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One Piece
One Piece
Dec 3, 5:08 PM
Watching 410/? · Scored 8
Fruits Basket 2nd Season
Fruits Basket 2nd Season
Dec 3, 12:13 AM
Watching 21/25 · Scored -
Kyoukai no Kanata
Kyoukai no Kanata
Dec 2, 11:41 PM
Completed 12/12 · Scored 8
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Boku no Hero Academia
Boku no Hero Academia
Sep 26, 1:01 PM
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Kimetsu no Yaiba
Kimetsu no Yaiba
May 28, 6:02 PM
Reading 12/207 · Scored -
May 23, 12:43 PM
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Kurt_Irving Nov 3, 9:51 PM
Anyway Sora, how are you doing and what do you think of Election Day?
Kurt_Irving Oct 12, 10:25 AM
I'm doing okay too apart from playing BoF2 on my phone at around work hours. Too bad MAL sucks on Android, but anyway, your message is worth the wait. Besides, California is far from easy compared to Arizona and other states.

It seemed to me that Arizona was more easygoing for you. No forest fires, no homeless people or antigun laws, so again, Arizona seemed more easygoing. I also thought that Arizona was boiling hot, but not like southern California.

Speaking of which weather-wise, I don't like unpredictable weather in Mexico, but that's why I want to go to Nicaragua and build my homestead and coconut farm there. I'll take tropical heat over varied weather anyday.

Nicaragua being sparsely populated is a big plus for me so I can have easy property. So yeah! that's where I'm going in case another big bad disease breaks out of China and rains on each densely populated countries' parade.

On the bright side, I caught up to Vinland Saga episode 12 at least. I do have Sorceror Hunters on my currently watching list, but that's for comedy.

Kurt_Irving Sep 28, 10:05 PM
Hey Sora! I hope things are getting better in California.

On the other hand, I just started playing Breath of Fire II after completing FF6. As for anime, I'll be catching up with Vinland Saga now that I'm done with those two last anime, Carole & Tuesday and Macross F. Although, I have been recently enjoying Sorceror Hunters, one of Xebec's original anime that is dubbed by the ADV guys. Too bad I couldn't get it on Anime Network.

Oh yeah! and the MAL app sucks on Android.

As for Breath of Fire II, I hope it's reverse compatible on the Switch. Imagine how fun it would be if we played SNES games together. :)
Kurt_Irving Aug 12, 11:53 PM
Anyway Sora! you seem to be doing quite well this week. I hate working late, but good thing I'm patient enough for a job change.

As for anime, I wish that Netflix would re-add the 1994 Street Fighter anime film, which has better art than the TV anime they got. It's not like Funimation or Cruchyroll got their hands on it.

In other news, I finally got Suikoden V, but unfortunately, this isn't my week for video games.

On the other hand, I'm almost done with watching the 90s Street Fighter TV anime on Netflix. Never devoted this much time binge-watching stuff on Netflix after work since I watched Daredevil. Good thing it didn't have licensing issues like its rival Virtua Fighter the series.

I had to watch the second season of Virtua Fighter in Spanish, but not Latino Spanish. The Spain dub that I heard in Saint Seiya was also awful, especially with those fairly muffly voices. Latino voices imo sound clearer and less distorted. Like they synchronize better with an anime or movie's original audio.

And they say American dubs are bad. Speaking of American dubs, I love the fact that Steven Jay Blum dubbed Dhalsim, the yoga master. Lia Sargent dubbed Chun Li quite well. Too bad Cammy White didn't get a British accent in the show considering the fact that she's from the UK.
Kurt_Irving Aug 8, 11:24 AM
Not yet, I have to till like next week to get Suikoden V, the game that I wanted for 14 years or since the second to last Year of the Dog.

I also recommend stews with vinegar for reducing blood sugar. Otherwise, diabetes will obstruct breathing in the lungs or tighten them. Type 2 diabetes must feel like a ghost binding the lungs till the diabetic passes out or dies.

In other news, yes! that is unfortunate. Not having heard back from the interview. This Year of the Rat is just not our style.

As for Netflix, I found Iron-Blooded Orphans, but I'm watching the Street Fighter TV anime there that I once found on the Encore channel a long time ago or some time before the whole HD era began. Netflix Japan from the look of things seems to get so many good anime, but they're still missing Outlaw Star, Solty Rei or even Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water.

