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Love Live! Sunshine!! 2nd Season
Love Live! Sunshine!! 2nd Season
Nov 11, 11:05 PM
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Kemono Friends: Bus-teki
Kemono Friends: Bus-teki
Oct 8, 7:32 AM
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Kemono Friends
Kemono Friends
Oct 8, 7:07 AM
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Maria-sama ga Miteru
Maria-sama ga Miteru
Today, 5:22 AM
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Tobaku Datenroku Kaiji: One Poker-hen
Tobaku Datenroku Kaiji: One Poker-hen
Nov 7, 1:17 PM
On-Hold 90/? · Scored -
Yotsuba to!
Yotsuba to!
Oct 14, 5:23 AM
On-Hold 98/? · Scored 8


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Echelon Nov 6, 3:09 PM
Yeah the simplicity to Crash 1 was awesome. I liked it's simple linear map system too. I got a lot of Donkey Kong Country vibes myself with the jungle/ruins levels. Loved that stuff. The sci-fi levels were really cool too and I had no idea the series had them. I think back on the PSX I never beat the second bridge level and never got that far, lol.

The green nitros were such a pain... I hated how they jumped, lmao. That killed me a few times when there was boxes around them I was trying to get. The bonus stages in 2-3 were a lot more interesting. But yeah the weird slide+jump mechanic was kind of odd. I didn't bother with the double jump much in 3 because it just kept killing me and was kind of odd.

I hope Insomniac keeps making Ratchet & Clank games. Love that series.
Echelon Nov 3, 3:31 PM
Holy crap I loved them. I'm not even a huge Crash fan and only played 1 a bit back in the day, never beat it though. But I remember liking how simplistic it was, it's just pure brutal platforming. Then I noticed 2-3 looked like more of the same, which was a plus to me. So I went into the remaster pretty excited but had even more fun than I expected. I was only going to play 1 for now but couldn't stop, so I beat them all back to back haha.

Yeah the relics... I thought about going for the platinum on 3, since it was the easiest. But once I realized the relics I was earning were the Saphhire's and not Gold/Platinum, I said fuck it for now haha. But I can see myself going back to these for some trophies down the road. I got a lot of them though, grinding for 99 in each game was pretty easy.

But yeah these games were incredible. The difficulty was insane but always fair. I thought 1 was going to be hardest since most say that, but I actually thought 2 was. It beefed up all the enemies that returned, the levels were wider so platforming got trickier, and yeah it was crazy hard. But felt so rewarding beating it. And going into most of these games new in 2017, I was really surprised at how creative a lot of the bosses were. I really dig the static camera angles too and I think that's why they hold up so well... Spyro, Gex, etc though? That stuff is really hard to go back to. Also for my money, Crash destroys Jak & Daxter. I played the first Jak years ago with the PS3 HD trilogy release and thought it was pretty average, then I couldn't even stomach much of 2. I wanted to punch Daxter's face off. Crash is way better, lol.

The remaster looked so good too, up there with Ratchet & Clank PS4. It still gave me cool PSX vibes too while I played it. Loved it and I love Super Mario 3D World, I wish there was more 3D platformers with fixed camera angles like these. They're so simple and fun.

Although 2 was the hardest for me overall, I think Crash 1's "High Road" (second bridge level) was the biggest lives sink for me haha, I think I literally lost like 50+ lives on that and mulitple game overs. Overall not sure which one I liked most, I like Crash 1's simple map system the best but 2-3 had cooler level variety. The vehicle stages in 3 sucked, but luckily there wasn't many of them so it wasn't a huge deal.
Bayek Nov 3, 6:28 AM
Yeah I'm completely in dude. I've been on it since the midnight launch a week ago. 70+ hours clocked into my file and I still have a ton of side quests left along with many uncharted areas. Easily the biggest and most beautiful AC to date.
kaijuguy19 Nov 1, 9:59 AM
It's good to meet you here. :) Glad there's another kaiju fan here.
Sazanami-Kai Oct 24, 6:14 PM
I see.

If Godzilla is a humanoid girl, would you marry her?
bmoore07 Oct 24, 6:01 PM
I've heard a lot of postive things about the 2010 adaptation of the 3k and I saw a few scenes of it on YouTube (Cao Cao's actor is phenomenal) but haven't gotten around to watch it.

I'm curious; how exactly are Lu Bu and Zhuge Liang different in the live-action from the Dynasty Warriors games?

About Samurai Warriors, I've wanted to play a game or two in that series (since it's a Koei product) but I don't really know anything about the era Samurai Warriors represents so I might be a little lost going into it.

Seeing that you're a fan of the Three Kingdoms, I thought I should tell you that I'm currently watching a 3k anime adaptation ( and although it occasionally skips crucial moments from the novel, it's still a quality show.

Btw, thanks for checking out my DW-themed about me.
Manaban Oct 12, 1:28 AM
-Run is best girl
-Mikan is great though
-Lala is indeed underrated

thank you for your time
Sazanami-Kai Oct 8, 7:10 AM
What do you think of Kemono Friends?
Skittles Oct 7, 10:40 AM
Fuckin' hell I enjoyed the hell out of Black Flag - lowkey the best AC imo. It's like they blended the elements of AC and Far Cry nicely with some pirate simulation minigame. One of the few times where I can say that Ubisoft went the right direction.

Oh yeah have you played Tokyo Xanadu? It came out on Vita months ago but I'm patiently waiting for the eX+ version in PS4 this November. A friend of mine in the Legend of Heroes discord kept hyping the hell out of it so I'm really curious. Don't even know what the gameplay is like yet tbh lol.
Skittles Oct 5, 5:59 AM
Yooo Tactics was awesomeeee. Not only was it my favorite childhood game of all-time, but it's also probably my most favorite FF game. Orlandeu though...definition of a gamebreaker right there.

The FFXV DLC sounds interesting, but I actually have my fill of FFXV for now lol.

38 Metacritic? Srsly? I don't even know bottom-tier JRPGs with that low of a score. Hmm you make the game sounds like Rampage, a monster-romp game series that I enjoyed back in PS1.

I heard the new AC is going the RPG route, with skill trees and all. Don't know if I should be worried or excited tbh lol.

I haven't even finished the Dusk trilogy and Firis yet but I'm already excited for the new Atelier. Looks like it's going to have two protagonists again just like Escha/Logy and Shallie.
Skittles Oct 4, 6:58 AM
I haven't even finished Ayesha lol. As much as I love the Atelier series, it turns out that I had my fill of them for awhile so I decided to put Ayesha on-hold. Definitely gonna pick it back up someday again though.

Yeah the gameplay is typical turn-based fanfare, but the Madoka Magica story and the yuri themes are reaaaally tempting me.

What have you been playing recently? Need some more recommendations from others tbh.
Skittles Oct 4, 6:21 AM
Have you played Blue Reflection? I'm really tempted to get it after finishing Lacrimosa of Dana. Need more Gust in my life :/
Yup Oct 3, 10:07 AM
Sazanami-Kai Oct 1, 9:15 AM
What do you think of Love Live Sunshine and why is it inferior compared to the original?
Darek Sep 20, 6:00 PM
well wouldn't we all here be just stupid anime fanbois? granted not all are drunk