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Dec 19, 2021
Mieruko-chan (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
Boo! Do you believe in ghosts? Or rather, do you believe in spirits? These are age-old questions that have enchanted many generations, cultures, religions and beliefs around the world. It is as if humanity has developed along with the thought of there being something beyond humanity, beyond the natural, something supernatural. Well, if you like these horror stories, with a touch of comedy, take a look at Mieruko-chan.

*From here on there may be some spoilers. I will avoid using too many, but I recommend coming back here only if you have seen the anime or read the manga*.

Mieruko... Ah Mieruko... How to talk about this ...
Sep 30, 2021
Mixed Feelings
- This Review contains spoilers -

Talking about Sotsu is really hard...

Going back in time, in 2020 we had the first part of the New Project of the franchise, which at the same time connected events of the original story, serving as a sequel for the anime, promoted a new experience, different from what was already presented.

It was confirmed that from the beginning Gou was a contradictory season for the show, as it involved a conflict within the very functionality and purpose of what was Higurashi until the end of the canonical arcs adapted from the Visual Novels. What marked the franchise for almost 20 years ...
Sep 24, 2021
Mixed Feelings
The second season of 100-man was... weird. Remember what the first season of the anime was all about? The interesting proposition, where the RPG dynamic was applied in a convenient and often stupid way. Now, the show has changed that a bit, bringing a more arc-oriented perspective instead of this boring focus. But as much as a show like 100-man has improved, it's still a complicated experience to say the least, and that's for two reasons: ambitious story and split cour.

"Split cour" is a term used for shows that take a break between one cour and another. In the beginning, the goal was to maintain ...
Sep 23, 2021
Mixed Feelings
Late 2019, at Comiket #97: "Wow, another isekai anime announced. But... A pharmacist? Is that reliable?" - That was the question I asked when I found out about the show. The only thing I had of information was the synopsis, the magazine the manga was published by (Web Comic Gamma Plus) and that the source material was a Light Novel. It is a path that many works take and with Cheat Kusushi it was no different. The biggest fear of the adaptation is that the magazine itself is new to the manga market and this anime was the first from this new publisher. Now with ...
Sep 20, 2021
Mixed Feelings
*This review contains any spoilers*

This text will be an analogy. Actually, a generalization.
What is your favorite food? This can be a difficult question. In fact, it is a varied subject and depends on many external and internal factors, personal tastes, experiences and expectations. Anyway, imagine that you have the opportunity to eat the same thing every day.

Well, this is somewhat of a dream. Who wouldn't want to spend a moment of their life overindulging in what they like most? I myself feel that it is something unique and that this utopia would be nice eventually. However, think how nauseating it can be to live ...
Sep 17, 2021
Mixed Feelings
Polygamy is a difficult subject. Animes prove this. Harem shows try to treat their romances with increasingly repetitive approaches and at the same time don't know what to do often when it comes to finishing a show. Authors and storyboard creators have the difficult task of concluding the story and convincing the audience at the same time. Kanojo mo Kanojo arrived bringing a very different form of love that exceeds a couple, putting on a relationship that, while seeming innovative and different, demonstrates how lostand desperate romance animes are these days.

For those who don't know, "polygamy" is an emotional relationship in a group with ...
Jun 30, 2021
This is another one of those animes that tries to apply nosense to get the audience to like it, but fails in its own factor of existence. Of the same nature and essence as Popee The Performer, Itazuraguma no Gloomy was a show that caused instant strangeness, bothered me for being a sick show, and ended the same way it ended: without causing any kind of sympathy with us.

It's not as if we demand anything from Gloomy, but surely the show could cause some positive engagement. That is not the case here. It's just a show that inserts a bear that Assaults a person ...
Jun 29, 2021
Odd Taxi (Anime) add

Odokawa. Keep that name, because he is a great protagonist in Odd Taxi. No... Not protagonist... The essence, richness, and great acting of this show, which combines cool scenes, subdued yet gripping drama, and an exquisite realization of its mysteries.

Odd Taxi is restless and at the same time it is maddening. Odokawa is the character who indirectly commands all the actions. In this world, everyone is personified with animal-like representations, which brings the show closer to social issues and the handling of instincts and sentimentality, as well as representing attitudes, temperament, physique, and above all, social function. Our protagonist is no ...
Jun 28, 2021
Ah, HigeHiro, what to say about you? There are so many moments that the show wants to give us a good feeling during its not the least bit suggestive scenes....
Now being serious, what is going on in Shimesaba's head in creating such an... uncomfortable Light Novel?

Let's go, Hige wo Soru was one of the anime that caught my attention the most, since I had heard about its synopsis and had already looked at the manga a few times. Its story is simple: Sayu is a high school girl who has run away from home and needs a place to live. The person who takes ...
Jun 27, 2021
Mixed Feelings
Naoshi Arakawa is one of the most well-known names when it comes to creating a dramatic story. In 2014, the explosion of his name was made possible by the adaptation of "Your Lie in April," one of the most beautiful anime in story and visual quality, drama and popularity. Now in 2021, seven years after its apex, "Sayonara Watashi no Cramer" has been given an anime. Has the author succeeded with this show? Does the sport match his talent in dramas?

First of all, I need to separate the anime adaptation from the manga and the impact this has on the mangaka Naoshi. "Sayonara Watashi no ...

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