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JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 8: JoJolion
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Shokugeki no Souma
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Cure_Inazuma May 11, 8:59 AM
Gundam Vs. is officially confirmed for a western release, yeah. Totally worth a purchase dude. Vs. games are super fun. I doubt the western version will have vocal songs, but the western release of Gundam EXVS Force had instrumental songs from the anime, so I'd wager this one will do the same. I think they haven't announced like half the units yet, so there's still hope for G and G-reco suits. And hopefully IBO Season 2. I need muh Vidar.

Will watch everything, thanks. I hope they're dubbed, I really enjoyed the first season's dub. Had no idea there was a Mashiba special, picked up. Vorg was moe too. He needs a hug. Kinda wish he beat Sendou, but Sendou did seem like the better final boss.

Got any martial arts films you'd recommend? Preferably something hot-blooded.
Cure_Inazuma May 11, 6:20 AM
Xabungle's fun. Definitely more happy tomino than sad tomino. Similar vibes to Daitarn, but with better production values. The characters are all really expressive and goofy. And the robots are pretty rad, I like how the main ones like Xabungle and Iron Gear are cars or ships that fold up to become robots that tower over the standard walker machines. It's also got a weird premise, a cool cowboy villain, and a fun main character. There's also some drama that's pretty well-done. Only 7 eps in, but I'm really enjoying it.

Takamura is the obvious choice, but I think I'm gonna have to go with Mashiba. He's cute. I'm glad he became a champ by the end, even if we didn't get to see it. I want to protect his smile.
Dempsey combo was unbelievably hype and all the characters were really likable. Fun show. Dunno whether I should move onto the other seasons or read the manga.

Why aren't you watching Ex-Aid for the best toku character in existence?
Diana_Sofia May 5, 4:48 AM
I just love "Castle in the Sky" and I even made a translation of an ending song into my native language.
Echelon Apr 27, 4:13 PM
Yeah I liked TA more myself as well. At least, I spent a lot more time with it in comparison. I also love the building aspect as well. Growing up with Starcraft, I think I remember there were codes to let you keep playing the mission after beating it. I would do that, while using a Protoss Dark Archon to mind control Terran and Zerg builders, and build massive cities across big maps just for fun haha.

I can't blame you there. I beat Fallout 1 but didn't really love it, gameplay wise. It wasn't very fun and basically just, point click and shoot. Then the ally NPC's would shoot you up around doorways or hallways, or they would be in the way when you were trying to shoot something. I would spend hours worth just walking around in a town talking and it didn't feel fun. So I managed to beat 1 since it was only about 20 hours or so, but didn't get far into 2. It's a rare case of where I like the perspective change with the sequels, since I had a lot of fun with 3, NV, and 4. The storytelling and lore is amazing in the first two, but everything else... eh. The music is incredible for sure though, that Diablo 1 track actually sounds a lot like the Fallout stuff.

The vocal tracks are cool, like Uranium Fever. Not sure if that's a real classic or not though.

But I'm talking about the BGM hehe, check it out if you get the time. Definitely in the same kind of style and "sound" as the Diablo/Starcraft stuff for sure:

Way darker than the BGM in 3 or 4.
Cure_Inazuma Apr 26, 4:44 PM
Oh, I think FFT also had bonuses for the month depending on your characters' horoscopes, though that was largely negligible. Not sure I like having to pick and choose a limited number of classes for each one, but I guess it goes some way towards making each member feel unique. In FFV you could just make all of your party members master every class and they all ended up serving similar roles. Not sure if this is the best solution, but eh, I like that they still focus on a weird mechanic from an older Ivalice game.

And it's because of stuff like that that I've been putting off II and III. Might go through them later for the hell of it, but they don't seem like they've aged exceedingly well. If there's one thing I like about IV, it's that it's constantly switching up my party as it goes on. It can get a bit annoying to lose someone I put a bunch of money and EXP into, but I like that it forces me to keep adapting to new party setups. Also RIP Tellah. You weren't as cool as Galuf, but you were still pretty alright.
Really? You've been listening to the bummer track of the ost? You feelin' alright dude? Hang in there.

I'm alright with more light drama or subtle development. I'm just not a fan of series that try so hard to be comfy that it feels like nothing happens. And yuri cliches are always a guilty pleasure. If I get to it, I'll probably just go with the anime since it's easier for me to digest. (Plus you can play Granblue while watching anime, as opposed to reading a novel. please forgive me)
Echelon Apr 26, 4:03 PM
I had the same issues with Total Annihilation and playing the music haha. I think I had to get some new CD's. Now I'm tempted to get the GOG version, but yeah. Did you ever play the Supreme Commander games? The first one was like the last LAN party era I went through. It's the spiritual successor basically, cool stuff.

My expertise on RTS's starts and ends with TA and Starcraft though, haha. Starcraft was probably the mainstream one back then, but man... it was just so damn cool. I weirdly never had much interest in 2 at all though. The full priced single campaigns thing was a turn off and it just doesn't look as appealing visually. Things I've heard about the true final ending too sound like a comedy, lol.

Diablo 2 has amazing music too.

Also how about Fallout 1-2? I love the music in those. Obisdian even re-used a lot of tracks in New Vegas which was awesome. I even edited/modded Fallout 3 so it just played the classic music and it made me enjoy the game a lot more. lmao
Cure_Inazuma Apr 26, 12:51 PM
I think the Adam and Eve boss fights really strut their stuff on Very hard. Easy as pie on normal, but when you die in one hit, those lightning fast attacks are insane. Kinda wish there was a boss rush mode for various difficulties.

