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Heartcatch Precure!
Heartcatch Precure! add
Smile Precure!
Smile Precure! add
Suite Precure♪
Suite Precure♪ add
Yes! Precure 5
Yes! Precure 5 add
Fresh Precure!
Fresh Precure! add

Favorite Manga
Imouto Pantsu
Imouto Pantsu add
Imouto Factory
Imouto Factory add
Imouto Complete
Imouto Complete add
Imouto Calendar
Imouto Calendar add
Imouto Asshole
Imouto Asshole add

Favorite Characters
Yumehara, Nozomi
Houjou, Hibiki
Hanasaki, Tsubomi
Takamachi, Nanoha
Momozono, Love
Misumi, Nagisa
Hoshizora, Miyuki
Kaname, Madoka
Momomiya, Ichigo
Harukaze, Doremi

Favorite People
Kajiura, Yuki
Kajiura, Yuki
Kitamura, Eri
Kitamura, Eri
Aoki, Ume
Aoki, Ume

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Anime Milestones
1st anime: Elfen Lied
100th: Bakemonogatari
150th: Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko
175th: Haiyore! Nyaruko-san
200th: Aria the Animation
225th: Hataraku Maou-sama!
250th: Fate/Kaleid Linear Prism Illya
275th: Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica Movie 3: Hangyaku no Monogatari
300th: Pupa <3 <3

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SeibaaHomu | 04-05-14, 4:20 AM
So I'm playing Danganronpa at the moment (Chapter 5 to be exact) and really enjoying it. So I just thought I should ask: Is there any real reason to watch the anime?

koleare | 04-02-14, 5:14 AM
Mm, I realized it in the meantime.

Frost_Kiss | 04-01-14, 10:50 AM

Sanguis | 03-31-14, 9:20 PM
There's a reason why the word "shit" is in Kuroshitsuji's name. And Sekaiichi is probably as atrocious as its artstyle. I'd rather not put forth the effort of watching that series as it appears to be the equivalent of gouging out my eyes with a pitchfork drenched in 50M HCl. /shrugs

O-oh my, I'm quite flattered you would call me a gift. Thank you, although I'm not sure being an obnoxious, egotistical and unforgiving bastard will allow me to retain the compliment you bestowed upon me.
Although I must salute you for being a very entertaining reviewer when it comes to anime, you're a good writer~.

commanderkitty | 03-29-14, 6:40 PM
It really is. I can see why it is really popular and has tons of awards.

JustinNateal | 03-27-14, 6:45 AM
So I read your review on Day Break Illusion, and I'll have to say: Congrats! You just made me want to watch that anime!

Wait... You weren't trying to convince me to watch that? It really is strange how a good review can sometimes have the adverse effect. I guess it goes to show that sometimes even a negative review, when well-written, can spark interest in it's readers.

Anyway, nice review! Gave it a helpful. Now I'm off to see whether that anime really is as you say it is :P

EvenJellyOn | 03-27-14, 4:06 AM
>Finding MAL users who were born in the 2000s
I normally see 2000 and I'm like your too young to be here until I think about it.

Masserati_ | 03-26-14, 6:59 PM

I really really love you a hell of a lot cutie :3

Masserati_ | 03-26-14, 2:08 AM

commanderkitty | 03-24-14, 2:29 PM
Love your reviews, especially the Amnesia one!

I love Frozen too!

RandomNinjaName | 03-23-14, 9:30 AM
Loved your Amnesia review. It was hilarious!

animedude1287 | 03-22-14, 9:22 PM
Thanks for answering. I was just wondering because, I was not a huge fan of Pretty Cure 5 and Rin. I have nothing against her tomboy character, it was just more of the focus of her episodes at times. Like when she joined that soccer team. We never really saw her playing any games or anything. Now yes it was not a huge part of the story, but hey just made it such a big deal about it in one whole episode and then never really look at it again. My other problem was her dram. Now I did like the idea of her not aiming to become a soccer star or anything. Go with a dream that has a better chance of happening. But the accessory maker seem to come out of left field for me. Seeing as there were only 2 episodes that Rin had interest in that. It just felt off to me. Still but after reading what you say about her, I think I have a better understanding of why some may like her. I guess she does have a few good quilts. If anything she is not my least favorite anymore. That belongs to Cure Rosetta and some of the other members of Doki Doki. But mostly Rosetta.

I'm also a fan of Akane Hino. But then again, I like every member of Smile Precure.

Yes I also enjoyed Setsuna a lot when she became a Cure.

As for Doki Doki, I had just finished that one 2 night ago and I just wanted to read some reviews on it and see what people thought about it. That's a bad season to start watching if you want to get into Precure.

animedude1287 | 03-20-14, 9:15 PM
I see your a Rin fan. Can I ask you why you like her?

Also great Doki Doki review.

Tamiza08 | 03-17-14, 8:14 AM
Kyoko fan? <3

Wexik | 03-10-14, 12:26 PM
Creative review on Mirai Nikki! Ah and yes, Frozen is a fantastic Disney movie, watched it like 10 times lol

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