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Uchiage Hanabi, Shita kara Miru ka? Yoko kara Miru ka?

Alternative Titles

English: Fireworks, Should We See It from the Side or the Bottom?
Japanese: 打ち上げ花火、下から見るか?横から見るか?


Type: Movie
Episodes: 1
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Aug 18, 2017
Licensors: GKIDS
Studios: Shaft
Source: Other
Duration: 1 hr. 30 min.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 6.671 (scored by 10,414 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #49102
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #1581
Members: 48,335
Favorites: 182


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Oct 5, 2017
tributed (All reviews)
I'm sorry to say but this movie was so un-enjoyable that I was compelled to write a review.
I watched the whole movie hoping for an amazing finish however it was very lackluster, incoherent and had less character development than a ShamWOW! infomercial.
I am someone who generally enjoys most movies however I left the movie feeling like it made my life worse.
It's only redeeming features are the OK sound track as well it's unconventional art style, similar to that of Noein: To Your Other Self.
I'd recommend watching the trailer as it should set alarm bells as it doesn't make any sense.
Oct 2, 2017
Metsuryu (All reviews)
I just saw this movie in theaters. This review is going to be kind of long, so let me put this in general terms:

If you're watching this movie because it has nice art: just watch the music video for the image song, Uchiage Hanabi by DAOKO. It contains almost all the nice shots from the movie (missing the ending sequence, which although is slightly odd, is very beautifully animated. So maybe watch the music video then wait for the movie to be available to stream then skip to the ending to see the pretty fireworks and surreal animation).

If you're watching this movie because read more
Sep 5, 2017
Vaenny (All reviews)
I can describe this movie in 2 words: Almost perfect. Why? Because while it had the potential to be great, it had small mishaps that led to its inability to reach perfection.

Before I begin, let me just say that I watched this in the cinemas 3 weeks after its premiere at United Cinemas. And inside the theater, there were only 3 people. And so I began to wonder, "Is the movie not good after all?". My opinion then changed after the movie ended.

So what made it almost perfect? Was it the plot? As far as I can tell, there was nothing wrong with the sequence read more
Sep 1, 2017
kitbikyuu (All reviews)
Warning: Possible Light Spoilers

I just finished watching "Uchiage Hanabi" in theaters. It has been out for about two weeks, so the theater was about half full in one of the smaller rooms. To be honest, I am not sure what to think of this movie. While this work is absolutely visually beautiful, there were several sections where CG was used, likely to speed up production (hopefully this will be fixed in the DVD / Blu-ray release). Story-wise, it was pretty slow, but really interesting for me. It was pretty deep, playing with the concept of divergent worlds: how each decision we make can affect the read more
Nov 15, 2017
Samurl (All reviews)
Shaft thought "hmm how can we make the popular time reversal due to a certain circumstance trope, but not copy what's come before" A high school romance !

I have just returned from watching this in the Cinema, and i felt compelled to write a quick review. I won't be going into detail about the couple next to me getting a little to involved with the romance genre, because that wasn't the films fault.

I have to give Shaft some credit, the visuals and backdrops were absolutely stunning, especially at the beginning. Though I wouldn't place it upon the same tier as some other recent anime read more
Nov 15, 2017
agilityredfox (All reviews)
spoiler free review

I write this review after returning from a 40 mile drive to see it in my not so local cinema.

What's to be expected of Shaft on the silver screen? With the recent sucess of films such as Kimi no na wa & A Silent Voice I feel like people were expecting too much from this.

The story was fairly generic, centred around a highschool romance and a coming of age crisis with bits added on for special effects. While the implementation was done well I think, the actual plot itself was lacking in any real substance, but none the less, enjoyable.

The visuals were fantastic read more
Apr 20, 2018
jankrick (All reviews)
Rate is just a number!
I satisfied after watch the PV that has viewed by over 100 million..

artwork fresh enough, the animation is quite smooth, especially the song
quite memorable romance...

Beginning to watch this anime is because the soundtrack has been on the cover of many artists like Kobasolo youtube. Because it often appears and hit autoplay, this song directly attached to my brain. Curious, I am searching for this anime, and it turns out new in play in the cinema. Because the soundtrack really good, I am willing to hit the rain storm for this anime watch. must be good, I thought.
Apr 26, 2018
steeldude (All reviews)
Slight spoilers due to interpretation of movie.

Though I’m not sure why all the poor reviews on this movie, it’s really not as bad as it is made out to be. Though the characters were, let’s be honest, poorly developed, and the story following a somewhat cliché path (along the lines of re;zero and erased) this anime has a rich message if given some thought about it. While the ending may not have been appealing to some, I found this to be one of the most important aspects of it, especially considering the metaphorical sense the movie contained. Heavily implied by “if” showing up multiple times read more
Oct 7, 2017
mmchan (All reviews)
“A purehearted, sincere romance that showcases how bittersweet young love can be.”
“A trainwreck of a movie that unyieldingly chugs on till the final climax and disappoints.”

» Today I watched uchiage hanabi in theatres. (English official subs)
To be totally honest I only watched it because of the theme song and because shaft.

