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❤ Lovely Princess Tekki ❤

❤ Lovely Princess Tekki ❤

Hello everyone! My name is Tekki! I am a cute girl who absolutely loves cute anime, though I also have a taste for action and adventure as well! Basically, anything that isn't too scary. ^^; Anyways I've been an anime fan ever since I was a young girl, something about it just clicked with me! I'm a bit of a softie who tries to get along well with people.

My favourite animes include Iruma-Kun, the Precure series, the Rockman.exe series, Ace Attorney, the Lupin III series, Magical Angel Creamy Mami and Accel World to name a few. :) Another thing I love about anime is a great soundtrack, so feel free to recommend songs to me!

I don't really like harem/fanservice anime at all. Though some of my picks could arguably include these themes, they aren't the main focus and I enjoy these series for other reasons. For example, I felt that Accel World showed great empathy for disabled characters, and enjoyed it a lot for this and not the fanservice moments.

Other than anime, I also love shows such as OK KO, Sym-Bionic Titan, Home Movies, and Detentionaire. My favourite musical artists are PUFFY, Prozzak, Jack Stauber, Red Vox, and Shonen Knife! My favourite video games are the Rockman series (mainly classic and EXE), Animal Crossing, and Mario, but I am pretty open minded towards most types of games as long as they aren't scary, brutal, or boring. I also love to draw, write reviews, and collect plushies and figures!

Anyways, if it sounds like we'd get along at all or have similar interests, feel free to send me a friend request and get to know me! I'm also happy to play games on Steam together such as 100% Orange Juice! Just don't push stuff I don't like on me, trash my faves to my face, or be generally unlikable, and we should get along great!

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KanameYuuki Jul 30, 1:52 PM
Thank you for the FR!
FourSeasonSage Jun 15, 2:57 PM
Yeah, I do enjoy idols quite a lot actually, so alright Suite sounds good, the next one is definitely Fresh though; saw some fanart on Pixiv and it just looks really cool with some twists, and then I'm reading this manga that's like specifically about precure otaku things, and it mentions Fresh having a 'moment,' as it were. So I'm pumped for that. lol uncanny designs, I'll just say Hug can be on the lower end of the priority list for now.

Likely before I get to Yui I'll do an idol show since its been a bit since my last one; I'm guessing Mermaid Melody or just continue the Pretty Rhythm franchise, but that's for a while yet. Mainly been focusing on manga and catchin up with beloved titles, and finally am back into marking chapters for Saki after re-reading the whole thing lol
FourSeasonSage Jun 10, 2:46 PM
Yeah, give or take of the older Precures that is- there's also Delicious Party which is airing that I'll get to at some point, like I did two quarters ago with Tropical Rouge, and so forth- Suite does sound cool, especially considering the musical focus and how that should play off my love of idols, and idol anime as well. Mm, well maybe Hug will be in the air then... but I mean, Nagisa and Honoka make appearances apparently so uhhh, I think my love for the original crew might win out, even if its just a cameo. Ojamajou Doremi and its subsequent seasons followed a good amount of parental and caring for a baby plot points actually- and Doremi ends up evolving into this really emotional, honest show.

Oh yeah Tutu is pretty good, for sure. Very interesting mood and shift in tone. There's a couple I forget about, too- like Mewkledreamy, Corrector Yui, Animal Tantei Kiruminzoo, etc etc etc etc, this is how I never make list progress lol
FourSeasonSage Jun 7, 11:50 AM
Would legit play janken with Cure Peace during her transformation, and she beat me a fair amount of times. Star Twinkle was a very strong entry actually- had a lot of the heart and humor that Precure is known for, but also had good danger threat levels from not just the enemy but also the earth/ govt side; awesome finale episodes and when Hikaru couldn't understand Lala anymore? Heart breaking, that got me- most Precure's 'get me' at some point anyway tho

There's three left I want to grab; Suite, Huggto, and Healin Good- and that's not even getting into Shugo Chara which is another mahou-shoujo I want to check out. There's a lot. Like, a lot.

FourSeasonSage Jun 3, 2:07 PM
Cure Peace is my all time fav, but its hard for me at the same time because Smile Precure is my favorite cast and my favorite season- I think its a great balance of the cute humor, the familial element, and the epic vibe-checks.

Lets see- gotta mention Lala/ Cure Milky- she was adorable-lun-- Star Twinkle was the last one I watched and it was fantastic, great emotion; Go Princess its prolly Cure Scarlet because of that epic scene when she first transforms that was awesome; and then from the original crew I especially like Nagisa and Honoka ofc- notable is that I feel Futari wa Precure's OP is the greatest OP of all time, across all anime

My other fav is like, Doki Doki because of the whole Regina story arc and then Mana who is like, prolly one of the best leaders I've seen- just in terms of capability and she reaches like, cataclysm levels of strength

I've still got a couple I intend to watch though, the next will likely be Fresh Precure, after this Spring season ends and I watch those shows
FourSeasonSage Jun 3, 1:56 PM
Mhm, always excited to meet fellow Precure Patricians

Feel free to drop me a line whenever about whatever
CallMeAi May 8, 12:15 PM
CallMeAi May 8, 2:28 AM
Likwise. Yeah, happy to see another Iruma lover ^^
Alexisonfire98 Feb 22, 3:27 AM
Mmm I mean is not that impossible. If Kaiju N8 and become more successful, more works of the same Author could have a chance to being animated. And Lucifer and the biscuit hammer got an anime adaptation 10 years after its ending, so maybe there is a chance.
Alexisonfire98 Feb 21, 4:16 AM
The design are definitely more on the cool side, like modern American Godzilla. The artstyle is even sharper and the action scene are really good.
Alexisonfire98 Feb 20, 1:41 AM
Neko wappa is a rather short slice of life/comedy, there are anthropomorphic cats like in Pochi Kuro and overall is pretty enjoyable.
Kaiju N8 is a standard action Shonen series, the main Protagonist can transform into a monster and defeats other monsters.
Alexisonfire98 Feb 19, 2:14 AM
Thank you for accepting my request!
Yeah I'm a great fan of the author in general, I like Neko wappa and KAIJU N8 too.
CureSolo Jan 26, 9:35 AM
Thanks for the FR. Nice to meet you!
Shieru_00 Nov 18, 2021 7:05 PM
You're welcome;)
Ahrum May 14, 2021 11:30 AM
Ima kidda sucks at teaching things but here hope that's help you alot :>