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Oct 8, 2017
While animation wise it looks like a couple of TV episodes the film is still a great alternative to Your Name.

Most of the great animated scenes can be seen in the music video par a scene near the ending.

It feels like two or so somewhat boring slice of life episodes and then turns into a time travel like story.

The music was great though.

While in some moments you can feel Akiyuki Shinbo's style the rest feels like some low budget CGI weekly series. Shame but the movie itself was pretty great.
Some of the scenes are cheesy like the musical scene out of nowhere that read more
Jul 2, 2017
Part action,part romance,thriller and part Black Mirror this original story set in the world of the light novel/anime franchise titled Sword Art Online.

The villain is not one-note like what you have seen in the past and how the plot kicks in is both unexpected and gives an anti-hero vibe.
Great action scenes done by various studios beside A-1 Pictures such as MAPPA (Yuri on Ice,Punchline,Rage of Bahamut fame) and P.A Works (Angel Beats!), A story both embracing and warning of the dangers of what while is unlikely could happen to such technology and with themes about PTSD/dementia.

Fan service while in it was only minor compared to read more
Apr 13, 2017
While I had the series downloaded for a year at the least I found this while wasting time in Sanity the other day and grabbed it since it was cheap. It’s such a great show with great moral and even Christian* (rare for anime) themes like how you can’t just wait to expect help and that you need to talk to somebody about such things or that sickness and disability is bad but you can spend your life helping others. As somebody who has (and still do slightly) hid their pain and have multiple disabilities the themes of the show really resonated with me. Yes read more
Jan 26, 2017
While yes I found Azumanga a bit boring when I watched it a few years back the manga is so funny,well paced and can be sad at times (like how it ends which has a uplifting but sad ending in the same vain as something like Wrinkles). I don’t normally like these type of stories these days or even the smart person gets worship (personal reasons) but this was great.
Manga just seems like a better art form overall then anime. I’m glad I picked this up since I love Yotsuba. Didn’t expect to enjoy it that much years ago when I was thinking of reading read more