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Tatakae! Chou Robot Seimeitai Transformers
Tatakae! Chou Robot Seimeitai Transformers
2 hours ago
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7 hours ago
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Aug 26, 2:52 AM
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Shokugeki no Souma
Shokugeki no Souma
Aug 26, 7:20 AM
On-Hold 180/? · Scored 7
Aug 26, 7:15 AM
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Billy Bat
Billy Bat
Aug 26, 7:10 AM
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Akeno_Misaki Aug 25, 2:25 AM
You should watch SPT Layzner.

It's such an amazing hidden gem mecha anime.
chitanda- Aug 24, 7:57 AM
ah I see, that's exactly what I meant by variety. letting only one character from each of your favourite shows. that adds to the aesthetics of your profile. I also like it when I don't see popular characters or shows on someone's profile, that makes the profile look rather more sophisticated. but I can't help it you know, I can't push characters like Natsu or Sebastian away
chitanda- Aug 23, 3:07 PM
I love that Punpun reference. love it. I also love the diversity of your profile. hope to reach that level one day^^
KumaKing Aug 20, 12:05 PM
thanks for the friend request~
Akeno_Misaki Aug 16, 6:22 AM
I see.
Good choice for picking Akari as best girl but Chinatsu????
Do you secretly like Psycho girls?
Akeno_Misaki Aug 16, 4:16 AM
Who's your favorite Yuru Yuri girl?
Akeno_Misaki Aug 15, 11:35 AM
It was way better than the TV series just like you said.
It was more Realistic than i expected, the CGI are like moving mecha toys to me lol.

Next is i'm gonna watch the sequel of TV series so i can finish the whole Votoms Franchise.
Cure_Inazuma Aug 14, 9:29 AM
The Country series is so good though, robo! You gotta get good dude. You should also try the Wario land games. 4 the best. And yeah I heard it's pretty tough to find the Prime games. The trilogy's on the Wii U eshop for only 20 bucks, but I don't know if there's much incentive to pick up a Wii U at this point. Though the 2D metroids are really where it's at. Super, Zero mission, and Fusion are all 10/10.

I do love my ocean settings, but MM's atmosphere seems really well done. I'll have to get around to them. Along with the 2D ones. Only one I own is Oracle of Ages, which I haven't really had the time to get into. On my to-do list.

Oh wow, Makoto looks even more like a boy in this game. Easy to understand why her route would be the weakest. I will never not enjoy bullying Makoto fans. You only think Chihaya's route is the best because you have yet to do best girl's. Hibiki forever. You're reaching I N F I N I T E G E N K I O V E R L O A D. A B O R T M I S S I O N.
Cure_Inazuma Aug 13, 12:03 PM
I'm fully aware there isn't much material for any FF pairings, but hey, if it's cute then why not? There's a tag at least (ティナセリ), so surely I'm not alone. I've heard X-2 has some pretty solid gameplay, but I've also heard it doesn't really do the story/characters of X justice, so I never really got into it. And yeah, XV seems like it came out of nowhere. Boy band road trip fantasy sounds like a fun time, but the combat in the platinum/duscae demos felt really iffy. Hopefully they fixed it up for the full release.
Well ya can't really go wrong with some Im@s. Unless you're doing Makoto's route or something, then you're going wrong. I've never gotten into Zelda, only beat Oot even though I really want to try wind waker and MM, but I feel you bro. Been playing some Metroid instead. That Metroid 2 remake is ballin'. Also playing Viewtiful Joe for the 5th time. Henshin a go-go baby.
Cure_Inazuma Aug 12, 8:40 PM
Well I'll ship them anyways. I've done worse. I'll swear till the day I die that Terra x Celes is completely viable.
The first time I used Sterk's super move in Meruru I was stunned. He was a goofball by then, but I love him. CHESTOOOOOO.

Will do. I tend to prefer more modern stuff like with Kamen rider, but I'll definitely at least try the first one or two movies. If they're anything like that clip, then I think I'll have a grand time. Luckily modern technology allows for many different ways to acquire such things. Wink wink.

I've dismissed the Wing gundam designs for a while now, but now that I take a closer look at them, they're actually pretty good. I remember liking the Deathscythe in particular a lot when I watched it on TV. Not digging the movie designs though. Oh god the movie designs. Everyone hates the angel wings, but I think the Hell's devil wings are much worse. The Oz suits are better though.
I obviously haven't seen much of the X mobile suits yet, but the X is cool. And I agree that the Leopard and Airmaster are kinda meh.
Cure_Inazuma Aug 12, 10:43 AM
Eh? Rorona x Cory is pretty strong, if I remember correctly. Though, like MeruKei, there's no art. The constant shipteasing with Sterk does throw a wrench in that, but Sterk's a cool guy, so I'll allow it.

Alrighty, I'll remember to watch the special and the movie. Funny how the girl is best described as "the lady who got shot". How's Godzilla? At this point, all I've seen of him was a movie on TV years ago with Jetpack guys firing lasers at him. I feel like I should catch up on the franchise because I really want to see Anno's new movie.

Big O's good. A lot of it gives a feeling of "This could've been executed better", but it has a lot of charm. And it's hard not to get hype when Roger says BIG O, SHOWTIME. Plus cute android girl, DEEP symbolism, and pile bunkers. Wing's OZ designs were probably the best part of it, so I don't have a problem with that. Kinda hoping X doesn't have a politics-focused plot like Wing, though I think the biggest problem with that was stretching it to 50 episodes.

Trust me dude, you haven't even gotten to the real silly stuff yet. There will be dinosaurs, there will be angst. there will be lasers. I'm pretty sure the only ones who mixi-max with girls are Taiyou and Kirino, though you can mixi-max all of your characters with each other in the game.
Cure_Inazuma Aug 12, 9:02 AM
I've always loved TotoMimi, but I just realized I forgot to put MeruKeina on there. When I was looking through my yuri folder, it must've gone under the radar because there's so little art of it. Shoot. Looks like someone's getting the boot. REPLAY IT ROBO. YOU DON'T NEED TO PROGRESS IN ANYTHING ELSE. YOU KNOW YOU WANT THE YURI.

I finished Nexus and liked it. Final thoughts:

Also Fourze is 100% pure concentrated fun. If you want a goofy toku series, that's the way to go.

Aw yeah dude. Dreams is rad. And I really like the X's design. Something about the general aesthetic of the show gives me serious Wing vibes though. Which could be either good or bad. And hell yeah, 7's opening is fantastic. Basara's a fun guy and it seems really different from the other Macross series I've seen. Hopefully it stays fun. ORE NO UTA WO KIKE!
Though nothing beats the uh, masterfully written lyrics of the Big O opening.

Yeah dude, I'd like to see your 3x3s. They may take more time to make, but I think they certainly look more appealing than plain old lists.

How're you feelin' about Chrono Stone? Fei a CUTE!
Akeno_Misaki Aug 12, 4:52 AM

Now you just started watching Macross Delta, once you reach episode 19 you'll be surprised.
Tsubomi- Aug 12, 2:35 AM
Maybe yes (if I haven't forgotten anything)
But there is the new All Stars movie which isn't released yet and Mahou Tsukai series on air.
Everything else is completed now.
Ckan Aug 12, 1:00 AM
While I've always been more for the ATX team (RIP Mizutani Yuko ;_;) there's certainly nothing that screams beautiful robo quite like a messy chunk of combined giants.

The SRW OG themes are just so perfect.