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Oct 11, 2017
Preliminary (100/? chp)
Isekai a.k.a. Another World web & light novels have saturated the market so thoroughly that some companies are actively discouraging up and coming authors in making them. Especially with how simple the formula has become i.e. (Another Fantasy World) + (Current Year Protagonist) + ( X ) = PROFIT. So as we reach "peak" Isekai, I felt like I had to check out this piece of trash, where the ( X ) = Smartphone.

And to my surprise, In Another World With My Smartphone is actually pretty good. Incredibly generic and as lighthearted as an "Iyashikei", yet it still kept me interested through these +100 chapters.

Starting ...
Feb 19, 2017
Preliminary (47/47 chp)
Set in the not-so distant future, of advanced virtual reality and augmented reality. Sword Art Online has become a bit of a phenomenon within our cultural sphere, spawning numerous adaptations from: anime series, to movies, to video games and several manga titles. With its popular status, SAO has attracted a ton of scrutiny, the bulk of which being some form of "WTF! Why rush through the Aincrad arc?!" Well I guess the author, Reki Kawahara took a lot of the criticisms to heart, as he strives to reboot the Aincrad Arc of the franchise, with this latest iteration Sword Art Online: Progressive.

Not so much in ...
Dec 28, 2014
Mixed Feelings
May 2014, Grisaia no Kajitsu is officially announced to be receiving an anime adaptation. Fans of the Visual Novel are excited to see how Juicy this animated Yuuji can be. But fans are also apprehensive, as it is being adapted by Studio 8bit. The same 8bit that butchered the adaptation of another fairly popular Visual Novel title not so long ago (Walkure Romanze), however people were hopeful that maybe, this time round, they learnt their lesson. Well did they?

Short answer: not so much. Long answer...

Well I certainly was hopeful after the 1st episode, which did a fantastic job of introducing all the important characters the ...
Dec 26, 2014
"What on earth is going on here?"

Pretty much sums up mine & Tenchi's initial thoughts on this new iteration of the classic Harem, Sci-Fi, Comedy...
Ai Tenchi Muyo! I could not tell where it actually fit into the Tenchi timeline; neither could I tell whether it was one story containing a flashback, or two completely separate stories, until near the very end of the series. Either-way this Takahashi, Okayama PV anime was enjoyable enough to not drop right away... to some extent.

The mangled storyline did not help me enjoy the series, since what I could tell is that this all has something to do with ...
Aug 4, 2014
Mixed Feelings
When it comes to romance stories, I've always enjoyed "forbidden love". Be it between the same sex, step-siblings, student & teacher or cousins; I tend to enjoy these flavours over the vanilla stuff. So here I have Boku wa Imouto ni Koi wo suru. A Shoujo, Romance, Drama themed around the forbidden love between siblings and yet I did not enjoy this as much as I hoped.

Although Boku wa Imouto is a shoujo manga, it mostly follows the point of view of our male protagonist Yori Yuuki, where it is immediately apparent that he feels strongly for his twin sister Iku. So strongly in fact ...
Apr 29, 2014
It was a breath of fresh air when the Shounen Jump title Rosario + Vampire came out, bringing with it an interesting take on the harem genre, within a Monster Academy setting. But alas it came to an abrupt end, along with the Monthly Shounen Jump magazine. Fortunately it was popular enough to warrant a continuation in the form of Rosario + Vampire II.

Rosario + Vampire II being a Shounen, Supernatural, Harem manga, with a bit of Comedy & Action thrown in for good measure. Although this is technically a sequel, R+V II feels more like a reboot, as it re-introduces the characters and ...
Jan 3, 2014
Fortune Arterial feels like every other manga with a visual novel out there. Whereby it pieces together a decent narrative that cannot possibly satisfy all the fans of the visual novel and this is further marred by having the most bland artwork imaginable.

Nevertheless it is a generally sweet manga, or that's how it first comes across; as Kouhei Hasekura transfers to a prestigious boarding school, situated on an Island off-shore from Japan. Though this isn't his first time, as he has transferred schools multiple times, due to his father's work and is hoping this will be the last.

And there we have our manga, that ...
Dec 23, 2013
Mixed Feelings
Walkure Romanze is a great Harem, Sports, Romance visual novel that garnered a bit of success, so I guess some studio had to make an anime adaptation of it. However this is simply the case where a title is better left untouched, in its original format, rather than being half-arsed like this. Because at least there, each of the girls are given enough time and development for the players to even give a damn.

Watching this series gave me flashbacks of the Princess Lover anime adaptation, but in this case, the male protagonist attends a fairly prestigious academy with "Jousting" as its main extracurricular activity. ...
Feb 5, 2012
Koibana Onsen (Manga) add
Preliminary (72/72 chp)
Koibana Onsen is a manga that requires a bit of caution before venturing into it, due to its mature sexual content. But with that said, Koibana Onsen is something I could - maybe not wholeheartedly - recommend for those looking for something a bit more raunchy than ecchi, as this is a fairly decent Romantic, Harem.

Welcome to Koibana Onsen, the place where love blooms. A family-run Inn, within a secluded rural setting, provides a unique romantic atmosphere for the couples that use it for their little romantic gateways. So it was quite the surprise when Akiyama, rather than cancel his reservation, decided to go to ...
Oct 22, 2011
I've read a fair number of manga with some rather odd set-ups but I rarely come across one as jarring as Chokotto Sister, which requires the reader to suspend all sense of disbelief just to get into it. But once you've passed that initial barrier you’ll discover that Chokotto Sister is just a light-hearted Slice of Life, with a fair amount of Romance and really not much else.

Haruma Kawagoe is a university student living independently, then one day out of the blue; his decade old wish is granted in the most unusual of fashions. Now he has a cute little sister, haply named Choko that ...

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