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Apr 3, 2018
Honestly, there's not much for story or character because this short is just 2 minutes long. However, it gives us an interesting look into what could have been. As a long-time fan of Lupin III, I admit I hadn't really thought about what a CGI adaptation would be like apart from the various video games about Lupin, but this short beautifully adapts the designs of the characters into 3D.

They look just like they always have without looking uncanny and weird. The animators were selective about what to make more realistic looking, such as Fujiko's hair.

There is no dialogue in this short, just the read more
Dec 15, 2017
I can accurately describe this anime in 2 words: torture porn. The plot of this anime is basically that a young girl is sent as a sacrifice to the vampire brothers, but rather than just eating her and getting it over with, the audience is treated to absolute sadism and torment of this girl.

The brothers themselves have barely anything different about them. They are all just sadistic pricks who want to suck Yui's blood, and have no real defining character traits outside of that. Yui herself just gets tormented and abused no matter what, and most of the anime is just hearing her cry read more
Dec 14, 2017
The Rockman OVA's only issue is that it doesn't last longer.

While it has a very simplistic story (your typical "game character comes into reality and they need to stop the game villain" plot), it's executed in an interesting way. They make it educational for a younger audience without pounding it over your head in a boring way. You might even learn something new about Japan when you watch.

The characters are all likable enough, and there's a lot of nice interactions between them. I thought it was very sweet when Blues complimented Roll's kimono. It has lots of humorous moments as well. Even the decision read more
Dec 14, 2017
Rockman.EXE Stream is just a major disappointment. If you enjoyed the first 2 seasons like I did, you'll see what I mean. The animation and story both took a major dive in quality.

The characters also take a dive in quality. While most of them are ok, Netto is one I found horribly mean-spirited and out of character in this season. He's always treating his childhood friend Meiru like she's not worth anything to him and that she's weak, all so he can ditch her for Jasmine, some random girl he just met.. He is also too stupid to tell the difference between Rockman and read more
Dec 8, 2017
While it's no secret that I am a major fan of the Rockman series, Megamix offers a fresh new take on the popular franchise while keeping what made the series so beloved. The first thing you'll notice is the distinct visual style.

Hitoshi Ariga offers a very "updated" design for the robots while not entirely redesigning them. A lot of small details add a bit more complexity to the simple Rockman style. The characters themselves are also given a lot more personality. As lots of the robot masters aren't given a lot of backstory in the games, Ariga had a lot to work with and read more
Dec 7, 2017
If you are a major fan of Animal Crossing, you should watch this. The main character, Ai, is reminiscent of the journey one goes on when they play the game. She starts off confused, until she eventually starts to fit into town after a while and she even made some friends.

The worst part of this movie was Whitney by far. I never liked her as a villager, and she's even more of a stuck-up jerk in this movie. Other than her, the rest of the characters are likable and fun. I loved how they portrayed Mr. Resetti especially.

The artwork stands out as it is read more
Dec 7, 2017
I only watched this out of sheer curiosity when I found it under "found media" on the lost media wikia. While most lost media goes missing because it sucks, sometimes there's an exception to the rule and you unearth a hidden gem. Abunai Sisters is not one of those exceptions.

There is not a single likable character in the entire series. You have 2 annoying and self-absorbed celebrities who only talk about their boobs and how it's "so hard" being a celebrity, an annoying creepy dude who pretty much represents anyone who would unironically like this garbage show, and a straight up ripoff of Yubaba read more
Dec 7, 2017
A must-watch anime for cat lovers! This anime focuses on a small kitten who was taken home by a child. While Chi is trying to adjust to life with the family, the human characters are trying to make sure their strict landlord doesn't discover Chi's existence, as pets aren't allowed in their apartment.

Each episode is very short, so it's easy to sit down and breeze through a couple episodes at a time. It has some familiar moments for those who have ever owned a cat (for example, Chi preferring an empty box to the expensive toys the father bought her). The anime reminds us why read more