I'm workin on it dude! 2 fiends down so far. Not diggin the lodestar cave or whatever though. Have to travel there on chocobo? Forced to use this weak non-metal equipment? This encounter rate with all the bat enemies? Just bash my head in with a mace and be done with it. The game's music is amazing though. I especially love the battle with the four fiends.
I would still give best overworld theme to FF7 though. It's too good. Don't even get me started on the theme that plays when you fly around in the highwind. Exquisite.

I only got a little after the Demon Wall in FFXII before I lost my copy, so I didn't make it too far in, but I liked what I played. Gambit system's interesting and I like Ivalice. I didn't know they changed the class system in the zodiac version though. So they don't let you freely change classes? That sucks. After FFT and FFV I got really used to switching it up all the time.

I'm completely on-board for it being less soap-opera-ish than Strawberry Panic, though that was entertaining in its own right. I can stomach waiting a while for the rest, though I'll probably just catch up on what's released if I go on another manga binge. Maybe the anime too. But I gotta say, not a huge fan of shows like Aria. If it's some Iyashikei series I dunno if I'll be able to get into it.
Cure_Inazuma Apr 26, 9:14 AM
Trust me dude, you can never truly appreciate the improved gameplay until you play Drakengard 1 and 3. Well, the hack 'n slash bits. The dragon parts are still pretty cool. Yeah, normal has balancing issues. If you do side quests, you end up overpowered. If you don't, you end up under-leveled by route C. I guess there were bound to be some issues with Platinum's first time balancing a bunch of RPG elements with their combat system. You kinda have to limit yourself to Hard if you want to be forced to use all of your weaponry. But as opposed to something like Bayonetta, there are a lot of weapons that are simply worse versions of other weapons, so there's not really any reason to use them. Most of the allure of getting all the weapons is the weapon stories.
And you best not be hating on the Sphere robots. That fight in the dark factory with Possessed by a Disease playing? That fight where you're constantly switching characters? Get outta here dude.

If you have a Vita, make sure you play P4Golden. It's an all-around improvement aside from the new character which I highly suspect is one of the writer's Deviant art OCs. I want to join you on the DQ train, but I still have to finish FF4 and FF12 Zodiac Age is right around the corner. SOON.

I think Mekuru hibi's complete a 19 chapters. But that's just going off of batoto's listing and not MAL's. And I've definitely also forgotten a lot of the one-shots I've read. Wish I had more I could rec, but most of the ones I have recorded are just kinda meh. If you want some manga that aren't yuri nor one-shots (so basically not what you asked for), Keyman and Grand Blue are fun. I should get around to Marimite. I'd like for it to be finished first though.
Echelon Apr 25, 5:18 PM
lol, didn't grow up with Starcraft? That was probably one of the first games I played that sucked a few years out of me and was something that kept me busier for such a long time. I'm pretty stoked for the remaster. But apparently the original and Brood War is completely free now from Blizzard, pretty rad. The Terran music is definitely most of my favorites, the one you linked might even be my favorite haha. I thought the Protoss were the coolest but I always played best with the Terran.

Probably my Protoss favorite:

Another old RTS that has S rank music:

Jeremy Soule ;)

They should just seriously hire him to compose for the new Star Wars movies. He's outright said John Williams is one of his biggest influences.
Cure_Inazuma Apr 25, 10:18 AM
Yeah bro. Took me about 87 hours, but I beat P5 after playing it non-stop. 10/10. So much style it'll make your eyes bleed. Replaying it now to get the social links I missed and do various other things. You should play it bro. Though prepare for a pretty long tutorial.

Oh cool, how'd you like Auto Tomato? Did you
I played through all the routes twice and now I'm doing a Very Hard playthrough. And boy I thought Ultra V-rated on Viewtiful Joe was tough. One hit kill dude. One hit.
It's definitely worth it to get all of Nier's endings. Route B in particular is pretty great. Feel like trying any of the Drakengard games while you're at it? Excluding 2 of course.
Also there's a cool Shin Godzilla enemy you can fight in Automata's forest in case you didn't find it yet. That's pretty rad.

Sure dude, been reading quite a bit of manga. If you want diabetes, try Tsurezure Children. Not a one-shot, but short 4-komas, and it will give you cavities for days. For one-shots, try 'Ana Aki Bukuro wa Wasuregachi', 'Batsu Gal', 'Yuri Yuri', and most of the stuff in 'Yuri anthology Dolce'. And if you want some laughs, 'Yuri Mekuru Hibi' and 'Zai x 10' are great. Sadly even though I went on a big manga hunt, most of them were pretty forgettable. But there are some gems. And if Dynasty doesn't have 'em, then Batoto probably does.
MechaFan-RX-78-2 Apr 24, 11:51 PM
CDA is quite good. It is paced a bit slow but the few fights there are, are awesome.
Sazanami-Kai Apr 10, 7:05 PM
What do you think of Gabriel Dropout?
Sazanami-Kai Apr 1, 8:29 AM
I have good news for you!

Yuusha franchise has been revived and there will be new one by sunrise this year, the Mech has been revealed!

This time it will collaborate with Nippon animation so get hyped!

Sazanami-Kai Mar 26, 7:34 PM
What do you think of Cross Ange?

>watching Valvrave

Oh boy, there's sex scene on episode 10.
mozgow Mar 25, 7:43 AM
Wow, I haven't heard about "Atelier Totori" and "Star Ocean" before. I heard about "Xenogears", "Dragon Quest" and " Ys Origin", but never got a chance to play them.

"Ys Origin" is available on Steam so I might get a chance to play it. I still have to play "Trails in the Sky SC" ...