» My verdict:
plot was flimsy and bad, characters were bland as hell. BUT! It’s actually not that bad. The overall ambience was done well, and you will be intrigued to find out more (well some will find it boring as the pace is very slice of life-ish)

» The plot. What plot? The whole movie read more
Dec 26, 2017
JonathanTay (All reviews)
This show is stupid as hell but so is all of anime so I don't even know what all of you brainiacs expected when you walked into the theatre. If you thought you were gonna get something intelligent then let me tell you man you picked the wrong genre. If you wanted something that made sense you could've attended something else like a goddamn law lecture. Actually you know what, scratch that, law lectures don't make much sense either. My point is, you absolute nobel laurettes shouldn't have thrown yourselves under the impression that you were in for some flipping Kubrick or some shit like read more
Dec 6, 2017
Rouri (All reviews)
From the bottom of my heart after watching this movie with my tomodachi in the cinema our conclusion is that this anime totally very deserve an L. Just take this L. wtf i type so long also need long long words so i just continue type long long words until i can click submit like the anime art is ok but i think the voice acting uhhhh can i get a boneless pizza hol' up im getting out of point but like seriously what the heckerino shit is this anime like i expected something very dank, like the actual MV in uchiage hanabi but turns read more
Oct 8, 2017
EvenJellyOn (All reviews)
While animation wise it looks like a couple of TV episodes the film is still a great alternative to Your Name.

Most of the great animated scenes can be seen in the music video par a scene near the ending.

It feels like two or so somewhat boring slice of life episodes and then turns into a time travel like story.

The music was great though.

While in some moments you can feel Akiyuki Shinbo's style the rest feels like some low budget CGI weekly series. Shame but the movie itself was pretty great.
Some of the scenes are cheesy like the musical scene out of nowhere that read more
Sep 8, 2017
tenjor (All reviews)
"At that time, if only- if only I had...!" - Norimichi Shimada

In this review, I will make several references to a "gimmick" in this movie. It refers to a surprising element in the film that drives the plot and its core theme. Since the preview does an excellent job of concealing it, I do not want to spoil the gimmick in case people want to experience it for themselves completely blind, but it is difficult to talk about the story without referring to it, and I am sure once the movie hits more western theaters, knowledge of the gimmick will be as much of a read more
Mar 23, 2018
Creissonino (All reviews)
I went to a special screening of this and watched without knowing anything about it. I actually liked, since it's a well-intentioned coming-of-age story with some magical realism as a plot device to make the story happen.

The basic premise is somewhat close to Bill Murray's Groundhog Day, with the difference that the day isn't fully reset, but it restarts with some kind of checkpoint, just to correct the last mistake the main duo, that is running away from their boring routine, made.

The main complaint about this movie is about the "density" of the characters. Let me tell you something: you don't have space read more
Dec 26, 2017
sh1ky0 (All reviews)
Spoiler Free!

Just a heads up, but the story was really bad and confusing. Just because some of the people who contributed helped make Kimi no na wa doesn't mean it'll be good.
The art was alright, but Shaft's other works were better. You could say they wasted their talent on it.
No bad opinion on the sound, it wasn't bad.
The characters? Hated each and every one of them! They were all so annoying and bland, and they didn't even improve in the end.
Overall, it was a disappointment. I recommend you listen to the soundtrack online instead of watching this disaster.
Dec 9, 2017
lightofvictory (All reviews)
I was so pumped up to see this in cinemas so I had really high expectations of this, something close to Your Name and A Silent Voice.

Story: 4/10
Story and plot was fucking horrible. The way it progressed, the relevance of some items in the show make you wonder, how do they plan to end this well? Spoiler, they don't. Ending fucking sucks and it's really frustrating. Almost on par with Golden Boy for one of the worst endings ever.

Art: 10/10
Shaft. God damn what beautiful animation. The scenes in the movie reminds me so much of Monogatari, in the sense of how they transition from read more
Dec 6, 2017
DoomRanger (All reviews)
It doesn't matter what world we are in, as long as we're together


This review is not spoiler free read with caution (This review will probably make you not want to watch the movie anymore)

Story 4/10

The story was not very well done. It was of no relation to fireworks whatsoever. The main target for the characters was to find out the shape of the firework. But... the movie went circles around the main focus, dragging the movie time.
The movie is more based on rewinding time and is more of an atmospheric movie that didn't actually have a plot. The movie was extremely predictable for me, what read more
Dec 3, 2017
lotice1 (All reviews)
Putting aside my dissatisfaction with SHAFT bastardising an original work, Uchiage Hanabi, Shita kara Miru ka? Yoko kara Miru ka? (Henceforth Fireworks) is a complete wet paper bag of a SHAFT production.

Fireworks is a production by the illustrious SHAFT, and that itself skyrockets expectations for Fireworks to a level that that it did not reach. Fireworks reminds me of the Monogatari series in many ways: the design of the female protagonists, the "open for interpretation" and indirect-ness of storytelling. It's so similar to the point that Musician Koremasa Uno mentions that the film is one that felt unlike its original scriptwriters, and more aligned to read more
Nov 13, 2017
Its-Maki-kun (All reviews)
Indonesian anime audience had waited for this movie to come out. We knew very well that Encore Films (the ones who brought anime films to Indonesia) promoted this anime for a whole month and teased us with trailers, teasers, and soundtracks. At November 1st, 2017, we finally had this movie on cinemas and I took my pleasure to buy a ticket for the best seat in the house two days earlier.

Being a music enthusiast, I easily swayed by the soundtrack. I would say the soundtrack is marvelous. The one thing that made me wanted to see this movie was its soundtrack. Starting from the theme read more
Oct 5, 2017
alysael (All reviews)
In an age where beautiful art in anime movies catches the eyes of audiences, "Fireworks" is not unlike other anime movies in this sense. The reason why I had watched this movie in the first place was because of the art in the trailer alongside the song by Daoko.

Nevertheless, the entire movie plays as if someone got excited over the age of eye-catching anime movies that they forgot to actually include actual content alongside the good soundtrack and beautiful art.

If you're just in it to see a slideshow of pretty CG alongside soothing music - I'd say to go watch it. But if read more