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Oct 27, 2018
When you look at the cover by the synopsis, and synopsis itself, you might think that it's a dating manga with monster girls, or at least heavily set in fantasy.
It's not. It's not a harem, either.

or more accurately, the way the plot is bulit is written below.

It's an episodic, every-week-a-new-villain type story, with the plot mold being: hero wants to someone to love him for being himself, not a hero, so he anonymously goes on blind dates-> HA ha he has a weird fashion sense, and comes to date in a corncob costume, that's actually made from carcass of the halloween king [lvl 13445346234], read more
Jul 1, 2018
This show is one that no one will find unless through the reccomendations system, so I won't beat around the bush.
Imagina Hayate no Gotoku with 6 years older art, with characters that are 6 years too early to be incorporated into an anime.
My main gripes with this show are:
The master isn't devious enough. Sure, he's "perverted" (you know, the 2003' type of perverted. Panty shots and all the nipple-less, cheap fanservice), but there aren't any actually amusing situations that he can bring about.
The mascot character is just plain annoying. Imagine Tama from Hayate, except he's a key character in the show. Yeah, it's that bad.
And, read more
Jan 13, 2018
Shuffle is a bad anime.

Obviously, you shouldn't expect a gripping and touching masterpiece that perfectly blends romance and harem from an anime that's based on an dating sim (or whatever this game is), but this show doesn't isn't particularly H either. The fanservice is so poor all you get in the first half of the show is a wet-shirt event with a fucking loli (fucking meant as adjective, not a verb). Anyone who agrees that this show classifies as ecchi must be an exotic mix of celibate amish muslim raised in an underground cell, deprived of any stymuli of human contact. I guess someone read more
Dec 1, 2017
World Trigger has annoying plot progression.
Every, and I mean EVERY arc will abide to that age-old rule of all shitty shounens, "every next episode until climax covers less and less time in the story".

MC is an absolute, painful to watch weakling at the beginning, is a shameless weakling thorought the show that, while understands that he's weak, doesn't become exceptionally backstabby, as a conscious weakling should, and, in the very last episode, becomes a weakling that maybe has chances of stopping to be weak.
In shounen genre it's trying to watch and empathise with non-dynamic, weak MC, so that's a significant drawback too.

Worse yet, the read more
Jun 27, 2017
I'll break this review down into parts, as I'm afraid I'd be too subjective and emotional in a free-form.
There will be SPOILERS, and if you want to enjoy watching all the fresh (hahahah... fresh. Get it? Princess Lover and fresh) plot developments, you'd best skip this review.

Story is 1/10.

It's just pathetic. There's no character development save for girls turning from tsun to dere, villains are fighting for reasons so vague and petty it's insulting, and MCs so wishy-washy that he can't push the story in any direction.
It starts as a "kendo idiot kid of a soba shop owner". Sacked, bacuse parents het batmanned.
read more
Apr 22, 2017
Hmm, yeah. Psycho Pass.
Anime about a future where human mentality has become understandable and readable by machines, people have their jobs assigned to them based on their scanned aptitude, VR progressed so far that social drugs like alcohol and tabacco are a thing of the past since you can get high online.
Brave New World all over again, this time in anime format.
Except it's not, because instead of doing some actual introspection, or at least asking questions that would lead viewers to do some thinking, this anime magnificently adapted itself to the era of social rejects that are too timid to be violent in read more
Mar 21, 2017
Masamune-kun no revenge. A story about a boy who, after being heartbroken invests his following 8 years into reshaping himself into every girls wet dream, and then proceeds to serve the cruel girl her own medicine, making her fall for him, then leaving her heartbroken. The story ends with the boy realizing the vanity and emptiness of revenge, and going out with the girl seriously.
EXCEPT it doesn't.
This manga starts out interesting, with a decisive, determined MC, and actually cruel rich girl. MC sacrifices his chances for friendships, relationships and fulfilled love only to achieve his revenge, slowly learning of the pain and hardship the said read more
Feb 20, 2017
Well. Concrete Revolutio. yeah.
So, let me say the most important thing first. Although I gave this show 8/10, I did not enjoy it at all. This show is that type of a work that has very high value, yet no one really enjoys it (akin to shakespearean plays). The characters are interesting, the animation is vibrant, the problems and solution it proposes are reasonably well thought out, and yet it's utter pain to watch, with a band-aid in form of vivid colors and mechas.

Incidentallly, there's just one thing that ruins the enjoyment, which is the pacing/way of storytelling. It's that LET'S-FUCKING-JUMP-ALL-OVER-THE-TIMELINE-BETWEEN-PEACEFUL-DAYS-AND-THE-END-GAME-FINALE-FULL-OF-TREATCHERY-AND-STRIFE kind of deal that read more
Jan 28, 2017
Welp, didn't think I'd write a review for this "show", of all the things i could write about.
woaaah, even hitting the lower limit for characters is a drag... Sigh... well, might as well get this out of the way, and i'll fill the limit later on:
THIS IS TRIGGER COMMERCIAL. 13 segments of shameless auto-promotion using sparkly, simple animations. huh? "unconventional and original plot progression"? try "no plot, and a lot of crossovers with other triggers works". Original content is wrapped up in the first 2 episodes, than it's all "he-heeeey! that from kill-la-kill" and "oooh, that's inferno cop!" and so on.
I mean, fuck, they read more
Jan 28, 2017
*mild spoilers depicting contents included, since tag system is broken. still, there's no plot to speak of in this manga, so that shouldn't influence your enjoyment or whatnot you'll get from reading this manga*

Do you like monster girls? do you like slow mangas about school life? do you like to read about bloody history of enslavement and scorching prejudice, about severe anti-racism laws, aliens sneaking in the shadows killing and impersonating inhabitants of earth and about illuminati-sque species manipulating goverments and regulating extinction of a whole race, about which our silly, insignificant schoolgirl centaur doesn't even know about, much less do anything about them? and read more