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Anime Stats
Days: 73.3
Mean Score: 6.89
  • Total Entries358
  • Rewatched4
  • Episodes4,440
Anime History Last Anime Updates
Sword Art Online: Alicization
Sword Art Online: Alicization
Dec 7, 12:06 AM
Watching 9/? · Scored 7
Dec 7, 12:05 AM
Watching 9/12 · Scored 8
Zombieland Saga
Zombieland Saga
Dec 7, 12:05 AM
Watching 9/12 · Scored 7
Manga Stats
Days: 2.6
Mean Score: 8.50
  • Total Entries8
  • Reread0
  • Chapters272
  • Volumes52
Manga History Last Manga Updates
Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen
Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen
Sep 27, 12:37 AM
Reading 85/? · Scored 10
High School DxD
High School DxD
Jun 17, 3:42 PM
On-Hold -/240 · Scored 10
Tokyo Ghoul:re
Tokyo Ghoul:re
May 13, 10:19 PM
Plan to Read · Scored -


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Sakky2213 Nov 8, 8:52 PM
Sorry im saying it so late (at least it's late for me) but Happy Birthday
Luismy-Kun Oct 14, 8:05 AM
Ok ty for the advice, i just only played VN (Vol. 1) and was wondering if worth watch that OVA...
Luismy-Kun Oct 13, 6:37 PM
Would you recommend watch the Nekopara OVA?
Hibbington Sep 20, 8:24 PM
Thanks for participating in the Anime and Character of the Season Nominations.
Hope to see you participate in our coming Fall Line-up!
My 5 is Below Average, I wouldn't go out and start calling that trash yet. Even 4 for me is just Bad. But when we start getting into the 3 range...yeah now we've gone into the trash XD.
BlackFIFA19 Jul 11, 2:37 PM
here this is why i prefer JP, 8 single rolls
BlackFIFA19 Jul 10, 3:26 PM
And i dont want her at all, like i said berserker jack or no jack,

i know shes good, but i hate her, i hate this jack i want the cool jack!
BlackFIFA19 Jul 10, 1:29 PM
I got Jack >_>
I WANTED MEDB!!! or Ozy or Cu or Xuanzang T-T

Im actually a big fan of Medb and have even invested(and i hate it) 70 euros on JP so that i can roll tommorow on her banner, but i hate Jack! Berserker Jack is the only one for me this loli crap can f off!
BlackFIFA19 Jul 9, 2:18 AM
So i rolled paid gacha,

So i absolutely despise one of the characters in the cavalry banner, but i thought 1/10th chance ill get the only one i hate, ill be fine
>gets the one he hates

i hate this game, im not gonna level this shit, i wanna burn it but because its a 5* i cant, so itll forever be in the second archive, and i still have to play the game without a 5*
BlackFIFA19 Jul 2, 11:56 AM
I cant spend money on anything atm, i need my money for my expensive vacation of around ~4000 euros(PP)

If only my NA could be like my JP :, )
BlackFIFA19 Jun 27, 3:15 AM
Kinda done with FGO... spent 350 Quartz and didnt get a single 4 star servant...
BlackFIFA19 May 23, 12:53 PM
Ill try to get the chain, but having multiple gacha games and keeping the login up is pretty tiring,

Well... ill do my best, i dont know if i can complete the weekly missions, but the logins should be possible... if im not to busy with grinding those other games... thats the main problem, depending on the event ive gotta grind other games, and because of that i miss daily logins.. cuz im grinding my life off, thats also partially the reason i initially failed my daily logins,

If youre interested in what im currently grinding: FGO JP GUDAGUDA Meiji Ishin Re-run, need my ChaCha Max Acension NP 5, and some Girls Frontline, need my WA2000 special event dress!
Imaishi May 22, 12:21 AM
Yeah, I guess I'm quite dedicated xD tbh I didn't even expect this from myself, it's first time ever I got hooked in by a mobile game. Guess WoW being extremely stale and boring (pre expansion time) helped me and I seeked the grind elsewhere xD

I'm not really farming 3bp. I managed to do it few times on day 2 (casters) but now with assassins my Martha is getting rekt and Irisviel is kinda shit imo (+ unleveled skills and almost no fou cards) so I stick to 2bp, as Cu + support is not quite enough. I guess I will do 3bp again when it's lancers or something

Yes, I love unicorn, and rewatched it last year. I watched all Gundam there is (besides Origin, waiting for it to be fully released) and it's my favourite. It's fucking perfect, looks awesome, music is out of this world, Marida is amomg most likeable characters ever and even Banagher is somewhat cool and definitely more likable than the likes of Amuro
Imaishi May 22, 12:02 AM
Not really! Actually I'm f2p (yet! As I will have beach martha no matter what)
But I spammed story for the first week or so which was giving me enough AP not to need to wait, ending up around level 80 or something? And since then da Vinci which gave tons of apples and exp (cleared both lotteries 20~ times) fate/zero and now rashomon. Rashomon is especially good for exp with AP and BP, I got like 2.5 levels during it already (mind you I spent all the rice balls) and half of a bond level with Martha

Oh, you don't have to worry about that, as you see I'm on a chain since I started, and I try to never let my AP get full - I don't waste any of it (another reason I leveled fast)
I expect the same from you hehe
Imaishi May 21, 11:49 PM
Sent you a request, IGN Satsuki

10/10/10, nice! My Cu is 10/10/5 now. Might get him to 10/10/10 soon, depending on my luck with training quest as I need like 10 magic gem of berserkers :X also 40~ evil bones but that's like 2-3 days of AP in fuyuki

Nero bride is cool, I didn't even have any decent saber until yesterday but spending all the tickets I finally got one - Rama and can start saving for beach event as Martha is my favourite servant and I want ruler version too

Haha I do!! Look:
In fact I got him on my 2nd or 3rd day and he carried me since. Wouldn't be able to farm the shit out of Da Vinci and F/zero to progress so fast otherwise
BlackFIFA19 May 21, 11:37 PM
I dont, i forgot it once after a huge streak and i just got demotivated to log in everyday, also i spend all the quartz i have at the said moment, although im saving up for summer so that i can get Kiyo Lancer, is what i hope atleast,

Yes but where is that 300 - 500 Quartz gonna come from :p

I dont pull just any banner ykno, im not pulling any banner with characters i dont care about, well just not everyone is as lucky as others, im also fairly sure im not the only one, well i am planning on doing that... the guaranteed Gacha that is... my life needs Gil afterall... and i know how easy a 5 star life makes... Ive had 2 5 stars on my old account, but my little brother deleted that account and i didnt bind it T-T (JP account btw)

Edit: after posting this comment i see this guy on your profile, Imaishi, hes already got a 5 star and only started recently, makes me very salty... :p