Feb 14, 2010
game8910 (All reviews)
hahahahahahaha oh wow

So when they said "Sleeping with Hinako" they really meant it! I would say about 70% of the 49 minute video is still shots that continuously loop of Hinako sleeping, of course the camera angles are oh so perfectly aligned to help its otaku audience "sleep" as well.

Actually even for sleeping this seemed like a rather short episode, since around the 20-30 minute mark Hinako starts to have different dreams, thinking of how much shes fallen for you? (maybe seeing you doing so many awesome pushups last episode) and later she even goes get something to eat...while I appreciate the fact that this is NOT just 49 minutes of still shots....BITCH NEEDS TO STOP MAKING SO MUCH NOISE IM TRYING TO SLEEP HERE DAMMIT!!!

I cant say I was able to get a good sleep out of this, this should probably be called "napping with Hinako" instead because of the short sleeping intervals it "might" offer you, but then again im not sure how many of you are not too busy "fapping with Hinako" to actually get any decent rest. This is probably a fansubber's "dream" episode though *crickets*