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Sep 7, 2020
This manga is weirdly good. I initially thought it would be a quick “MC gets with the hot guy” situation, but no I was completely wrong. Koimonogatari is a slow-burn story of acceptance, friendship and romance, and does all three very well. I rarely give such high scores to manga, but I binged it in one day and immediately reread it, wanting more. However short the manga is, however little chapters are out now, somehow the story stays with you. I really love the wholesome friendship between the characters, but I also love the little moments of fluff or bait the manga throws us. It’s read more
Aug 5, 2019
Baka to Test was one of the first light novels I read, when I first got into animes and fan translated LNs. Its been a long way since then, and I've moved on to mangas, but this series will always stay in my heart.
First and foremost, Baka to Test is FUNNY. The premise is ridiculous and the characters are idiots, Akihisa being the biggest Baka, but this is what makes this series work. There are running gags like Himeji's cooking and Hideyoshi which always manages to make you laugh at the right time.
Honestly its been very long since I've read this, and I've basically read more
Jul 25, 2019
IT'S SO GOOD. For those who finished Danganronpa V3 and is left with a hole in their heart, this is the perfect thing to fill it up. Here we have a band of talented artists creating a series of shorts about the characters of V3 - here, everyone is alive and well just like in Salmon Team! There are a few full-colour illustrations at the start of each volume, which are absolutely gorgeous, and each short story maintains that same quality. This whole manga is simply beautiful. The best part is the content, because the artists are not confined to the existing story, they can read more
Mar 28, 2019
Imagine every shoujo manga you've ever read. This is a amalgamation of every generic shoujo manga you've ever read. Childhood friend, kabedon, bubbly girl friend, random kiss, love triangle, imoutos, bathroom, trip and fall on each other, school trip etc........ I mean its not an awful manga, there are doki doki moments, but there were so many overused tropes I felt like I was reading a rehash of a billion other shoujos. There are kabedons and headpats so if you like this type of thing you can give this a shot. No idea what the ending is, since no one's translating it (?). Maybe this read more
Feb 13, 2019
Orange (Manga) add (All reviews)
I liked Orange for providing a much-needed glimpse into a taboo topic. Unfortunately its a good message wrapped in a lackluster cover.

I truly feel like the manga had a lot of potential but killed it off to deliver a very simple story of regret, friendship and love. It had an incredible premise - time-travelling letters! - but fails to do anything with the concept. The whole of the story reads like this: Kakeru is hung up over an incident and constantly pushes people away, while his friends try again and again to reach him. Rinse and repeat. The conflict - saving Kakeru - read more
Jan 15, 2019
I liked it! The story was basically the synopsis: a guy falls in love with an NPC in a VR dating sim. The art was pretty, Ichi (the NPC) looked especially cute.
I feel like the concept was good, and the story as a romance was great, but the mangaka added a bunch of characters and tried to have a message in a few chapters. It was good but I thought the idea could have been expanded on? With more planning I think this manga could even become a full length manga because there is potential. Also the end was kinda predictable and a read more
Dec 26, 2018
What starts off as a simple friendship between two moviegoers turns out into something more. If I could describe this manga in one word, it would be "warm".

I've read several yaoi manga recently, but deep down I'm a true sucker for romance, so this manga was right up my alley. What I loved about this manga, first and foremost, was the peaceful setting, realistic characters and believable interactions. It was just so calm and sweet. The characters act like real people- Wataru has his childish side, but he's sensible and easygoing. Saeki may at times feel mysterious, but he too is warm and caring. These read more
Dec 25, 2018
An average, cute yaoi manga. The main character Asahina was very cute. you know, the kawaii, blushing tsun tsun uke, while Tsukasa is the popular, cool, edgy, dark-haired seme. The story is as generic as every other story out there, but what makes this slightly different is that the manga is sometimes self-aware, and the relationship doesn't start with sexual assault.. they build a relationship by being friends. Yes, you heard that right, they become friends first! but later it just dissolves into boring typical yaoi. Art is pretty good, in that typical yaoi style, very pleasing to the eye. If you want a quick read more
Dec 17, 2018
I read Kaichou wa Maid-sama ages ago and somehow came across this one-shot. When I saw the cover I was like "This has nothing to do with the original??" You know, I came in expecting cute babies of Misaki and Usui but yeah I didn't get any of that. It's completely not like the parent story, there's no romance and it's not even a school setting. The oneshot is about a blond girl and a black hair boy going somewhere with another boy(??) The girl wears cool outfits and pretends to be a detective? Some hugging happens? God I don't know why I completed this, read more
Nov 25, 2018
This manga was short and sweet and ended on a good note. The art was pretty good, in that typical yaoi style. Especially since this is a one-shot, I'm glad the author didn't try too hard to force a deeper/more complex story. All-around good stuff.

since I need more words, the black-haired guy is called kushima (his eyes are cool) and the blonde hair writer guy is tokitou, who kushima always calls sensei. this one shot is not hardcore yaoi. sex scene was very very short and wasn't lewd. It is lighthearted. I should stop writing reviews for one shots because of this stupid word minimum.