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Feb 14, 2019

…probably this unique word resumes the anime.
Yes, the anime is very repetitive, seriously, basically every episode is a manga infected by a virus, and they save the manga, but it is in every episode.
In the beginning, the anime looks like very cool, but it is only in episode 1 and 2, as I said, the others episodes is basically the second episode, but in a different manga.
In my opinion the art of the anime is very beautiful (this is one of the reason that decided to watch it), and I like this style, but probably this is the unique good thing in this read more
Feb 7, 2019

Uchiage Hanabi is a manga adaptation of the film with the same name, that's based in the 1993's drama.

The story of this manga is the same o the anime, with minors differences, but in my opinion, the final of the manga is better explained than the anime, but yes, there an open end, if you dislike anime/manga that has open end, don't read this manga nor anime, you'll dislike it!
And in my anime review I write that the story was a little bit confuse, but in the manga isn't confuse, I understand it very better, it's a good thing.
The art of this manga read more
Jan 29, 2019
This anime is basically a girl named Ueno that create some machines, and with these machines she tries to make Tanaka Fall in love with her, but how, that's the strange part.


Ueno can be explained in one word, Pervert, it describes her perfectly, because her plains to make Tanaka fall in love is using the machine, at moment it look like normal, but in every single plain she makes perverted things, things like drink her urine, smell her pantyhose, see under her skirt and others things like it.


But it isn’t a bad anime in my opinion, but isn’t a great anime, I read more
Nov 29, 2018

When I see this special I think that it'll be cool, but no, sincerely I don't understand this special, but resuming it's the Monogatari's characters talking and/or asking for Koyomi, but it's not relevant for the story of Monogatari, it's only one more random special, that it's not worth watch, if you really want to watch it, isn't hard, you need only to search in YouTube for "Koyomi History", and you can find the episode subbed, different from some special ones, that only exist the episode non-subbed
Now, about the art, it's very good, like the normal episodes, but they're in a white space, read more
Nov 3, 2018

Before starting this review, I'll tell you something very important, watch Fullmetal Alchemist Classic, it's a resume of the anime, and need to watch the classic, and not brotherhood nor manga, the classic is different.

Fullmetal Alchemist, one of the awesome anime that exist, since his creation, was so loved, in December 18th of 2006 was the top 1 anime (checked on Wayback Machine), and currently FMA:B is the top 1.
About the story of this anime, it's a resume of the original; it hasn't anything to say about it, if you liked FMA, you'll probably like it. And the art of this anime is read more
Sep 24, 2018

Imouto Sae Ireba Ii, one of the first anime that I watched, and one of my favourites, I liked so much, then I decided to watch the ONAs, I couldn't find subbed, then I watch the original whit the automatic captions, translating them, and sometimes the sub had no sense, I managed to understand the majority, but other parts nope.
Let’s start writing about the plot, obviously it hasn't one, because it's an ONA, but the episodes aren't funny. The art is very cool; I like this type of art a lot, but could be better. The sound is mediocre, it could be very read more
Sep 22, 2018
One Week Friends, a manga that I passed a week reading, I enjoyed the manga so much, then I went to watch the anime, and why Brain's Base? The manga was so good!
I'll explain all for you, starting in the story, the story is very good, in the manga, but in the anime isn't so good, because in the anime it needed to be shorter, then they’ve taken off some important parts, like these:


In the manga they went to an excursion, and in the excursion, Kiryuu and Yamagishi apologised, and in the anime, it has never happened; and in the manga had a festival, read more
Jul 12, 2018
Koe no Katachi is a great anime film, some of the best I've seen so far, because when you watch it, you think in the problems that people with deafness or others one go through, and it's something sad.


When you watch you understand the problems that these people go through, because in the begin the Shouko needs to go to other school because Shouya bullies she, and she lost so many hearing aids, and the it was his fault.


Summing up, watch it now, this film is awesome, you'll understand that "joke" with these people isn't cool, and it can do something much read more
Jun 21, 2018

This anime would be great, If its art and animation weren't so pathetic, this looks like a YouTube animation (if not worse), but its story is pretty good, if the anime's animation were good, it'd a good one.
The anime is so short, it have 12 episodes and each with approximately 3 minutes (you can watch it in 40 minutes), and this is the second reason that I watch, probably if this one was so longer, I wouldn't watch.
In my opinion, you watch it only if you don’t care much about animation or art, else it's a bad idea and waste of time.
Jun 19, 2018
This is the worst manga that I read, and it can be summarized in 3 words: strange, masturbation and nude. Probably you'd like it only if you're a pervert (or like ecchi/hentai).


The manga haven't a story, here a little bit of it: Watase see his school supplies with a sticky thing, and he waits after class to see who do it and see Aoki masturbating, this is basically the story, they masturbating in anywhere and anytime.


The art isn't bad, but isn't good; in the genres have "comedy" and "romance", the manga isn't funny, it's strange and uncool, and there aren't romance, read more