Feb 6, 2016
Demi_V (All reviews)
Production I.G has done it again. After a stint in watching this OVA, I can fathom why so many enjoy this series. Despite the positive things I heard about Noblesse, I couldn't help cringing when I saw the words “vampire” and “high school.” I thought, “Please don't be another Vampire Knight.” But it definitely didn't fit that category. It was far greater than that. Keep in mind that this is an OVA, so it only gives a taste of what to expect in the overall story. Some things aren't explained, but if you seen vampire anime like Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, you can understand the vampires’ abilities and whatnot.

It was more of a segment than a story. The highlight was the introduction to the Noblesse (Rai) and his importance in the vampiric world. After sleeping for 820 years, he returns to a world dominated by humans and their unusual normalities (e.g. video games). His reactions to first-time experiences in popular high school activities like video games were logical. The OVA presents his unique abilities from other vampires and what he's capable of. The pacing seems rushed with dramatic events happening shortly after Rai makes an appearance in high school, but it was actually pretty steady for a segment. There's not much time for character developments or getting to know the characters in general. The majority of the show consisted of fighting, so it concludes with discarding a somewhat irrelevant part of the story. Now all that's left is Rai’s life as a high schooler and the Noblesse, as well as the several other questions you may have.

The background design is where the art truly shines. It's so well defined. The destruction in the show is constant and doesn't pause to emphasize a scene. It made it more realistic. The character designs were good. Production I.G did a good job with the bishounen protagonist. His red eyes, single ear accessory, and smooth shoulder-length hair were the characteristics that screamed “hottie” to me. The sinister vampires looked dominant over the others. I could tell their status by looking at them. The high school characters looked youthful. However, the art didn't reflect injuries much. Yes, it shows the usual draws as indicators of a character's pain, but it didn't connect with the vampires’ abilities. The vampires have brutal strength, so it makes sense to see crushed fingers or hands if they step on them with all their might. Plus the characters are able to move them despite the encounter. It lacks vampiric logic. The blood was too bright to be incarnadine.

The instrumental bluesy OP suited this OVA’s premise. Anything more upbeat for this type of vampire anime would've ruined it slightly for me. The background music, crunching noises, and staticky sounds during fights were great. The ED, which was one of the background tracks, calmed things down. The seiyuu did a good job, too.

I don't expect much from a short OVA, so I knew it would lack in some areas, including character development. I enjoyed it regardless. It definitely leaves you craving more. Hopefully, Production I.G will decide to take on a full anime adaptation in the future. In the meantime, let's read the manhwa.