ef: A Tale of Memories.

ef - a tale of memories.

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Alternative Titles

English: ef - a tale of memories.
Japanese: ef - a tale of memories.


Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 7, 2007 to Dec 23, 2007
Premiered: Fall 2007
Broadcast: Sundays at 01:35 (JST)
Producers: Rondo Robe
Licensors: Sentai Filmworks
Studios: Shaft
Source: Visual novel
Genres: MysteryMystery, DramaDrama, RomanceRomance
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.961 (scored by 9343793,437 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #5802
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Popularity: #621
Members: 216,277
Favorites: 2,810
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Mar 14, 2008
TheLlama (All reviews)
Several love stories... they will make you cry. Definite recommendation.
Love. Tragedy. Sadness. This show has all the basic ingredients that's needed to make me cry. . However, not all shows with those basic ingredients have done so. What made this show so special then?

I guess the characters, and the way they were portrayed. They were all struggling... struggling with their dreams. What to do. Who to be with. That was portrayed in such a way that I completely fell into it, with my entire mind. It was as if I was standing next to them, having to watch them struggle through their dreams and loves... read more
Jun 11, 2009
KaminaKai (All reviews)
“Put your wishes into the memories you do not want to forget…”

Ef – a tale of memories is one of those anime that will probably stay in your memory and will be used as a standard to compare with other similar series in the future. Why in the future? Because the entire series is so beautifully made that there is only a very small handful of shows that are worth comparing it to at present time. In fact, as far as animation quality and technique are concerned Ef – a tale of memories is one of a kind and will most likely remain so read more
Dec 5, 2007
Master10K (All reviews)
ef - A Tales of Memories is a Psychological, Romance, Drama that may seem like all the other romance anime based of a visual novel (dating sim), yet there is something special about this one.

Video Alternative

The first episode of the series may seem pretty confusing and hard to follow, as the viewer is dragged, from one situation to another. However once you’ve grasped the concept, it quickly becomes clear that this series is made up of two separate, main stories. From then on the show becomes easy to follow and to enjoy, for its uniqueness. There are so many twists and turns that are able read more
Dec 29, 2007
MaxwellLily (All reviews)
ef - a tale of memories had everything to be just another harem show adapted from an eroge. The season also brought the incredibly antecipated Clannad, so many wouldn't have given this show a second thought. However, the way such a simple story was developed is different from any other eroge adaptation that has seen the light of day so far.

The story isn't that original if you think about it. Dependable girls that simply need the protagonist, a dose of drama here and there. You're certain you've seen it all before until there were twists you weren't expecting. Somehow, the distant story feels all the read more
Sep 3, 2009
Fonbella (All reviews)
I decided to watch this anime after watching some AMVs. I've always despised the art style of this anime (big heads, pentagonal faces and skinny characters don't really appeal me), but the animation was gorgeous, which motivated me.

Story: 5.
The story doesn't pick up until episode 5. I almost dropped watching it because it's boring at first, but it does get better as it goes, and since it's actually a short anime, I recommend watching it all. This anime could be divided in three stories. Sadly, aside from Renji and Chihiro's part, the story is very poor. If you're looking for a more complex, mind blowing read more
Dec 7, 2010
Brii90 (All reviews)
I can't even begin to fathom why people love this series so much. The story is incredibly, mind-blowingly generic, and the characters are so typical that I feel like I've seen them in dozens of other shows. On top of that, the "artistic" style of the anime was so distracting and ridiculous. I found myself laughing every time the scene became obnoxiously distorted or the colors changed, because it was so non-discrete and it never quit. Yes, this anime is pretty. But it's pretty in a way that makes it clear that it's trying way too hard to be beautiful and artistic. All in all, read more
May 4, 2008
qwel76xyo9 (All reviews)
I almost dropped this anime, but since it only had 12 episodes, I kept watching. I'm not saying it's a crappy anime, but I didn't like it. And there are reasons. Lots of them.

The story is pretty easy to follow, even though it's actually more like two stories and not just one. I don't see the idea of having two stories, though. Although they are somehow related, I really don't understand it. That put aside, the story is quite basic with a few things that make it different to your normal anime story, but if you don't think about these few things, read more
Dec 5, 2007
Erisu (All reviews)
Another review from: Erisu! Don't be mad because I didn't stopped writing my f*cked up reviews, I only do it for the fun, if you like them, thank you very much, if you hate them then you shouldn't read them at all, whaha! =D

If there is an anime with a good story, then it's Ef - A Tale Of Memories. I saw alot of 'drama' animes but I think Ef - A Tale Of Memories is the best so far. At the beginning, you won't understand the story, neither did I. But don't stop after the first episode, it's really gonna get much better and read more
Nov 25, 2008
Ceptryn (All reviews)
Stumbling across Tale of Memories amongst the sea of eroge adaptations is akin to finding a piece of artwork rivaling the Mona Lisa in playboy. Something so rare that its likely to be met by skepticism by friends till they experience the most unlikely gem themselves.

The premise of Tale of Memories isn't exactly original. It details the story of two guys. One who helps a girl who can only remember events for 13 hours achieve her dream. The other who must get over his indecisive nature before his love triangle becomes School days (i.e, deadly). But then, the Mona Lisa is just a picture read more
Mar 1, 2008
game8910 (All reviews)
When I was recommended ef - a tale of memories, I was not expecting much since it looked like another romance/drama show, and in the end it was, but it was not just like any other series out there...this one felt a little unique in its own way. Mostly because of how everything was delievered.

