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Digimon Adventure
Digimon Adventure
May 5, 6:34 PM
Re-watching 50/54 · Scored 8
Code Geass: Fukkatsu no Lelouch
Code Geass: Fukkatsu no Lelouch
May 5, 5:24 PM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 8
Fruits Basket (2019)
Fruits Basket (2019)
May 5, 5:21 PM
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Golden Kamuy
Golden Kamuy
Sep 29, 2018 7:32 PM
Reading 155/? · Scored -
Neko ga Nishi Mukya
Neko ga Nishi Mukya
May 25, 2018 1:12 AM
Plan to Read · Scored -
Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii
Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii
Apr 30, 2018 8:41 PM
Plan to Read · Scored -


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Kurt_Irving Jun 8, 3:41 PM
Welcome back Sora! I missed you! :)

I'm doing fine and I'm ready for another hot summer. I remember when Georgia in the summer, very hot and Spain's weather is no different since it's also subtropical. An Italian penpal of mine about my age is also ready for summer. I can't wait for the Hellboy movie to come out on Blu-Ray and that movie is totally underrated. Can't wait to see the Joker movie come out on BD this summer. Btw, I already watched Detective Pikachu and it was decent, better for kids though, but I watched it because of that Canadian guy Ryan Reynolds (great as Deadpool and Pikachu).

As for Wild Arms 2, I finished it, but like a lot of 90s Jrpgs, the translation is so bad. I'm glad PS2 rpgs have better translation, like Square Enix's two Fullmetal Alchemist games. I remember that fight I had with Mustang and Armstrong in the first one, very hard battle, even at level 70.

Speaking of Fullmetal Alchemist, Hiromu-sama just had her 46th birthday like two months ago.
Kurt_Irving Apr 28, 10:54 PM
Hi Sora! :) great to see you as usual. As for Wild Arms 2, it a fun game but the bad translation from Sony kinda ruined the story for me. I hope that if this game ever gets a remake by Nintendo or another team with better translation. When this duo of annoying alien characters called Liz and Ard came, I had to skip the dialogue immediately. The translation in Wild Arms 2 is so bad compared to FF7 and Gameboy rpgs, always lost in translation. I'm kind of glad the 90s are over rpgs and so glad Japanese games these days have better translations. With Digimon Survive coming out, I won't have to worry about getting lost in translation.

Besides the poorly-translated plot, I grew to hate this brat called Scott and he alone reminded me never to have kids of my own. He's the embodiment of all the whiny kids on the MAL forums, like in the Casual and Current Events threads.

What I did like in Wild Arms 2 was the battle system and the awesome music by Michiko Naruke, very underrated music composer. It would be great if she made music for anime, Wild West or anything from her would be nice. More talented than a lot of music composers in anime these days, even better than Motoi Sakuraba.

I was also watching Die Hard 2 just now and I was way too young for 80s and early 90s blockbusters back in my day, it was a good action movie.

P.S I think the new Sword and Shield rival should be a rich girl with an attitude like Maya from Wild Arms 3
Kurt_Irving Apr 15, 9:53 PM
Hi Sora! I hope you're doing well this April and I just got my hands on the rare Wild Arms 2. I miss games with these aesthetics, nowadays there are Compile Hearts and Idea Factory games (no cute anime girls for me tyvm) trying to take over the rpg genre like a plague, catering exclusively to hardcore weeaboos. And then then there are these offline mmorpgs like Dragon Age taking over the rpg genre too.

Oh yeah! and there's this new Digimon game that I saw on a video from Youtube user ShadowElite (not his exact name, but he's some rpg geek) and it's coming out, which looks nice. My friend Elise, who is the same age as you, would love to play it too, haven't seen her in a year and a half though. I remember seeing how much she loves girly fantasy anime or manga, but her tastes imply that the 90s is her favorite decade for anime.
Kurt_Irving Apr 7, 11:45 PM
Hi Sora! didn't know you had a Switch, congratulations! :)

It's been a while since I last used Gamefly, that's where my brother and I rented Y's: The Ark of Napishtim and Suikoden Tactics last decade. Not sure where that article came from, but still, it hit the nail on the head saying that anime generally can't do horror well.

