Kizuna, AI

Given name: アイ
Family name: キズナ
Birthday: Jun 30,
Member Favorites: 1,249
Kizuna AI is a Japanese virtual YouTuber. She has two channels on YouTube with her main channel A.I.Channel and A.I Games.

YouTube: @A.I.Channel, @A.I.Games
Twitter: @aichan_nel

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Mahou Shoujo Site

Site Kanrinin 8

Site Kanrinin 8
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Site Kanrinin 8

Site Kanrinin 8
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A_x | Sep 2, 11:19 PM

Eira_99 | Aug 18, 12:02 PM
Kizuna Ai is here cause she was featured in actual anime. Hololive tubers won't be added unless they're actually in an anime. Also I doubt they will be, at least not for a long time. Kizuna ai has over 2Mil and most Hololive memeber sit around 300k, Hololive is very popular with western people but in Japan they're not really that big.

mtnr | Jul 29, 6:12 PM
SomeGuyWithHair is right, we need hololive members!

tsubasalover | Jul 29, 9:21 AM
Appearing on July 30's Downtown DX

BT3Ks | Jul 21, 1:11 PM
Wow, so she's really not an "A.I" as in "Artificially Intelligent". What a supprise /s.
Nice stunt. Expect nothing else coming from the Japanese.

Sunroge | Jul 13, 7:50 AM

SomeGuyWithHair | Jun 22, 11:59 PM
It's sad what happened to the channel. This is why I prefer authenticity than staying in character. Speaking of VTubers, where are the Hololive VTubers? I wanna put Sui-chan on my list.

tsubasalover | May 8, 9:57 AM
Two of the Ai Kizuna left and become love-pii

xkazutox | May 7, 11:16 PM

tsubasalover | May 3, 2:29 AM

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