May 10, 2010
game8910 (All reviews)
If I wasnt already using Windows 7, after watching this commercial I would have gone and bought it (and by that I mean illegally download it)

Surely, if this piece of anime can slightly boost Win7 sales from the otaku market by even 1% im sure production costs of this commerical and Mizuki Nana's and Namikawa Daisuke paycheckes would be covered.

Madobe Nanami also says goodbye to the old and busted heterochromia eye style and introduces the new hotness quad-colored eye style, which by the way I now expect to see in animes a lot more often, because once you look into her eyes, you will shall be unable to return to plain old single colored eyes.

So with this new move which once again makes me question the kind of powerful drugs the Japanese marketing teams use in their staff meetings, I now challenge apple to step up to the plate and deliver something more outrageous than the already overplayed Mac vs PC ads, oh and Linux...when am I getting my battle anime with that motherfucking penguin!?