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Jun 5, 2016
The Psycho-Pass movie is a solid return to form for the franchise after the edgy abortion that was Psycho-Pass Season 2. Gone is the gratuitous shock value gore and comically silly antagonist motivations; now replaced by, well... still a lot of gore and violence, but violence that feels earned and serves a purpose in depicting the deeply troubled situation of the world outside of the Sibyl System's grasp. This is most likely owed to returning writer Gen Urobuchi, who was previously absent from season 2.

Personally, I've never been a huge fan of Urobuchi's work, and while I appreciate his efforts to bring more depth and read more
Jan 9, 2014
21 minutes, 12 seconds.

This number is your one chance to save yourself from the disasterphe that is the Oreimo ending. Once you reach this point in the final episode of the OVAs, stop the playback and end it right there. So long as you do, it provides a perfectly solid conclusion to the series with no cop outs or asspulls, and the rest of the story can easily be left to your imagination. If you are a glutton for punishment however, proceed at your own risk. Know that what you see cannot be unseen though. Trust me on this one, take the blue pill and read more
Nov 8, 2013
"People die if they are killed." -Shiro Emiya

Truer words have never been spoken, and yet, despite how obvious this truth should be, ironically so many anime violate it on a regular basis; Fate/Stay Night being no exception to the tradition. Yes, in fact one of the characters requires being killed at least a dozen times before he is truly dead. So don't make fun of Shiro guys; he really isn't stating the obvious. Quite the contrary actually, when anime tropes are concerned.

At the time of writing the latest revision to this review, there's only been a few hundred instances where a bunch of old rich read more
Aug 26, 2013
Are people merely a collection of their memories, or is a personality innately part of one's self? Ef: A Tale of Memories attempts to explore interesting questions like these, and while its heart is often in the right place, its execution ends up being problematic for numerous reasons.

Ef could really be thought of as two tales combined into one, as it follows two different sets of protagonists in their struggles to overcome their life problems. Hirono, an unmotivated high school student and fledgling manga artist, often has to have his longtime best friend Kei pick up the slack for him and make sure he keeps read more
Jan 5, 2013
Guard, Save, Belive. No, you didn't just misread that. These are in fact the words etched into the stone of Chester Cambell's grave; spelling errors and all. I guess he must've been a little dyslexic. After he passed away from a serious illness, his daughter and only child Cecily was left with the responsibility of becoming head of the Cambell House, which has long been a prestigious representative of the Independent Trade Cities of Housman. Having now succeeded her father, Cecily enlisted as a third generation knight to uphold the tradition and respect of the family name. However, she is inexperienced and clumsy, and often read more