I was watching this with made a very fun game out of trying to guess what animal the team were designing at any given point. Often everyone was wrong. There's probably a good drinking game in there somewhere...
Jan 28, 2021
Preliminary (4/12 eps)
"Tenchi Souzou Design-bu" or "Heaven's Design Team" is about group of co-workers who create designs for animals. The most interesting, is that every design will be deconstructed, and developing process will be shown from a scratch.

Story - 7
There no such a thing like linear plot, obviously, cause it's Slice Of life. There is a lazy "god" who got tired of developing any kinds of animals and a group of really various weird designers, who must do all the work instead of "god".
This show driven by characters and cognitive leads, every gag flows from these components. We have kind of a main character in form of ...
Mar 27, 2021
Fuck y'all. This is the kind of food I want. No more of that same shit, I want animal planets.

Cells at Work? Nah man, we don't focus on fictional anime females or males. This here is where actual culture lies, the true justice of the ever-loving but still cruel hands of nature: animals. Learning about the body in a digestible way is fun and all, but fuck, I wanna know the useless information. Like the fact a mother bear can get pregnant from multiple other bears at the same time, with every single one of her children being from different fathers while not yet being ...
Mar 4, 2021
Preliminary (9/12 eps)
It's a fun and quirky show that nice to put on when you don't necessarily want to think about things too much and has quite a few few 'oh thats interesting' moments.

It doesn't have much storyline to it but I don't think thats a bad thing, most episodes feel like 2 or three shorts tied together, each with a new 'request' from god and you find out tones of interesting 'facts' along the way. The designs can be funny to start with and each designer has their own way of tackling problems and interpreting requests. It's also interesting to see what designs work and get ...
Mar 4, 2021
Preliminary (9/12 eps)
I honestly wasn't planning on watching this show this season until one of my friends told me that it was something right up my alley. I'm an Animal Science student and seeing a show that shows off everything that I've been studying and shows it in an easy to understand fashion is so fun to watch. I love being able to be like "Oh yea! I learned about this!" in the eps and then laugh at all the ways that the designs wouldn't work. I can understand how this show wouldn't appeal to everyone as it can be very biology focused at some points. For ...
Feb 5, 2021
Preliminary (4/12 eps)
As someone who knows very little about anything regarding biology bar what I learned in school, the anime is a very good balance of informative and fun.

Story - 5 - The story is very simple but gets the job done. Episodes are self-contained with an overarching premise so the story is barebones and does nothing great but gives the show a nice platform for each individual episode.

Art/Sound - 7 - It's nothing new and the majority of it is very basic, especially related to the sound with very standard anime sound effects and an opening song I'm not really a fan of but don't hare ...
Feb 6, 2021
Preliminary (5/12 eps)
This is a very good series! Not gonna lie is not for everyone, it follows the same idea as cells at work but more focused on teaching you stuff.

Still, is very good, i don't know a lot about biology so is very fun to try and guess what kind of animal they're making, they also explain you why certain fantasy creatures can't exist based on biology which is also very interesting.

The characters are really funny most of the time even when they repeat certain jokes, since all of them have a very specific personality and you can tell who designs what just in the ...
Jun 17, 2021
Preliminary (9/12 eps)
Heaven's Design Team really feels like an underdog anime. It didn't get rave reviews, or even a ton of discussion, but I really enjoyed it a lot. I think that there's a lot here artistically and comedically that was overlooked.

The main characters are angels who are hired by God himself to do the work of creating animals to populate the earth with, based on his requests. You get to see what the design and thought process behind creating the animals are, the original versions often looking nothing like the final product in the most hilarious ways. A simple premise, but it leads to all sorts ...
Mar 10, 2021
Preliminary (8/12 eps)
The story isn't the most important part of this show. But its a light hearted, fun, educational show about animals. While I don't think the show is for everyone, its one that you will know if you want to watch it after the first episode.

Its also very family friendly, but interesting enough to entertain older audiences.

The show's art style is very childish, which adds to the colorful characters. Also I just love the opening, bright and cheerful.

The characters are all rapidly developed with distinct traits and relations. From the stuck in his ways old timer, to the bright eyed new guy. Every character ...
Apr 18, 2021
Mixed Feelings
Heaven's Design Team is a neat episodic-style series that feels like a documentary had a kid with a comedy. I enjoyed my time with it but I had enough of it by the time it was over.

The story is lackluster and pretty much a monster-of-the-week format. Each episode several creatures, say five or so, come into the spotlight. You will be dragged along the creature creation concept based on God's vague whimsical requests. The design team has to figure out how to make a viable creature that fulfills the request, and it's exciting to see those odd requested features go from an unrecognizable first draft ...
Jul 20, 2021
Mixed Feelings
Heaven's Design Team is an anime that...
Well, it's not an anime in a default sense. There's no plot. There's no punchline.

What Heaven's Design Team IS, is a lightweight easy-to-digest trivia about various animals.
It's not bad, but it's not good either.
All the micro-episodes follow the same pattern:
-god orders the design team to make some seemingly fucked-up animal (think "make an animal whose males go through pregnancy!")
-design team makes some noodle-doodle play-doh monster that fulfills that requirement without dying from some critical body failure
-they add some final touches to the design
-a-HA! it turns out it was Seahorses ALL ALONG!!!! Crazy, ain't it, dear viewer?!?!!
Mar 26, 2021
STORY: The anime doesn't have a proper story to follow at each episode, but it still manage enough content to make the watcher see in order to catch up some gags or puns. But what makes the anime extraordinary is the fact that is an educative way to tell about animals without being too serious like a school, and going to the thought of "the science must be fun for everyone". This is showed by us a way better that we can find in Hataraku Saibou for example, because it's less complex for kids and adults. (8/10)

ART: The art is very polite in a way ...
Mar 26, 2021
I wasn't sure if I was going to like Tenchi Souzou Design-bu but it turned out to be a cute little anime that was both entertaining and interesting to watch.

Tenchi Souzou Design-bu isn't a story heavy narrative, or even a character driven story, it's just an anime with funny characters who discuss animal characteristics and why specific animals are built in the way they are. It's very interesting and the final episode is even a little heart warming, but don't expect even the most basic of a storyline.

There's not much to say outside if you want an anime that you can just relax to and ...