Story: This anime is mainly divided by two main stories happening simultaneously. Most of the episodes would focus half of its airtime to one story and they switch to the other one. IMO this didnt bother me but it does kill some momentum if there is something important going on. This read more
May 5, 2014
Demi_V (All reviews)
Ef: A Tale of Memories (or rather, the ef series altogether) is what I consider one of the best romance anime out there. It’s not the cliché high school types with hesitant characters. Memories is far greater than any of those from its amazing artwork and unique cast. The characters are blunt and do not beat around the bush to slow down any development. The romance is not rushed, and the anime takes its time showing the memories the characters’ create together.

Memories has two separate stories. It focuses on the development of characters’ relationships while delivering the fantasy/supernatural aspects (e.g. Chihiro’s memory loss). The characters’ read more
Aug 2, 2008
MiakaDiva (All reviews)
I recently watched this series after I saw some recommendations about it when surfing the Kimi ga Nozomu eien page. Did it live up to my expectations ? Well, let's see....


First off, please don’t let the first episode turn you away especially if you never looked at summaries or played the games. I admit that I was confused after watching the first episode. After the first 3 episodes, it should be smooth.
Aside from this, the story is excellent. For a 12 episodes anime, the character development is great. By the end, you pretty much know all of the main characters, their past read more
Aug 26, 2013
OmegaSiets (All reviews)
Are people merely a collection of their memories, or is a personality innately part of one's self? Ef: A Tale of Memories attempts to explore interesting questions like these, and while its heart is often in the right place, its execution ends up being problematic for numerous reasons.

Ef could really be thought of as two tales combined into one, as it follows two different sets of protagonists in their struggles to overcome their life problems. Hirono, an unmotivated high school student and fledgling manga artist, often has to have his longtime best friend Kei pick up the slack for him and make sure he keeps read more
Dec 31, 2014
Mr_Cherry (All reviews)
ef : A tale of memories..

This is my first review of an anime or it would be better if i said the first time i though of writing one...

I was attracted to start watching this anime only because of its overall but it seems to be far more fascinating than i expected it to be..

Lets go straight at my impressions as far as the story, the characters and the effects of this anime are concerned.

Story (10)

The first episode, which i tried to watch with a friend but i never finished it, was very complicated for me. There were many blanks at my mind and many read more
Jan 1, 2008
Wasabi (All reviews)
ef - a tale of memories is another brilliant work produced by Shaft, responsible for Negima!?, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, and Hidamari Sketch. Based on the visual novel of the same name, ef is split into two different storylines told simultaneously across 12 episodes. As it being a romance story, you can expect many cliches, but this is definitely one of those anime that molds all of that into a brilliant plot.

Story: The plot is split between two stories, both told simultaneously throughout the show. It follows through different scenes of melodrama, emotional distress, and many touching scenes. The plot is slightly slow for the first read more
Apr 13, 2009
zSolaris (All reviews)
I'm not quite sure how I should write this. More or less, this series had the potential to be either a grand slam or a game ending triple play. In fact, the first time I watched it I thought it was pretty bad. I dropped it after watching half of the second episode. However, I picked it back up on a whim and boy was I surprised. This epic drama is probably the perfection of Greek drama on top of the romantic expectations in this day and age. But here is a warning, ef - a tale of memories demands more of the viewer than read more
Sep 12, 2013
Infatuate (All reviews)
ef: A Tale of Memories. An anime that I had never heard of yet somehow made its way into my list.

In my abruptly deceased quest to find a show that could move me, I stumbled upon this gem. It was a coincidence really, I can't remember clearly but there it was, in the MAL top user recommendations for a certain drama anime that I enjoyed.

So I got curious, checked out the synopsis and art. Looked good. Checked some scores and they were even better. What could possibly go wrong?

Well, everything did.

Now with the uninteresting prologue finished, I'll move on to the actual review.

We are read more
Jun 10, 2009
michaelfeb16 (All reviews)
I was inspired to write this view to provide an alternative viewpoint on this good, but not great, show.

Story - 4:
The story suffers from trying to cover too much. By covering six main characters, the show dilutes the huge potential it had. In the first half of the series, the story abruptly jumps from character to character requiring jarring adjustments of the mindset of the viewer. Although it is possible to jump between situations and tell a good story, it is a difficult task that ef has failed to meet. I believe that, given more time to develop context and maintain fluidity, this show could read more
Apr 24, 2008
BakaScarlet (All reviews)
I loved this anime very much. It is extremely emotional and very well written. First of all, this was NOT a typical romance/love triangle anime.

The story is very well thought out. It can be confusing at times, but is quickly cleared up. It is full of surprises, morals and everything a fan of anime would love to see. Its split into two parts with two stories following extraordinary events (damn, sometimes i wish i was him.) and is set in the same place. I believe that the time of the stories were different, however, it is plain read more
May 1, 2010
silentsennin (All reviews)
"Letting go of a bond that you have created will cause you the same pain as having your body torn apart."

Bonds and dreams- they are two of the things which connect human beings on a universal level. Humans are social creatures, they need bonds in order to keep on living, and they also need those bonds in order to strengthen their confidence in themselves when things do not seem to be going the way they wish them to go. Unfortunately, life works that way sometimes and as result, the bonds formed between lovers and even friends are at times necessary to remind us of who read more