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Sep 5, 2020
This ONA series based on Gen 8 is a classic example of style over substance. It started to show some potential, especially because it's something like we're actually watching a story through the eyes of the Corvinight — hence the title of the series.

What really killed it is that with the episodes being released in a monthly schedule, they started to become stale and boring. It's a month of wait to watch fucking nothing in most of times. Wooloo episode, specifically, is the bottom of the pit. "Duh, it's cute, bruh". See? Style over substance.

Yes, you can see how much effort Studio Colorido puts read more
Feb 28, 2020
Why internet is shitting on this movie?

Because it's exactly the same movie everyone watched 20 years ago.
But in CG.

And now, story-wise, people are realizing this movie doesn't make any sense.

Especially now, with a more accurate plot — since the legend of the storm added in the original dub actually justified why the pokémon tears would have the power to turn Ash back. Without this, it's just a power that came from nowhere.

Yea, this movie sucks.

But no one wants to admit.

And then, blame the CGI.

Yea, I like CGI, but this one is atrocious.

This movie is good for one thing: it's breaking the nostalgia googles read more
Jan 31, 2020
In the beginning of Human Lost, I wasn't understanding anything from the plot. At the last minutes of the movie, I felt the same way I was in the beginning.

It has great action scenes, but most of them are tied by a super weak and dumb plot that doesn't make sense, pretentious shit. It was clearly trying (and failing) to emulate Akira and Ghost in the Shell.

The character design is nice (done by Kozaki), but that's it.

I tend to defend CG animation in Anime and I think people are prejudiced in most of the cases they are criticizing not only the animation, but read more
Jan 23, 2020
The problem with Black Fox is bcause it is an enjoyable well-polished anime that still lacks something.

The story reminds me of some 90's OVA's, but with an updated aesthetic for our times and a softer tone, without all the gratuitous gore. Think about something close to Birdy the Mighty beat.

The technical aspects of Black Fox are amazing, with gorgeous animation, but it somewhat lack its own style. You know, if Trigger were responsible for the movie, they would have made it unique and would receive critical acclaim. It still have a gorgeous animation, but still kinda generic, without its own identity.

The characters read more
Jul 12, 2019
I don't really know what I watched here.
If you ask me "what happens in Hero Mask", I can't explain. I remember the beginning, the girl diying and the mask stuff, but that's all.

I can't see any progression here.
I can't understand any of the characters motivations.
I can't even recognize the caracters of it and what they are.

That happens mostly because nothing happens in the course of the series. Yea, there's some things I can remember in the middle of it and in the end, but the plot doesn't make any sense and the show doesn't even have a premise.

Yea, the mask from the title is read more
Dec 24, 2018
You know, this is an EVA clone.

But while Evangelion is christian, we can say this anime is the Atheist Evangelion, since they use evolutionary theory, chaos theory and string theory instead of bible and catholic lore to tell almost the same story, with almost the same structure, but with a nicer ending.

Juushinki Pandora can be pretty bad and boring sometimes, but its concept overall is very entertaining and kept me until the end.

Also, the characters are cool and interesting and I like the world-building. The sniper's subplot is amazing.

I'm only upset this could be prettier. The animation sucks. Like, it really sucks. Overall, read more
Oct 6, 2018
It's an OVA episode released after the end of the main series. We have seen it countless times already. Highschool of the Dead, Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka, Deadman Wonderland, Nazo no Kanojo X and a few other OVAs that are completely bullshit and fucking useless to the story. On top of that, Episode 12 of Jashin-chan Dropkick is a fucking beach episode.

The most peculiar thing about it is, unlike the OVAs from the series I already used for comparison, this one is surprisingly good. It's probably better than any episode of the main anime by itself. You know, in opposition to the first eleven read more
Oct 1, 2018
I keep seeing "Cells at Work is innovative", but I'm sorry to say that it may be really nice to watch, but it's pretty far from being innovative, since I remembered about Osmosis Jones already in the first episode.

At the start, it's very interesting to see some diseases from a point of view of anthropomorphic cells. The problem is that it quickly becomes stale, since every episode is almost the same, but with a different health problem. The ending is pretty anticlimactic. [SPOILERS] They should have had saved cancer for the end and somehow combined it with hemorrhagic shock. Since it's pretty stupid how they read more
Apr 7, 2018
I think there are some spoilers forward, but I don't care, since nobody actually read reviews before watching anything, anymore.

I actually loved Violet Evergarden. It was my first anime since 2014 that I watched week after week, after every new release, without getting bored. However, the ending pretty sucks. It was pretty anticlimactic and it didn't felt as a proper ending. I think it's mostly about structure, since the ninth episode would be a better series finale. They should have switched the order, making Violet's discovery about Gilbert's fate after the end of the war. Her breakdown and overcoming would be a proper ending read more
Mar 23, 2018
I went to a special screening of this and watched without knowing anything about it. I actually liked, since it's a well-intentioned coming-of-age story with some magical realism as a plot device to make the story happen.

The basic premise is somewhat close to Bill Murray's Groundhog Day, with the difference that the day isn't fully reset, but it restarts with some kind of checkpoint, just to correct the last mistake the main duo, that is running away from their boring routine, made.

The main complaint about this movie is about the "density" of the characters. Let me tell you something: you don't have space read more