As for Crunchyroll, I heard that things are getting more problematic there because of some new CEO or slight change of staff members. In other words, the staff are more noob than ever.
Kurt_Irving Aug 2, 9:42 PM
Welcome back Sora! *hugs and welcomes back* ^_^

I hope you missed out on some random comment bug that happened on MAL today. Btw, I'm gonna draw anime characters which are easier and more fun. :)

Other than that, I wish I had a new job, but I'll get one eventually and I'll be prepared for a new job interview too. The Odaiba Memorial Day sounds very interesting like a lot of events in Japan, those festivals and stuff.

Google wasn't wrong when I searched for Digimon's Survive release date several months ago. I couldn't believe it was to be released next January either.

Some movie that I really wanted to be released on October got delayed till next summer, but anyway! I was enjoying my new mango pickles while it's still summer. Dill weed doesn't exist in any shop for my cucumbers, but okay! and those mango pickles were kinda salty, but still tangy. Salty because I used rock salt which is coarse and unrefined. On the bright side, it was so packed with electrolytes for my workout and probiotics for gut health or increased immunity. :) I may try pineapple pickles when it's fall.

An old friend of mine and my deceased aunt should've taken pickle juice to reduce blood sugar before catching the dreadful Type 2 diabetes. :(

Anyway, I gotta go to bed early for an appointment and I'll try to get Suikoden 5 some time. I've been wanting that game for 14 years.
Kurt_Irving Jul 27, 10:11 PM
Oh! hey Sora, I'm doing fine. Glad to have you back! :) can't say the same about some Californian friends of mine. They're very busy during the pandemic, but it's cool! they gotta work to cover basic necessities somehow.

Oh yeah! a friend of mine named Charlotte said that she watched Howl's Moving Castle with her boyfriend for movie night and said that she preferred the novel it was based on. To each their own and I think the movie itself is that cool. Arriety, on the other hand, was okay just like how Charlotte thinks that the FOX animated movie Anastasia is okay (I wish that Meg Ryan could have another role in a family-friendly movie).

On the other hand, I forgot all about my washing machine and I love fruit vinegar. :)

Btw, I finally finished drawing my first Iron Man drawing. Most complex drawing I ever made, making anime characters a piece of cake.
Kurt_Irving Jul 24, 10:44 AM
So anyway Sora, how are you doing? I'm gonna work hard so that I can buy some Sakura gel pens for ballpoint pen drawing.

As for Macross Frontier, it's an okay anime, but not quite as amazing as the 1983 Macross.
Kurt_Irving Jul 14, 10:06 PM
Hi Sora! I can understand that you were absent, duty calls and all that stuff. The Californian heat you mentioned doesn't really help, but anyway, glad you like my drawing so thank you. :)

Yes, they are loud, like on last September, the month of Mexico's independence day. So loud that it scares dogs. xD

As for summer in Latin America, too wet plus it gets floods every year because of hurricane season. Too much rain this season and I need my clothes to sundry. So yeah! the weather all over the western hemisphere so far is meh! I bet South America is getting a blizzard somewhere where potatoes and cranberries thrive. Now I'm thinking of Groudon vs Kyogre and their weather wars. Anyway, I don't like heavy rain or floods, bad for satellite TV and 4G.

Ah yes! the Fruits Basket remake is very popular and Lynn said that she plans to watch it, but never heard from her since late winter. As for Macross Frontier, it's kind of awesome. Watching it over the TV via Blu-Ray or streaming would be more convenient. I need to invest money on a streaming box or Roku some time for when all businesses reopen or when everything is back to normal.

Again, no big deal about being MIA, plus it's your first time living in California during the summer. I remember when Georgia was really hot between May to September, I'm talking 110 degrees Fahrenheit. After August the whole state gets cool and wet, because it's a peach-growing state. Maybe except for the 2007 drought, which delayed Georgia's wet season to late October.

Kurt_Irving Jul 10, 12:00 PM
Anyway Sora! the drawing is almost done and I'll show it real soon as long as I get the lighting all set for photography. I made it look like a manga page, because ink doesn't smudge and I promise I will buy me a Sakura gel pen so I can draw like a more professional graphic novelist.

