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Sep 15, 2011
Usagi Drop (Anime) add
Usagi Drop is one of 2011 summer's Noitamina shows and it is one damn good show at that. Based on the manga of the same name by Unita Yumi and produced by Production IG, Usagi Drop is a slice of life show that brings a somewhat realistic touch to what faithful parenting should be about.

What can go wrong when a 30 year old businessman adopts his grandfather's illegitimate grandchild? One would think 'a lot.' A 30 year old man taking in his 6 year old aunt? Not something you hear everyday. Thus begins the journey of Kawachi Daikichi and Kaga Rin as they live together, ...
Feb 28, 2010
Mixed Feelings
Wow. Just wow. Jamming such a story as vast as Fate/Stay Night into two hours is not a good idea. It definitely isn't. Fate/Stay Night TV Reproduction is basically a summary of the 2006 series. While it includes most of the important bits, so much of the much needed dialogue and scenes were just missing. This is not meant to be seen before the TV series.

Story [6]: Not good. While it does somewhat convey the overall storyline, it still leaves many things unanswered. So many plot points have been removed that it just doesn't feel like the story was really engaging at any point. Scenes ...
Dec 18, 2009
Kämpfer (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
Kampfer... A series that everybody could've expected to be generic and full of fanservice right from the poster art. And it is exactly that. A show full of nothing but flaming lesbians attempting to battle it out against each other and greater beings called Moderators. Did they actually beat these said Moderators? No. Absolutely not. Barely anything happened, if anything actually did happen.

Story [5]: The story stars Senou Natsuru, your typical loser of a main character who is in love with a girl named Sakura Kaede. One day, Natsuru receives a stuffed doll and magically transforms into a girl. Natsuru then runs into the other ...
Sep 18, 2009
Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 is a breath of fresh air amidst all the crazy ridiculous shows filled with giant mecha, deadly monsters, hot chicks, and moe guitar plucking girls. It takes a seemingly normal life of a bratty teenager and literally shakes up her world as she confronts the very face of humanity.

Story [9]: Mirai is one of those bratty teenagers who is entering that stage of life where they just simply hate everything and anything. Being dragged to a robot exhibition by her younger brother Yuuki, in Odaiba, a catastrophic earthquake hits Tokyo and the city falls into chaos. The story follows Mirai's journey home ...
Apr 25, 2009
Mixed Feelings
Isshoni Training, or rather Training with Hinako, is supposedly meant to be an OVA to encourage shameless otaku into exercising whether it be actual exercising for them or just a good old hand workout.

Story: What makes it even more hilarious is that there's an actual plot to it, if you can even call it that. The OVA actually starts off with a real life girl watching TV when she is suddenly sucked into it and is transformed into an anime character (Hinako). Of course we don't find out why this happens nor does it really matter. Not to mention Hinako is also a supporting actress ...
Dec 29, 2008
Kannagi (Anime) add
There will be no comparison between this anime and the manga

Kannagi is a 13 episode series that drives its plot through comedy and character interaction. When the fall season started, I originally wasn't going to watch this show since the whole goddess popping out of nowhere fiasco has been done numerous times. Once I saw the OP however, I decided to take a look at the first episode and I was definitely glad that I took this up. It takes the conventional "boy meets girl" theme and builds it up with plenty of interaction, parody, and drama.

Story: The plot starts off rather strong and fast ...
Sep 5, 2008
Bleach (Manga) add
Preliminary (339/705 chp)
OMGZ ANOTHER BLEACH REVIEW. At least I'm not giving out mostly 10s for some strange reason! *Chapter 355 is the latest chapter, excluding all sidestories such as the Hitsugaya sidestory and the Pendulum Arc*

Bleach is an on-going manga by Kubo Tite. It is part of the holy trinity of never-ending shounen manga (along with Naruto and One Piece). I haven't read One Piece but I believe Bleach is superior to Naruto in many ways. It does not feature orange jumpsuits or straw hats but a black robed GOD OF DEATH AKA a Shinigami.

The anime is mediocre at best but like every other show based on ...
Apr 29, 2008
Rebuild of Evangelion: 1.01 YOU ARE (NOT) ALONE is the first of 4 movie adaptations to the Neon Genesis Evangelion series. The movie series is not to be taken as a complete retelling of the original NGE series as it will eventually contain new content never before seen in the original. The first movie starts off relatively similar to the first few episodes of NGE up to the 6th Angel's battle.

Story: Ikari Shinji is the 14 year old son of Ikari Gendo, the commander of NERV. Shinji arrives at Tokyo-3 to find out he will be piloting Eva Unit 01 to fight off against the ...
Apr 6, 2008
Negima!? (Anime) add
Negima!? is not to be confused with Mahou Sensei Negima!. They're part of the same universe, but are completely different stories. Negima!? is produced by SHAFT, and their crazy experimental presence is definitely noted in this show.

Story: Negima!? takes a completely different direction from its counterpart, deviating from the manga storyline. The first episode opens up with the final battle between the Thousand Master and Evangeline McDowell. Evangeline gets turned into a loli form and we then start the story with Negi Springfield. Negi starts his teaching career over at an all-girls school. The crazy mischief starts when it's revealed to his students that Negi ...
Mar 31, 2008
Mixed Feelings
Dragonauts is another anime done by Gonzo. This show shows some promise, but due to certain presentation of its characters and style, it pretty much falls back quite a bit.

Story: The beginning of the show starts off with a young Kamashina Jin as he witnesses his family's deaths as their space shuttle gets blown to bits by a mysterious falling object from space. The main plot then follows an older Kamashina Jin as he gets thrust into a world of government secrets concerning "dragons", envoys sent by a living asteroid... thing called Thanatos floating around the remains of Pluto. Enter the Dragonauts, an elite team ...

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