On the other hand, I baked a cake using the rare unripe banana flour with yellow chocolate frosting (tasty) today and as for anime, I'm glad a buddy of mine recently said that a Vinland Saga anime is coming out this year, can't wait! :)

Some years ago, some otaku your age (from Texas iirc) said that Vinland Saga is hands down, the best historical manga ever. If only a proper Battle Angel Alita anime adaptation or reboot could be announced after the relatively close success of Fox's fairly recent live-action movie version. The 90s OVA from what some sci-fi loving peers told me said that it got rushed. From my perspective, the OVA got overshadowed by Cowboy Bebop, Evangelion, Last Exile, Outlaw Star, Metropolis and eventually Ghost in the Shell: SAC (the live-action movie based on the manga was too short with middling action).
Kurt_Irving Mar 17, 11:06 PM
Speaking of Persona, I've been wanting to play Innocent Sin for some time, I still have my PSP lying around somewhere, but playing it without the battery is inconvenient. :(

But yes! I can't wait for Sega/Atlus to release SMT V and hopefully, it'll have the best turn-based battle system to date. Too many real-time action rpgs these last two gens, even though I like G.U.'s simplistic MMORPG-like battle system. SMT games may be turn-based rpgs, but are very, very challenging.

Demographic-wise, I believe Devil Summoner, DDS and even SMT 4 are the equivalent of seinen manga in video games, being so dark, mature and gruesome. That's one reason why they aren't quite mainstream or AAA title material, they just feel like a rated R fantasy movie with some horror movie flair. If only fantasy anime could have that level of maturity, but nope, they wanna be more like SAO or follow the whole generic isekai route and cater teenagers.

On the other hand, I couldn't get into Xenosaga with its slow animations during cutscenes or battles, most poorly designed turn-based game ever made. I rather play Innocent Sin, Grandia 1-3 (which look better than the last 3 Final Fantasy games and the 3rd Grandia game looks like it came from the future), Devil Summoner or even the last two Wild Arms games.

P.S I can't wait to see how Sword and Shield will turn out
Kurt_Irving Mar 8, 10:19 PM
Yes, but the best corn-based donuts that I made are very dense compared to your average store-bought donuts, still tasty though and even better with chocolate. Someday, I'd like to try green banana or coconut-based desserts and bakery, even if it means moving to the tropics. I'll have to try a chipotle bean burger some time.

Btw, did you see videos or articles about the upcoming gen 8 Pokemon games? I hope I get to see improvements for gen 2 starters and gen II starters are very underused. I want to see a Typhlosion that can get the same amount of love as the more popular fire Pokemon. Hopefully, Rapidash and even Delphox can get move love in gen 8 too. I also want a Meganium that is better than just a medical grass Pokemon setting up screens and of course, I want one that an get the same amount of love as currently standard grass Pokemon. Look at Bellossom, it's got some change in its movepool or blessed with Quiver Dance in gen 7. Hence, a Meganium that even Gym Leader Erika deserves and of course, there needs to be a Feraligatr that even Misty deserves. A water and dragon Feraligatr is still awesome in concept even with higher Special Attack and Defenses.

Btw, I can't wait for Shin Megami Tensei V to come out this fall. It would be great if Digital Devil Saga could get the same HD love as Catherine (Miyuki Sawashiro's voice is sexy, perfect for vixen roles) and Persona V. I remember when I heard news about Sega and Atlus being merged together, almost like heir married, if only Virtua Fighter could get into the limelight again (the 1995 VF anime has better action than today's anime).
Kurt_Irving Mar 4, 10:00 PM
You're welcome! :) and you went to Las Vegas? wow! a pen pal of mine is the same as you and she's from Nevada (we don't talk a lot since she's got a boyfriend and her taste in anime is very different than either one of us).

About anime, I watch anime very casually these days since a lot of anime so far behave like Saturday morning cartoons or imitate them, which is very unoriginal. As for Tenchi Muyo!, I just found out that it began as an original OVA series in 1992 (when 90s fashion really started) and not a manga (came out in the mid 90s), so it's more original than your everyday manga. So yeah! rated R and original anime are hard to come by, which is why I watched Nodame Cantabile (not exactly rated R, but I know josei manga don't have any formulas).

