Dec 5, 2007
Master10K (All reviews)
ef - A Tales of Memories is a Psychological, Romance, Drama that may seem like all the other romance anime based of a visual novel (dating sim), yet there is something special about this one.

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The first episode of the series may seem pretty confusing and hard to follow, as the viewer is dragged, from one situation to another. However once you’ve grasped the concept, it quickly becomes clear that this series is made up of two separate, main stories. From then on the show becomes easy to follow and to enjoy, for its uniqueness. There are so many twists and turns that are able to turn any anime cliche into a work of art.

The characters are great and very well defined, as they all developed in their own way, throughout the story. You will have some that are involved in a tangled web of romance, others with their own psychological issues and one in particular that is suffering from an illness (which I must say, has never been portrayed so well in a long time). These characters are then able to show a mixed array of emotions and in turn, makes us viewers feel a mixed array of emotions whilst watching them.

The animation and music quality are one of the best points as it illustrates scenes in such a way that you’ll forget this anime was based of a visual novel (dating sim). This is just another one of the few SHAFT works that boast superb and somewhat unique artistic animation style and quality. The music is pretty amazing in its own way, with some really catchy OP and ED themes and during the show itself; there’s also a wide collection of piano and violin melodies.

Overall ef- A Tales of Memories proved to be a truly captivating romance anime that excelled, far above expectations. Having to go up against the mighty titan that is “Clannad”, this short anime series proved to be a worthy opponent. It’s a very enjoyable series to watch, as each episode brings forth an interesting development however some of these developments can make anyone feel slightly disturbed. But it's this that sets the anime series apart, from all else. If you have a soft spot for romance anime, then there is no chance you'll be disappointed with this work of art.