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Dec 15, 2011
With 2 anime seasons before it, the popular Hayate manga series gets its 3rd animated project in the form of this movie titled "Heaven is a Place on Earth". This time around studio manglobe is in charge of production where JC Staff had handled season 2, and Synergy SP handled season 1. How will manglobe's shot at this franchise fare in comparison with its previous entries?

To start with this is NOT an adaptation of any chapters from the manga, the story for this movie is completely anime original and it is supposed to be set a couple of months AFTER the point the manga is ...
Sep 26, 2010
There seems to have been a lot of recent anime adapted from 4-koma mangas recently, Seitokai Yakuindomo (SYD for short) is one them.

If you are the type of person who are not into constant sex related jokes and innuendos, then you can stop reading now, this anime is definitely is not for you.

With that said, let's move on.

The main character, Takatoshi Tsuda, is forced into joining the student council of Ousai High School, which was formerly an all-girls school, by the president Akamusa Shino, in order to have a male's perspective into issues surrounding the new now co-ed school.
This being a 4-koma comedy, there ...
May 10, 2010
If I wasnt already using Windows 7, after watching this commercial I would have gone and bought it (and by that I mean illegally download it)

Surely, if this piece of anime can slightly boost Win7 sales from the otaku market by even 1% im sure production costs of this commerical and Mizuki Nana's and Namikawa Daisuke paycheckes would be covered.

Madobe Nanami also says goodbye to the old and busted heterochromia eye style and introduces the new hotness quad-colored eye style, which by the way I now expect to see in animes a lot more often, because once you look into her eyes, you ...
Apr 12, 2010
In a time when originality is something rare to find in animes, it is the way the content is delivered that defines whether a show becomes great or not, and in this aspect the Haruhi Suzumiya series is when it shines the most. Everyone that knows the series knows that this franchise has always been the "odd guy" that stands out when it comes to the way things are presented or given to the fans, with jumbled chronological airing, or slipping new episodes into what would be otherwise a "re-run" of the old series, or repeating the same events for 8 different episodes. While the ...
Feb 14, 2010
hahahahahahaha oh wow

So when they said "Sleeping with Hinako" they really meant it! I would say about 70% of the 49 minute video is still shots that continuously loop of Hinako sleeping, of course the camera angles are oh so perfectly aligned to help its otaku audience "sleep" as well.

Actually even for sleeping this seemed like a rather short episode, since around the 20-30 minute mark Hinako starts to have different dreams, thinking of how much shes fallen for you? (maybe seeing you doing so many awesome pushups last episode) and later she even goes get something to eat...while I appreciate the fact that this ...
Sep 29, 2009
Saki (Anime) add
What do you get when you take mahjong, you shoot massive amounts ridiculous special effects, you add a huge cast of high school girls, you give them POWERLEVELS, and then you make them 90% lesbian? Does it sound ridiculous yet? Regardless of how you feel about what I just described, Saki somehow managed to take all the above points, mush them up together, and regurgitate one of the most fun and entertaining show I've seen in a while.

+ Simple and straight through story
+ Easy to swallow and get into
+ The mahjong games are SO MUCH FUN to watch and the show has PLENTY of them

- ...
Sep 20, 2009
Hayate no Gotoku! (or Hayate the Combat Butler if you prefer) is a manga created by Kenjiro Hata which is currently still ongoing. It has already received an anime adaptation by SynergySP which ran for an impressive full year with 52 episodes. A year later, and under a new animation studio, Hayate no Gotoku!! is the sequel to the popular parody-comedy, romance series.

+ As a parody-comedy there isnt really much of a plot, however this season is a near perfect adaptation from the original manga.
+ Completely ignores the filler material from season 1 and starts off from where last season derailred. (Ep 25 season 1)
+ ...
Jul 1, 2009
Ever since the end of the original CLANNAD, fans of Kyou have wished to have her story arc properly animated, only to have Tomoyo's arc animated first instead. But now at the end of the highly successful sequel CLANNAD ~After Story~,the latest DVD release of After Story included an extra episode called CLANNAD ~Another World~ Kyou Chapter. This is the long awaited adaptation that the Kyou fans (me included) have wished for for a long time. Was the long wait for this worth it? read on to find out.

+ Finally we get a decent adaptation of Kyou's story arc from the original Visual Novel.
+ A ...
Jun 23, 2009
K-On! (Anime) add
Time and time again, Kyoto Animation has gained the hearts of the people and has quickly become a company that seems to turn whatever they animate into an instant cultural frenzy. For K-ON! this is no different. Based on a 4koma manga by Kakifly, K-ON! went from practically unknown to massive super hit in only a matter of days. However, putting aside its massive popularity, how does K-ON the anime fare? Read on and find out.

Before I start the review there are some important questions you should ask yourself:
1. Do you hate animes with extreme amounts of moe?
2. Do you hate slice of life animes?
3. ...
Jun 22, 2009
Higashi no Eden (or Eden of the East however you want to call it) is a new anime series produced by Production I.G, and it was one of the most anticipated series of the Spring 2009 season. After quite an impressive trailer before the anime aired, I just knew I had to watch this show which looked like it had a lot of promise. Did it live up to my expectation? Read ahead to find out.

+ This anime definitely brings a very interesting plot.
+ The level of mystery and suspense will leave the viewer wanting more every episode.
+ Definitely one of the most refreshing ...

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