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Dec 7, 2020

Japan Sinks 2020, one of the greatest disaster films I have ever witnessed. The greatest part is that it all comes in the form of anime.

Japan Sinks 2020 a consequential and heartwrenching series rooted in hard goodbyes and new beginnings.
A fitting finale for Masaaki Yuasa’s retirement from Science Saru studio.

The anime brings with it, a well developed plot with a lot of realism. With earthquakes and tsunamis changing the geographical landscape, gas lines in the city breaking up and exploding, poisonous gases coming from the ground like sulfur dioxide or carbon monoxide that can kill you instantly and more, not to mention the read more
Nov 17, 2020
What do you do when you turn into a super machine that can do just about anything and get away with it?
Do you use the power for good?
For evil?
Or for yourself.

Inuyashiki goes deeper into what it means to be human with two people that were blessed or cursed with such powers.

Our main protagonist, Inuyashiki, a frail-looking 58-year-old salaryman that looks older than his age with a not-so-loving family of 2 children and his wife.

On the other hand, we have our deuteragonist—Hiro, a young, handsome 17-year-old highschool student that has a complicated but loving background.

The plot is similar to Astroboy in which our two characters were read more
Nov 12, 2020
This review came late because I never really got onto the initial hype-train and never felt compelled to watching Tower of God till recently.

One of the reasons was because I was never really an avid reader of manhwa, the Korean version of manga or comics, I've only ever read manhwa when my friends showed or recommended me snippets from various scenes which were either epic or funny. I've also always confused the Chinese manhua with Korean manhwa as the pronunciation is the same.

So there, all I've ever thought of when I first heard a manhwa was getting an anime adaptation was 'that's a cool idea!'

Now read more
Jul 12, 2020

Kuroko no Basket has been an incredible ride thus far and the ride just keeps getting better each season.

Season 3 has exceeded my expectations and was no doubt an emotional and spectacular season.

We have a few of the most majorly foreshadowed moments that have been hyped for since the first season.

Namely, a face-off rematch between Seirin and Kaijō since their practice match in season one, the heavily anticipated Akashi Seijuro and Rakuzan High also, for me, snippets of Teiko Junior High and the Generation of Miracles’ past including Kuroko.

For those that want more Teiko Junior High school days, there’s a manga called Kuroko no Basket: read more
Jul 2, 2020
This anime is unique.

It may not appeal to everyone, but you will know whether you should continue watching it or not after the first episode.

Olympia Kyklos revolves around a bizarrely unique Greek/Japanese environment with short five-minute skits.

The skits are hilarious, the jokes are unexpected and very well encapsulated, which is what I genuinely like about the anime, the humour.

However, one of the main concerns with many others would be the unusual trippy art style of the animation. We have some psychedelic vibes and old Japanese one-dimensional cartoon. The contrast between the use of greek statues and traditional hand-drawn cartoons is what makes the anime genuinely read more
Jul 1, 2020
After recently completing season 1, I’ve finally had time to watch season 2 of Kuroko no Basket!

Kuroko no Basket season 1 was a spectacular season and had itself embedded as one of my favourite sports anime and season 2 didn’t disappoint.

In my review for the first season, I mentioned how the anime is not to be taken literally and the exaggerated or special skills are there for entertainment, nevertheless Kuroko no Basket took it one step further with the introduction of insane new abilities.

Kuroko no Basket also just got a whole lot better and interesting with the first appearances of powerful new characters, some of read more
Jun 10, 2020
Alright, I'm going to keep this short.
I've recently begun watching Kuroko no basket, I know I'm hella late to the party but decided to give it a shot anyways.
It has been recommended to me on Netflix since I started using Netflix for anime and frankly speaking, the Netflix algorithm hasn't disappointed me... yet.

So far, I can safely say I really enjoy watching Kuroko no basket. Since episode 1 I have been kept on edge dying to binge every episode as soon as possible.

When I asked my Weeb friends about the anime, they told me that the shit that goes on in Kuroko no Basket is read more
Jan 28, 2020
I must say, after the anticlimactic reunion of Nanatsu no Taizai Season 4 and myself, I was extremely excited and happy to have the time to binge this anime finally.

First off, this anime is an adaptation of the Fate/Grand Order Mobile Game and was voted for adaption amongst the 6 other singularities by FGO players.

There are two prerequisites to watching this anime. Fate/Grand Order: First Order and Episode 0. Any other Fate series are not needed to understand the anime.

The story sticks very closely to the FGO Visual Novel, which I very much enjoyed. It revolves around Fujimaru having to solve the mystery of read more
Jan 20, 2020
Okay, there's not really much of a point in writing this since the reviews above mine have already thoroughly explained what this entire Special is about but I'm going to go into a more in-depth explanation of what the hell was going on throughout the anime

MAL guidelines say not to include summaries and that the synopsis is already written but did you see how ridiculously short the synopsis was when this anime is one of the most 'confusing' Fate anime with so many of you leaving such a low rating because of that

Jan 13, 2020
I'm going to make this review short and sweet.

This anime is very fun to watch, it's very similar to Nichijou by KyoAni in terms of animation, characters and plot.

In fact, it should be the other way around. Nichijou is very similar to this. Since Ichigo Mashimaro is a 2005 anime.

I'm very impressed at how this anime balances humor, cuteness and dense jokes together! If you've watched Nichijou, I'd say this is like Nichijou but without the added wierdness.

Mio from Nichijou is like Chika-chan
Yuuko is like Miu
Matsuri is like.. well, nano the robot? or the teacher Izumi from Nichijou?

Sorry if I'm drawing alot of referencesto read more