Jul 1, 2009
game8910 (All reviews)
Ever since the end of the original CLANNAD, fans of Kyou have wished to have her story arc properly animated, only to have Tomoyo's arc animated first instead. But now at the end of the highly successful sequel CLANNAD ~After Story~,the latest DVD release of After Story included an extra episode called CLANNAD ~Another World~ Kyou Chapter. This is the long awaited adaptation that the Kyou fans (me included) have wished for for a long time. Was the long wait for this worth it? read on to find out.

+ Finally we get a decent adaptation of Kyou's story arc from the original Visual Novel.
+ A lot of the elements of what made the original story so great are shown, somewhat modified but they are still there.

- There was just not enough time to animate ALL the key parts in a single 23 minute episode.
- The story progresses at lightning speed and it affects any type of emotional effect they are trying to pull.
- A lot of the reasons behind the character's actions are not explained, lessening any type of impact that they might have. Again this is due to the lack of time allowed in the episode.

+ The same art CLANNAD has always used, which is of course nothing short of beautiful.
+ Wow for the first time we actually get some kissing shown (as obscure at they may look)

+ The old loveable soundtrack used on the original series
+ The songs helped greatly at intensifying some scenes.
+ The seiyuus IMO did a fantastic job on their roles...making some scenes sound even better than in the original versions (The VN had the same voices as the anime).

+ As always the characters are all extremely enjoyable to watch
+ Kyou (and you could say Ryou) finally get the development they deserved.
+ Sunohara is once again the bringer of lulz (as few as there were in this episode)

- Unfortunately due to the time limit, some of the development felt rushed and not very believable.
- A lot of Tomoya's inner thoughts and struggles are not explored, making him look like some kind of random confused kid in a love triangle.
- Kyou's depression meter is cranked up way high, it just feels weird at first.

Enjoyment: I can't lie...after waiting so long for this I kinda had my expectations a little high and I was a little let down by this. However this does not mean that the OVA was bad....this was a really good and solid episode. However, it was way too overkill to try and fit so much content into such little time. In the end I was still satisfied by this OVA, and it was great seeing Kyou finally getting her chance in the spotlight.

Overall, there is absolutely no excuse for any fan of this series to not watch this. If you loved the original anime and if you are a fan of Kyou, then I am not recommending you to watch it...I AM COMMANDING YOU to watch this (and also check out Tomoyo's chapter as well). Even though this could have been way better if it had lasted longer, this is still a great episode and a must watch for all Clannad fans. Go do it...go now!