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Speed Grapher
Speed Grapher
Today, 10:15 AM
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Yumekui Merry
Yumekui Merry
Yesterday, 3:35 PM
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Yoake Tsugeru Lu no Uta
Yoake Tsugeru Lu no Uta
Yesterday, 3:34 PM
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Kengan Ashura
Kengan Ashura
Yesterday, 4:19 PM
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Yancha Gal no Anjou-san
Yancha Gal no Anjou-san
Dec 9, 11:17 PM
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One Piece
One Piece
Dec 7, 12:36 AM
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Trap_Traps_Traps Dec 2, 2:10 AM
You have awful taste
Hollani Nov 30, 9:23 PM
It really is unfortunate that it is rated so low, I was hesitant to give it a try at first because of that. Definitely glad I still gave it a chance. The singing scene within the anime may forever be my favorite moment from anything I have ever watched.
Hollani Nov 29, 8:39 AM
10/10 for Casshern Sins? Not too often I see someone else who enjoyed it that much.
Master10K Nov 19, 12:03 AM
I used to change my profile pic often but now I just can't be bothered. Too lazy to photoshop.
Master10K Nov 18, 2:45 PM
Hmm... I stylish Bowsette, that's also safe for work. :3
seukas Nov 16, 7:35 AM
Just watched that video and i have to agree, especially the last part where he says that the anime is in the best spot its ever been I don't watch every episode of one piece but I do watch a bunch of the scenes on Youtube and i can definitely tell that when the source material is something to be passionate about the quality of the animation increases (such as the Katakuri fight). That being said i feel like the manga for one piece is the best way to experience the story, Oda's talent for creating shounen manga is kind of unrivalled and to compare the two mediums is kind of unfair to the anime considering that the story was designed to fit manga. Dont get me wrong the anime has some great moments (walk to arlong park, the ringing of the bell on shandora, gear second first use etc.) and the phenomenal voice acting by the main cast. But in my opinion its still not comparable

~but yeah im not a toei hater and i get your frustration now, thanks for responding, sorry for ranting
seukas Nov 14, 9:55 AM
Im curious about what you mean by you dislike toei haters?
Kirik0h Sep 1, 12:59 PM
Lmao what a clueless video. Terrible excuse of a clickbait video.
Omnivision Aug 17, 5:26 AM
No worries, and thanks! It's a pleasure to meet you!

And yeah, Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria (AKA HakoMari for short) is an all time favorite of mine. I also have been buying the physical releases (though I've already read the whole series online). Hmm, but it's really difficult to talk about the series without spoiling. I mean, it's fast paced and well planned out from beginning to end; not wasting any time and a plot that hooks you in and keeps you in. But it's really hard to even give an impression without a tiny bit of spoilers. I mean, the page when you start reading is spoilers, but you don't realize that it's foreshadowing until the end of the story/arc. And speaking of arcs, volume 1 is a standalone, 2 is another standalone, 3 and 4 are together, 5 and 6 are together, and 7 is standalone but also wraps the whole story up. The premises for each of these arcs are intriguing, but I also consider that spoiler. Hey, even the meaning of the title is spoiler. I'd say the people who enjoy HakoMari the most are people who are fans of Death Note, Steins;Gate, Re:Zero, and Danganronpa since it's sorta like a combination of all of those.
Omnivision Aug 13, 2:27 PM
Hellooo, just discovered your profile and thought I'd start a conversation with you. You've got some pretty great favorites!
streiter Jul 3, 8:29 AM
BruceLad Jun 26, 1:53 PM
Nah, just got busy with other hobbies :)

Missed you btw bro, hope you've been fine.
REKT May 15, 3:06 AM
This nigger is still alive
Look at last online. I think he got baptist and now supports ISIS.
alttp May 8, 9:31 AM
i think im in love with you
ArabianLuffy May 4, 12:01 AM
I appreciate your concern, but a studio like Toei doesn't put high budget on every episode of One Piece. If I ever wanna watch the anime, it would be for the highlighted moments

- GERMA Transformation once they get their Raid-Suits
- Luffy vs Katakuri
- Ichiji's Sparking Valkyrie

etc, etc, etc...


Also, JESUS, dude! Why my browser lags? Is it the tits? Or the content in your profile?