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lazypigz Jul 12, 3:09 AM
Really. I honestly can't really get into playing any JP games. I tried out Magia Record and i was like shiiiiiit i can't read anything and now i only just go for login bonuses.

Honestly having FGO in English is a blessing with how I can understand everything instead of just the scraps of Japanese i learned playing JP games :/
lazypigz Jul 10, 1:45 PM
WHAT I WANT JACK haha the disapointment when i didn't get her during the christmas banner :/

really now use ur jack... she good. u wanna be a good mommy right *mhmmm* i mean master
lazypigz Jul 10, 1:21 PM
what did you get????
it's not medb is it? wait... it's medb???

i was like that when it was the first GSSR banner. i absolutely didn't want altera but ended up with 2 copies of her.
Zaber_san Jul 7, 9:57 PM
used to play in an emulator on pc cuz my phone doesnt support it. I'll probably add you if I get a new phone play FGO there.
Yasaal Jul 7, 8:14 PM
How did it end? Well not so good tbh

We constantly saw looks of Squad 13 in the future as they grow up and have kids, meanwhile Hiro and 02 spend 8 years fighting VIRM and they die apparently. We see a tree, that tree grew on the place where Zero Two's body was in earth if you remember. On that tree after 8 years, we see a black haired little boy and a little pink haired girl crash into each other and they ask each other their names and then the anime ends...
Mayoisuki Jul 7, 3:38 PM
I saw your comment on the franXX ending...on yassaals profile
HeadlessHorseman Jul 5, 6:24 AM
86 is great. Just finished the first 2 volumes. If you want feel free to talk to me about it.
lazypigz Jun 27, 5:44 PM
Guaranteed 5 star gatcha is coming up like very soon though.

Ya I totally get how you feel. I missed out on Tamamo and Okita and I got super heated too. But honestly i think you should try for the guaranteed gatcha bc who knows if you might get more than just one SSR in a pull (I got 2 copies of Altera in guaranteed gatcha) and honestly just having one SSR makes the game sooo much better.

Ya I feel bad too I didn't pull Raikou and I spent like 30 tickets and 60 quartz :P
Zaber_san Jun 22, 12:52 PM
xD. i noticed ur comment in the email. For some reason my notifications is not openings thats why lmao
Zaber_san Jun 22, 12:07 PM
my pfp is Elesis (Bloody queen) from Elsword game
DarthBob May 28, 12:36 AM
Hey there.

I saw you recommend Seirei Gensouki on the forums at some point (I think it was an isekai LN discussion thread), so I gave it a shot. While it was certainly enjoyable at times, it still felt like a shoujo WN with a male lead. There was just far too much unnecessary drama, especially related to those three from Haruto's world (Miharu, Aki and Masato). I know for a fact that the romance would work out in the end, but all this excessive drama and waiting is making it quite tiring to read. Even worse is the fact that Celia and Latifa are basically guaranteed to be blown off, even though they're better than Miharu in every possible way... But I digress.

I noticed that you have Re:Zero, Altina, Paladin and Index on your favorites, so we seem to have similar tastes. I've barely read 20 LNs/WNs, and I was wondering if you could give me some recommendations, since you've read way more.
I'm not really that big on Isekai stories unless it's done really well (Re:Zero, Paladin), but I'm a huge fan of pure Fantasy novels such as Index, Rakuin, 7th, etc.

I took a look at your novel list, and I found that two great titles were missing: Sevens/7th and Rakuin no Monshou. 7th is basically Saihate no Paladin, but longer, more detailed and completed with a decent ending. Rakuin no Monshou is like a more substantiated version of Haken no Kouki Altina, and is also completed with a good conclusion. I'd highly recommend reading those two if you haven't already.
gshere May 26, 1:34 PM

Lately I didn't have the opportunity to check my profile or read Blood Sign, but thank you for your comment.

Also, sorry for the short reply, I'm not confident enough on my knowledge of the language.
SoraShiroTenshi May 23, 11:00 PM
Oh, I See. XD
SoraShiroTenshi May 23, 10:54 PM
orario May 22, 5:46 AM
Thank you. I'm actually giving a try now to Fremd Torturchen