Nov 15, 2017
agilityredfox (All reviews)
spoiler free review

I write this review after returning from a 40 mile drive to see it in my not so local cinema.

What's to be expected of Shaft on the silver screen? With the recent sucess of films such as Kimi no na wa & A Silent Voice I feel like people were expecting too much from this.

The story was fairly generic, centred around a highschool romance and a coming of age crisis with bits added on for special effects. While the implementation was done well I think, the actual plot itself was lacking in any real substance, but none the less, enjoyable.

The visuals were fantastic excluding the odd bit of awkward CGI animation, though this is to be expected. Lot's of pretty colours, the odd headtilt here and there. It is worth watching for the animation alone. though sometimes the character design was a bit iffy.

The sound track was good, though it didn't invoke emotion as with other movies/series which is always something very important to me as a viewer.

Overall, This is a movie that while enjoyable, isn't life changing. One thing to be noted from this is that the community need to lower their expectations a bit.

But hy, As a westerner, does my opinion really matter?