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Feb 7, 2016
It goes to show that you truly cannot judge a show by looks alone. Upon first glance at the profile picture, I assumed Hunter x Hunter (2011) was too goofy for my taste. My curiosity finally peaked when the show’s conclusion was announced in 2014. Watching HxH was an adventure itself, and I still regard it as one of the best (if not, THE best) battle shounen in existence. There are nonexistent fillers, individuality among the characters, and an excellent separation between comedy and gravity.

In the beginning, HxH appears as a kids show with a 12-year-old protagonist with the goal of becoming a hunter ...
Feb 6, 2016
Production I.G has done it again. After a stint in watching this OVA, I can fathom why so many enjoy this series. Despite the positive things I heard about Noblesse, I couldn't help cringing when I saw the words “vampire” and “high school.” I thought, “Please don't be another Vampire Knight.” But it definitely didn't fit that category. It was far greater than that. Keep in mind that this is an OVA, so it only gives a taste of what to expect in the overall story. Some things aren't explained, but if you seen vampire anime like Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, you can understand the vampires’ ...
Feb 1, 2016
One Punch Man (Anime) add
One Punch Man features this crazy workout introduced by the main character Saitama. To prevent spoilers, I will not give details of the workout. Anyway, I tried the workout and now have rotator cuff tendonitis. So word of advice. Do not push yourself through his workout, unless you’re physically able. If you decide to watch the anime, watch each episode through to the previews. There’s a short scene after the credits. Now onto the review.

Based on the famous webcomic by One (yes, his alias is One), One Punch Man has a simple plot: the protagonist defeating enemies with one hit. He is bored, looking for ...
Jan 10, 2016
Elfen Lied (Manga) add
I owe an apology to VAP and Arms. After completing the anime, I blamed them for Elfen Lied’s mediocrity. In actuality, it's the fault of the mangaka Lynn Okamoto for its creation. Elfen Lied resembles a puzzle with missing pieces and pieces that don't belong. Although the concept is uniquely complex, some parts were unexplained or just plain ridiculous.

The story wasn't entirely bad, just a bit dramatic. The characters were distinguishable in personalities. As a harem, every girl that entered Kouta’s life had a tragic past. The best part were the backstories, even illustrated in extra chapters. It tells the story from the character's ...
Jan 10, 2016
Miyazawa (the female protagonist) taught me something that I thought was foolish until I read Kare Kano (His and Her Circumstances): never give up on a person no matter how much they push you away. Tsuda Masami created a love rollercoaster -- a couple (Miyazawa and Arima) developed from a hate-love relationship. It is now one of my favorite shoujo manga, especially because the relationship was developed within the first two volumes. Therefore, the entire 21 volumes focuses on the main couple’s relationship throughout high school. It allows you to watch Miyazawa and Arima take their relationship one step at a time.

Kare Kano has ...
Jan 3, 2016
Apocalyptic-themed anime are becoming quite common. With the right formula, it could become a phenomenal piece of work. Seraph of the End, on the other hand, welcomes the usual clichés and is too inadequate to fulfill that formula.

The plot is pretty generic and cliché with vampires as the villains and a hot-blooded male protagonist (Yuu) who vows to destroy them all. The world is taken over by a virus that affects people over the age of 13, but there are some survivors of course. It was also disappointing to see someone under the age of 13 affected anyway. Some scenes were unnecessary. Yuu’s advancement ...
Dec 19, 2015
Mixed Feelings
Dusk Maiden of Amnesia is the epitome of an ecchi melodrama more so than a horror. It drifts away from the main plot several times to gloss over cleavage. Once the story leads down the horror path, it immediately abates with adolescent drama or sexual themes. There are truths revealed later in the series that could possibly excuse these flaws, but it does not relieve SILVER LINK’s inability to follow through with a solid ghost story.

The plot revolves around Yuuko, the mysterious ghost, and discovering her past to better understand her current state. Niiya falls in love with Yuuko shortly after their first meeting. ...
Jul 1, 2014
Second chances are not to be wasted, and this is no exception to the anime industry. VAP, Inc. and Arms Corporation took another shot at bringing one of Lynn Okamoto’s works to the big screen and blew its potential once again. Gokukoku no Brynhildr introduces an intriguing mystery and new concept of witches that have a promising start but resulted in something unforgivable with ridiculous plot devices. Because of the eerie OP and attractive plot, it is easy to expect a well-done mystery with proper supernatural aspects. Instead, there are incompetent characters, sorry excuses for villains, and poor pacing that leads to plotholes and a ...
Jun 26, 2014
Mixed Feelings
NEETs are usually referred to as people who take a long break from society to do whatever they please, causing others to view them as “lazy” or envy them for having freedom. But if NEETs were born with superhuman intelligence and prove to be more noteworthy than your average student or professional, they deserve a lot more respect.

Meet No Game No Life, Madhouse’s new light and playful production, featuring NEETs with an objective to become God of a new world. It’s understandable that NGNL is a fantasy where you can use your wildest imagination and can’t possibly go wrong, but a common mistake that ...
Jun 25, 2014
Elfen Lied (Anime) add
The thirst for gore is real. It's so real in fact that writers and producers are willing to push themselves over the limit to achieve it. Within that thin success rate, there’s a positively memorable storyline, serious cast, and dramatic terror to bring chills down your spine. Yet there is a higher chance of them ruining their good potential to the point where you can’t help but question whether or not to take it seriously. This brings us Elfen Lied, a show infamously known for its use of violence and nudity to get their points across.

The two reasons Elfen Lied should receive praise is ...