After that, I'll focus more on Macross F.
Kurt_Irving Jul 4, 12:49 AM
Well, I'm more than halfway done and this drawing is much easier than my attempt at doing Iron Man, which has so much luster. I need to get a kneaded eraser and I can't believe I forgot all about it; exactly what I need to use for detailed luster or hyper-realistic graphite and charcoal drawings.

In other news, Happy 4th of July Sora! :) and I'm re-watching a funny Pokemon 4th of July special with Braviary such as this:

I have to admit, Braviary is easily one of my favorite bird Pokemon besides the awesome Zapdos and Skarmory. Swanna and Articuno (I love its design) are okay while Pelipper is a nuisance in the competitive scene.
Kurt_Irving Jun 17, 11:02 AM
Not really, and I prefer to use my feet and a tub instead like I saw on Youtube. It just works, plus I hang the clothes on a heavy dolly before I rinse them with a garden hose. So yeah! washing machines suck in the long run.

On a side note, I agree about Digimon Survive. We deserve more up-to-date information, but the fact is, a lot of entertainment got delayed this year. I bet Atlus wanted to release SMT V this year before the virus ruined everything.
Kurt_Irving Jun 14, 11:22 PM
Hi Sora! :) have you been pretty busy too the past week? with my washing machine broken, I have to use my feet to wash heavy clothing in a tub.

Never heard of Kakushigoto, but I do know that Funimation picked it up. Netflix, on the other hand, still likes to dump a lot of random anime (not even Macross Frontier?), except in Japan. Yeah! because anime is mainstream there, but why would they give the west Robotech? a poorly edited version of Macross with that quality picture and poor dubbing. The Macross that Sentai dubbed had Vic Mignogna and zero editing. I also don't care for Seven Deadly Sins since Sony's A-1 Pictures are never on par with those like I.G., AIC, Bones and Sunrise. Even Gonzo's anime were more enjoyable overall than the likes of Fairy Tail, SAO and Seven Deadly Sins.

On the other hand, I'd like to buy a Roku box some time for my old 2004 RCA TV. Not HD, but hey! I grew with 480p since the late 90s. The Roku guys and AT&T still have to come to terms so HBO Max to be implemented, but I can wait.

But yeah! I think I want a PS4 too, despite the fact that some next new Sony console coming out some time soon with an exclusive that I want like Gungrave: G.O.R.E and I think Sony is gonna take exclusives more seriously then.

Anyway, I feel your stress and this Year of the Rat is still testing my patience. I hope 2021 will be more refreshing with a lot more movies coming back to theaters. I also hope more games will be released on consoles next year and not focus too much on Steam or the likes. I don't think I would really want Digimon Survive to just come out on the PC, plus RAM is overpriced.
Kurt_Irving Jun 10, 9:27 AM
It's great to see that some DC animated shows made their way to the platform and I can't wait for HBO Max to get released around the world. Hopefully, a lot of Sony products will support it so all Blu-Ray players can stream Crunchyroll. My mom wants more Asian dramas on a streaming service, that is, the ones Netflix have a hard time keeping up with.

Btw Sora, how are you doing? I still got more episodes of Carole & Tuesday left to go besides Warriors of Love. So many episodes to go over, so little time.
Kurt_Irving Jun 4, 9:32 PM
I didn't know that anime was from two decades ago, maybe I'll check it out some time. As for HBO Max, I wonder what surprises it'll bring as the the current Year of the Rat passes. I really hope that Pokemon films, Looney Tunes, Hanna Barbera and DCAU shows will make their way there some time.

With that said, I was busier than expected recently and I really need to save money on fiberglass cloth for multiple maintenance jobs. Because Fiberglass cloth just seems more practical and versatile, especially when I work with viscous adhesives like two-part epoxy.

Other than that, how are you doing? I was listening to prank calls on the radio as I was doing chores after work. xD

The way it works is that the host gets requests from different people in town and he gives their friends, parents, relatives, etc each a prank call. The Cuban accent prank call act from late April actually worked. xD

Poor mom of some teen boy thought the insults to her child (who suggested it to the host) we're for real and fell for it. Hearing "your son is trash" in a Cuban accent got me snickering a lot. Oh! and after the punchline, the host makes the joke clear to the one that got pranked and tells him or her who requested the joke. :)