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Dec 25, 2022
Koi to Uso in Toradora fashion? Heck, I’m in!

I couldn’t believe how I fell in love with this show.
Since the last movie of Karakai Jouzo no Takagi-san, I was yearning for another cute romance to watch. I accidentally stumbled in this show and it is the best accident I’ve ever had. I was not expecting grand will happen since I thought that it would be just another romance like Sono Bisque and Shikimori-san. This show is very sweet and cute to watch. It made me felt on why I fell in love with romance animes from the start.

The story is what I’m not expecting it ...
Dec 24, 2022
What could be a genuinely depressing wallow into some of the funniest anime of the year?

I have to admit. Bocchi the Rock may not be a masterpiece, but it is excellent in portraying its themes regarding social anxiety and lack of self-confidence.

Back in 2021, there was an anime titled, “Komi-san Can’t Communicate”. It tells about the social anxiety of the female heroine and how she deals with it. Portraying such things can be so hard because it has to be relatable and realistic. Did Komi successfully portray its theme? Heck, no. It’s more of a joke and offensive to me. I think it’s the same ...
Dec 24, 2022
*Spoilers in a marked section*

Sorry but not sorry. This is the most disappointing thing I’ve ever seen.

This anime is suffering from an identity crisis. You never know what the heck is the point or trying to show. Based on the poster, it’s obvious what’s about to happen. If you will compare the posters between the two parts, you will see the obvious difference. From an “amazing looking spy” show to a gag filler sitcom from OVAs.

“Spy x Family is perfectly blended with action and come—”

Cut that crap already!

I’ll keep this review short and to the point because no one thing in this show is worth ...
Dec 22, 2022
“Okaerinasaimase, Goshujinsama!”

Simple words, yet it’s charming to see that greeting when you go inside a café with full of cute maids. They were dressed in black uniforms, a white aprons on the outside, and most importantly, their smile. They will escort you to your seats and will serve your meals. They serve Parfaits, Karage, Salads, and Omurice with a special message from them, written in ketchup. Customers will feel very special while you’re inside the café. When you exit the café, they will greet you again to see them next time. That’s the daily life of maid cafes and their masters. That’s what I ...
Dec 21, 2022
“One and only one.”

Simple words but a powerful meaning. Between a master and a disciple, not only one of them is capable of growing up. Choosing a person and putting their trust in them can be hard. They both do but there’s no one can break the bond that strengthens them.
This! This is how you make an action show with a perfect blending of humor and life! Not just a show having an identity crisis. Yeah, I’m talking about that show of massive disappointment.

I remember when I watched the first season months back and I dropped it because it didn’t hook me. The best decision ...
Dec 17, 2022
*spoilers in marked section*

Have you ever thought if Kaguya-sama is pure romance rather than so much comedy?

Behold! The most beautiful and romantic movie of the year. This is the greatest story of Kaguya-sama has been told. The epic conclusion to the geniuses' war of hearts and minds since the first season aired in 2019. Ending the war once and for all in this merry Christmas gift offering from A-1 Pictures, Kaguya-sama ~ First Kiss wa Owaranai ~!

After receiving a massive disappointment from the outrageous uLtrA RoMantiCC, I felt angry with this show because it left me with a bitter taste since I’m a fan of ...
Sep 29, 2022
Mixed Feelings
This review contains a few spoilers and this is the 30th review that I wrote so far

My heart is broken.

As I really like the concept of the story, I noticed that they didn’t turn out to be exactly what I thought before. I never really had expectations for this, but there’s only one reason why I watched this show… ROMANCE.

Since I first watched anime, romance is the only genre that introduced me to watching more. I never really cared how many shows I’ve watched, as long as I see the “romance” tag from it, I’m surely sold. If it’s “romance”, I know that it would ...
Sep 24, 2022
This review may contain many spicy peppers. Unless you know the reason why.

Bland characters, lazy writing, cheap tricks, nonsense narrative, covered with over-the-top notch animation and production quality of A1 Pictures. This is the new norm for most of the released animes. But can these two save those four things I’ve mentioned? If you can turn your brain off, yes.

In these past few months or even before, we had this called, “Style over Substance” thing. Examples were Komi-san, Sono Bisque Doll, Spy x Boring, and I think you know those animes. But some animes are obviously incredibly stupid to watch. If I were to find ...
Sep 16, 2022
This review contains some light spoilers.

For those who hated this show, don’t waste your time reading this. But for those who are fond of this garbage, I’ll gladly for you to stay until the end!

Kaguya-samWHAT? Sono Bisque YUCK? Shikimori/Komi-WHO? Now, after these ultra-overhyped romance shows for children have passed, it’s time for this show, to take the center stage. Ladies and gentlemen, from the studio that brought you the hit shounen Doctor Stone, the quirky Nagatoro-san, and one of the best shoujo romantic-drama series Fruits Basket comes the biggest romance for the GIGACHADS. The widely-anticipated Kanojo Okarishimasu or Rent-a-Girlfriend 2nd Season!

Many people say that this ...
Jun 25, 2022
Spy x Family (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings

*contains some meaty spoilers from the anime and hints from the manga/for the second part*

“Don’t let the hype ruin you.”

Well, it did.

But it doesn’t mean it’s bad. At least, I have proven myself right that this show isn’t a masterpiece or a masterclass of media after all. I still don’t get the hype that revolves around this show, and I’m kind of sad that the word, “masterpiece” is being beaten up to death. People are just easily pleased these days ...

It’s time to ditch the text file.
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