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KellhusNigger Jan 9, 1:53 PM
Bro it's Kellhus my account got locked, add me on discord Kellhus#5160. My discord accounts keep getting banned lol
-Izanagi Jan 1, 9:46 AM
Happy New Year!

May you be blessed in your super robot wars!!
-Izanagi Dec 24, 2019 2:11 PM
mecharobot, merry christmas!!!
Greyleaf Jun 19, 2019 6:40 PM
Nice, you actually just reminded me to add that to my list! I was reading something about Emma a few days ago. ^_^
83338 Apr 5, 2019 6:08 PM
How have you completed 1200 animes yet haven't droped one?
Echelon Mar 12, 2019 8:10 PM
Yeah X-Nebula is all I know of and the lone subber I followed that did the project. I'm a bit out of the loop with current old school subs myself thesedays though for sure haha. I just wonder what the heck the hold up is on Daimos, for as popular as that one sounds I'm surprised it hasn't been fully subbed yet. I loved Voltes V so I can't wait to see the final part of that saga.

Yeah, definitely saw some Matrix level hilarity around Final Wars haha. The Heisei set looks great, though would you say the entire franchise is worth checking out all around and just going in release date order? That's probably how I'd tackle it.

I know one thing I'll love in a lot of them I'm sure, will be the music. Since classic Japanese media always has some kick ass quality in that department. When I played the Shadow of the Colossus remake earlier this year I remembered that Kou Otani apparently scored some (?) Godzilla films himself. I could definitely see it with the epic style of SoTC's score, loved it.
Echelon Mar 11, 2019 6:58 PM
You're right, the movie is another weirder case like with Ideon, or 0079 and Layzner, the TV series got cut short so the Baldios movie is like the real full conclusion. I remember the mecha was only it for like two parts and maybe a minute max, haha. Think it had a rather grimdark ending but was way different from Ideon and stuff. This has a bit of Terra e and the prosperous saving Earth theme in the mix to it. In the episode I watched today, they even made a big deal about the Baldios mech doing light speed space travel haha. So many interesting details other shows gloss over.

Do you have the X-Nebula mkv files? Those might be the best release. I was surprised to see Xabungle got a somewhat upgraded mp4 release awhile back. I know the new BD release is "SD on BD" though, but I'm sure it's solid quality. Votoms will be interesting, the GP DVD subs release was incredible, so I imagine the SD on BD release will be of that level I hope. The old US DVD's were honestly pretty bad...

I know the bike scene exactly when you mention it, haha. I think what's neat about Dougram is you can really tell it's an interesting blend of Takahashi's style with the politics and guerilla warfare intricacies, but Takeyuki Kanda seems to be credited as director as well and I'd say that might come through with the fun character interactions and whatnot. Kind of reminds me of Vifam in ways sometimes.

Makes me want to rewatch the King Kong one haha, sounds fun. So I guess Shin is just like the classic original story, military vs Godzilla?

Is Final Wars the one that's ridiculously over the top and hilarious? Think that's one I recall seeing crazy things about a few years ago. lol
Echelon Mar 10, 2019 12:44 PM
Shockingly Discotek rescued it actually. It was released a few months ago but I was kind of holding off for some rips, but nothing is popping up. Financially I'm doing good this year lately though so I started scooping up more of these classic mecha releases and got it. Though if I remember right were you not in the US?

So far I can tell it'll be one of the best. It's quite serious and the production is really good. Easy to see how it gets compared to Ideon, it looks like 70's super robot flare on the outside but it's much more in line with the grimdark 80's stuff. The main mecha doesn't even seem to come into play until episode 4 which is crazy, so you can tell it wants to be a space drama first. Kaneto Shiozawa as the lead is amazing. Truly feels like a hidden gem. I bought the movie too which I saw ages ago, so it'll be fun to revisit that after I'm done, I remember it leaving a really good impression on me.

Dougram's all about Lecoque! Hehe, yeah the production is abysmal but the series has a lot of charm. Whenever I hear that classic helicopter noise I think of Dougram now. It's fascinating how this got to be a whopping 75 episodes, no Tomino series ever tapped out at that length.

It was cool how some random episodes or parts looked good at times though, probably the episodes Norio Shioyama himself worked on. People always joked they were the "BEEF" parts since characters would suddenly look so vascular and detailed, lol.

I don't have much to say on classic monster movies. I grew up on a lot of the Godzilla dubs and had a childhood friend who was really into them haha.Was a big fan of Ghidorah and MechaGodzilla, I don't recall liking the King Kong one since it seemed so silly (King Kong swinging Godzilla around by the tail)... lol. I'd like to watch the series at some point though. I did watch the original Godzilla movie and the 1985s reboot one a few years ago in 2015, they were pretty cool. I also remember catching a lot of Godzilla Jr or whatever his son was on TV growing up. Might check out more someday. Did you watch the Hideaki Anno one?
mozgow Mar 9, 2019 5:25 AM
Yes, I've watched "You're under arrest". I loved the first two seasons and the movie. The final season was a letdown.

As for "Nadia: Secret of Blue Water" it's a love-hate relationship. I love the first 22 episodes. Then I hate the filler arc, especially episode 33. If it wasn't for the filler arc, I wouldn't hesitate to give it a 9/10 score.
Skittles Jan 17, 2019 6:26 PM
Just heard this, so hyped! Sucks that NISA is doing it though, but it's better than nothing :^)
Cure_Inazuma Jan 16, 2019 4:32 AM
Eh, not confident enough in my stuff to post it anywhere yet. But I'll get there. Sure takes a while to get gud. Playing an instrument is cool though. I'd love to hear you play.

The recent kamen riders have definitely been fun rides whose scopes expanded far beyond my expectations. But I can definitely understand if you've felt the need to take a break from that and mahou shoujo stuff. They're fun but still pretty simple. Can't get myself to be hyped about more SRW though. I've only played like three of them and I'm already kind of bored of the formula. Something about the pace of those games just puts me to sleep. I hope they release the new gundam versus here tho, that's much more my jam.
Cure_Inazuma Jan 13, 2019 10:40 AM
Yo bro. Long time no speak. How's it hangin'?

I've fallen massively behind on anime and toku and whatnot since I picked up digital art as a hobby. Very time-consuming. But I did finish KR build and drive. Those were a blast. I'm like 2 seasons behind on precure so that'll be a bitch to catch up on. Also starting the final season of doremi, which I'm certain won't disappoint.

The part 5 adaptation is fantastic so far. I'm glad I forgot so much about the manga, it's like going through it for the first time again. Giorno's still a weak-ass protag but it's fun how much more bizarre it is than part 4.
-Izanagi Jan 12, 2019 3:30 PM
I only seen the Ryuuga-verse and that is not enough to give a good answer.
Based on what I seen, I think the best part would be when Garo gained the power of darkness and can fly with dark wings while battling Jinga who is a fallen makai knight with wings.
-Izanagi Jan 1, 2019 5:55 AM
Happy New Year!
TsubasaFamily Dec 28, 2018 1:21 PM
I'm holding out hope; we'll know soon either way. Marvelous said in the most recent issue of Famitsu that they were going to make an announcement very soon about "that series", which I'm pretty sure is referring to SK7. I got Burst:Renewal on Steam and imported Peach Ball already, so I'm happy with what I've got so far xD

My only reservations with moving the series to Nintendo are that their hardware isn't up to snuff and at the end of the day they're still centralized, so if someone down the line decides they hate fan service, it's back to the drawing board. Neither of those problems exist on PC, so that'd be the ideal for me.

I would love to see Asuka in Smash... although I doubt they'd go for the trademark clothing damage to be included haha.