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A strange monster hatches from a mysterious egg. He befriends various animals, and takes residence in Osajii's burrow. He discovers new and exciting things about everyday life. As of 2008, there are at least 37 regular TV spot episodes of Domo-kun. These 37 episodes were released on DVD in Japan in July of 2009.

TV - Dec 22, 1998
1,564 6.49
A stop motion animation produced by NHK. A colorful children's music video about a clumsy bear, what he is—and is not—and what he likes and dislikes.

Music - Oct 2, 2006
1,187 5.77
A co-production between Nickelodeon and NHK featuring the stop-motion character Domo-kun, aired both in the US and Japan.

TV - ??? ??, 2008
1,088 6.41
In a quiet countryside, a little girl plays music for her friends, a little bear and a rabbit. An earthquake stops everything and when the bear and the rabbit looks up, the little girl is nowhere to be found. Still, the two friends try to rebuild their lives in the hope of seeing their friend once more.

Music - Mar 11, 2014
926 6.06
To celebrate 15th Anniversary in 2018, San-X's Rilakkuma will get short anime series that will be streamed exclusively on Netflix in spring 2019.

ONA - ??? ??, ????
575 N/A
A stop-motion short of Dungeon Meshi commissioned by Kadokawa in honor of the 5th tankoubon going on sale. It features Senshi's hands trying to prepare a walking mushroom. It is the same walking mushroom as shown in the manga's 1st volume in the "Monster Tidbits" bonus chapter.

ONA - Jul 31, 2017
486 5.80
Komaneko is the story of a very curious cat, named Koma-chan, that attempts to make her own stop motion. She deals with many challenges, but she also made some friends while creating her movie. Her curiosity makes her even more friends.

Movie - Dec 9, 2006
355 6.35
Komaneko is a female kitten who lives with her grandfather in their mountain home, where Komaneko loves to make handicraft. Komaneko is looking forward to Christmas when she can see her papa and mama, and an early present arrives at her home. The present is a cute doll, but included with the doll is a letter, "We can't be home for Christmas." Despondent but determined, Komaneko and her friend, Rajiboo set off on an adventure together. (Source: ANN)

Movie - Nov 7, 2009
314 6.01
Pâtisserie no Monster focuses on the titular monster Powan, the owner of a small pastry shop in France.

ONA - Apr 26, 2016
231 5.72
A short animation promoting the Komaya company. A lonely sugar elephant searches for companionship.

ONA - Oct 10, 2017
210 5.95
The first short released in the Komaneko franchise. It features the titular cat attempting to make a stop-motion film with her own dolls and handmade crafts.

Special - ??? ??, 2003
191 N/A
A bejeweled spider weaves a bejeweled web.

ONA - Aug 15, 2017
145 5.55
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. opened a game-style promotion website, ‘THE PLANET ZERO’, where users can experience a zero-emission society in an understandable way, as part of its comprehensive approach for realizing a zero-emission society, making users enjoy leaning a zero-emission society which Nissan aims for and the value and the appeal EV will bring about. Unique characters designed to look like solar power and wind power generation systems including one created based on zero-emission mobility, named ‘PLUG’. (Source: nissan-global.com)

ONA - Jul 30, 2011
128 5.78
A short gag anime about yakiniku meat on a grill. It primarily focuses on Galbi-kun (beef short rib) who admires a higher cut of meat and tries to change his demeanor to be more refined.

ONA - Jan 19, 2018
125 N/A
Various shorts made by studio dwarf using original characters from franchises they worked on such as Domo-kun and Komaneko as well as original ones. Includes 12 "Vol." numbered episodes and one "Uma no Hi Kodomo" titled episode.

ONA - May 2, 2014
120 N/A
The Curious Kitty and Friends is a preschool stop-motion animated show, where we will join the upbeat and colorful adventures of kitty cat Komaneko as she explores the wonderful world with her friends Mimmi Bear, Radibo, and Yeti. With her trusty video camera and knapsack in tow, creative and curious Komaneko makes her own movies,usually starring her two favorite dolls, Wink and Ink. (Source: Amazon)

ONA - Jun 17, 2016
112 N/A
Mogu is always making tasty dishes but Perol is taking far more than his share. One day Moog is looking to collect some berries (to make into a cake) but Perol eats some off the bush raw. They taste sour and Perol thinks Moog tricked him and claims they aren't friends anymore. Perol stops visiting but he becomes quite zombie-like and Moog misses his company too.

ONA - Jan 19, 2018
103 N/A
Woo and Wah are strange creatures with unknown genders. They are not siblings, nor a couple; their relationship can at most be approximated as "friends." Woo and Wah both have strange protrusions on their heads: a tentacle that stretches and shrinks with emotion, and is capable of grabbing things. The two live on the outskirts of town in the woods, preferring to keep away from the city. However, they do enjoy watching television.

ONA - Oct 2, 2017
99 N/A
A paper stop-motion commercial for D-Mail, a live-event gift company with roses for anniversaries, cards, picture frames, incense for condolences, etc. With products available to celebrate weddings, births, first day of school ceremonies and graduation.

ONA - Mar 28, 2013
97 N/A
A short celebrating the new 2017 year, released by the animation studio dwarf.

ONA - Dec 20, 2016
89 N/A
A collaboration between Kihara Yousuke and studio dwarf. Kihara is most famous for being the head artist for the PS2/GameCube game Ribbit King and the anime Nikoniko♪Connie-chan. Neko Neko Gong Show is a talent show for cats, where if their skits are bad, get a gong (made from a cat food tin can lid) hit to boot them off.

ONA - Aug 13, 2015
83 N/A
Tonko House has partnered with Japanese stop-motion house "dwarf" and CG studio Megalis on the new project. Tsutsumi is the directing showrunner of a stop-motion/CGI animated TV series called “Oni,” about a human girl being raised by a mythical Japanese god. Tonko House plans to show test footage of Oni at its first-ever Tonko House Film Festival this spring in Tokyo. (source: Variety.com)

TV - ??? ??, 2019
27 N/A