Btw, I made my own gluten-free version of donuts (wheat is an overrated grain) and served them with ice cream.
Kurt_Irving Feb 21, 9:10 PM
Btw! congratulations on re-watching the first half of the original Digimon. I'm watching Lupin III part V now and what pretty colors it has.
Kurt_Irving Feb 9, 7:54 PM
I'm doing fine, though kind of tired after another day at work. Wow! I didn't know you had an Anniversary Limited Edition of Cowboy Bebop on Blu-Ray and vinyl has the highest sound quality out of all sound-related media. :)

Btw, I'm really enjoying Nodame Cantabile after re-watching some Zoids Zero and it's very difficult to find Zoids Zero in Japanese (I want to hear the 25 year-old Ayako as Leena) and on HD, but I hope Sunrise will release this and Chaotic Century on Blu-Ray now that they own Xebec plus Xebec's old stuff has great artwork. Back to Nodame Cantabile, it is a lot more interesting than I thought and this is one series that doesn't follow a typical anime formula.
kingtron1 Feb 9, 2:19 PM
Aww well I hope you'll feel better soon. I have been the opposite in a way. Just been watching anime, but not exactly as much as I could. Mostly just a couple of episodes here and there. I dunno, I perhaps chat too much to watch anime in peace. I do know that there's plenty of anime that can cheer people up. It just depends on their preferences.
Kurt_Irving Jan 27, 9:25 AM
So anyway Sora! how are you doing? as you can see, I finished Witchblade (very sad ending, but something had to be done) and got Dororo added to my PTW list. Btw, if you're a fan of Kana Hanazawa, then you'll probably want to check out Zegapain, the beginning of her career and the anime that began her career is an underrated gem from the second to last year of the dog, 2006. Zegapain also shows how Sunrise transitioned well from cel in the 70s to CGI since the late 90s (Cowboy Bebop as you already know was their first anime that used CGI, though subtle).

It's also interesting that Ayako Kawasumi did the voice Shizuno Misaki from Zegapain at the same time she did the voice of Saber and Atoli. I guess we can say that 2006 was the peak of her acting career.
kingtron1 Jan 24, 11:21 AM
Thankies!! I am doing well. And I try to always be in an anime watching mood, but it's not always true.

I'm very much the same, but I think I add more to my Plan to Watch than I should. I feel like I'm watching more anime than before too, but at least with many I don't have to wait week to week. I'm still trying to squeeze in some of the new Winter 2019 ones, but I'm still not caught up with or even began some from Fall 2018 yet. Just like you I'll eventually get to them.

I hope you're doing well as well. ^w^
Kurt_Irving Jan 20, 12:30 PM
Mob Psycho 100? I was thinking of watching that anime for quite some time now. Some middle-aged lady that I mentioned earlier said she also enjoyed that anime some time after recommending Gokusen to me. I'm also thinking of getting into Marmalade Boy since I love 1995 anime art-styles and more of You're Under Arrest. Along with Tenchi Muyo! 1995 anime have the best art-styles (except Initial D, where only the cars are well-drawn, not a big fan of cars myself and I hate road rage as well as traffic).

As for camping, I may try it some time after I get my PPE (personal protective equipment) and roller skates. The sawdust stove I made burns pretty clean until the fuel turns into fine charcoal, which then become briquettes for grilling.
Kurt_Irving Jan 16, 8:30 PM
Hi Sora! how are you doing? I just recovered from a cold I had for two weeks. I also came back from work and it was fun making lunch using my little sawdust stove, I'm no camper, but that little stove works. Anyway, I'm 10 episodes into Witchblade English dubbed.
kingtron1 Jan 15, 7:31 PM
Oh my god!! I'm so sorry for the really really late reply. I kept getting those notifications that a new anime was added, and I just began ignoring them. Kinda forgot that I was chatting with you.

I hope you checked out Cells at Work by now. Yeah I'm like that too. I start more anime than I finish. I know how I am, so I do stop myself from starting anime I know I won't finish immediately. The only reason they're not in my On Hold list is because I will eventually return to it and finish it.

Well even if it is fanfiction, they should at least acknowledge that it wasn't their original idea. I haven't written anything in a long time now though.

Well I hope you've been having a great start to this year, and if you're not, then you can "start fresh" with the Chinese New Year.