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MissCupid Aug 11, 9:49 AM
I love how you write "mini reviews" on every anime you watch, I'm totally gonna do the same thing ;D
Edocchi Aug 7, 1:40 PM
I have only read the first volume so far (5 chapters).
The first two chapters are a pretty faithful adaptation of episode 1. Didn't add much except for a quick gag where Sucy zipped Akko's mouth shut and a couple of shots that were done different from the tv anime. That said I was very pleased to see the following three chapters were completely manga original. One chapter was a volleyball game between Akko and The Rejects (TM) vs Diana and her fan club. The next was an alternative story for the Shooting Star (the crazy fast broom with a mind of its own that Akko used to cheat in the broom race). This one was centered around Lotte and her specialty in spirits so if you enjoyed the Enchanted Parade you might enjoy this little call back to it. Finally this volume had a chapter where Akko solicited help from Amanda's gang to help her find a birthday present for Sucy. All of these were solid chapters that felt very in line with the general tone LWA has been setting since its creation.
Edocchi Aug 7, 1:28 PM
Yeah, LWA's story and setting is far from being the most original, complicated, or deep tale ever told in an anime, but Yoh Yoshinari and the team are well aware of this and craft a narrative well within the limitations of that simple story and setting. By doing this, they make LWA as good as it can be. The series strikes a perfect balance with insane antics and its downtime, all peppered with wonderful character interaction. The episodic nature of LWA also adds to its watchability, and makes it easy viewing, especially on a weekly basis like I did (it's literally the only anime besides Yorimoi that's ever made me stay up all night waiting for the upcoming episode so I can immediately watch it as soon as it's out).

I'm aware of that. Akko as an mc is in paradoxical position of being simultaneously the most and the least annoying character here; she's impulsive, brash, and selfish for much of the time, but she's also the only who consitently gets the plot moving, as characters consistently seem to throw up obstacles to progression that rival Akko's persistent failures in the arts of magic to create a slog-like feel of procedings.
About being punished more, I don't know. I almost cried when she learned the truth as to why she couldn't use magic. It broke my heart seeing Akko so hurt, I realized how much I loved her and honestly didn't want her to suffer more than that, lol.

I like Diana because even tho her magic was taken away like Akko, she still manage to be the best in school through hard work and determination.
I watched the movies before the anime. Didn't add them because I only add OVA/movies if it's sequel or prequel (or something that adds to the main plot of the tv series, so no side-story, recap, spin-off, etc). Diana was meh in the movies, but she grew on me during the anime (fyi Sucy had the most favorites back then, twice more than Akko's. She's really entertaning in the movies). As the series went on, I got to see the subtle similarities between Diana and Akko, which humanized Diana and made her more lovable.
Edocchi Aug 5, 9:21 AM
More interesting favorites now with LWA & Kengo <3
What's your thought on LWA? It was my pick for AOTY in 2017. So fresh, entertaining, and hilarious. I'm currently reading the manga and it's pretty great!
Edocchi Jul 8, 9:35 PM
" opposed to the VN where the whole "reset" process is a normal thing to do in order to play other routes."
^This this. Lmao. yeah 100% right xD. That's how you fully take advantage of the nature of the medium.

Yep, "natural" is the most fitting word to describe the romance in her route. She's the only heroine whose affection Riki actually seeks out. And this affection is not circumstancial like it is with the other heroines, nor forced by external manipulation (Kyousuke) like his romance with Rin. In Kurugaya's, he simply develops a crush on a girl he thinks is very cool.

Now that I think about it, the anime has been at that point, as shown by Loli-Loli Hunters portion, Riki was implied to have a 'feeling' for Kurugaya. But then it turned out to be just a 'friendship' feeling from Kurugaya's side.
Edocchi Jul 7, 3:27 PM
Well, maybe not scared. It's just that it doesn't go as Kyousuke planned, then the world is reset, much like Rin2. Kurugaya becomes too attached to Riki, and uses her dream powers to mess with the fake world. Kyousuke tries to force the world to reset, and as a side effect Riki becomes aware of the reset.
"Riki has romanced of all the other characters as well"
Fair enough. But let's see it from anime only standpoint. Not only did they remove the romance in all routes, deciding to focus on different aspects instead they also screwed up the timeline too. It's vastly different compared to the visual novel. Some events that require a date cannot be properly explained with only the anime. But you can't explain it either with linear fashion cos it's missing one important plot point, as there is no linear timeline in the first place. The time reset only happened in Kurugaya and Rin's route, as the two routes were when Kyousuke's plan didn't go as he wished. But wait, isn't Kurugaya's route only about "friendship" like the other routes are? Why Kyousuke did the reset? It just doesn't feel right to me. At least that's how I interpret it.

I agree with ur third paragraph. Maybe what makes me give Kurugaya too much credit is how her route is unique, and reading it with the context of Refrain was pretty eye opening and sad on how much inner turmoil she had than I was expecting. Also, like you said, the role reversal is refreshing. Unlike most of LB's routes this one has little to do with "fixing the girl's problem" or at least doing so comes completely naturally to Riki & Kurugaya in this one. He's not falling for her to fix her problem of lacking emotional responses to things, it just links up with that as a natural consequence. Which is great!

You could as well just say the point of Mio's route is basically for her to stop being a depressed bitch.
Edocchi Jul 7, 6:29 AM
I get that. But still pissed that they removed it, because I thought that their bittersweet encounters and emotions they had were the cornerstone of her route. Removing it kinda removed the purpose of the route.

Even more pissed now after I read the true end and come to some realizations. One of them being her route actually happens in real world (after the end of Refrain). Kurugaya confesses to Riki, helping to bring closure to her regrets. Well to me, every other girl had something they needed to get over. Rin to get stronger. Komari to get over her brother's death. Kud to get over her mother's death. Haruka to reconcile with her sister. Mio to accept herself(?)
But for Kurugaya, her route was about her being able to feel human emotions basically, but she wasn't able to tell Riki her true feeling before her dream ended. Taking it all away and use "friendship" as substitute wouldn't feel as strong. But well, I can understand the point of Refrain anime, lol.

I appreciate Kurugaya's route even more now. The only problem with her route is that you have to read Refrain for it to make sense, and even after you've read Refrain there's no guarantee that you will understand. I needed to read carefully to realize that Kyousuke was behind everything that happens in Kurugaya's route, even tho it appears that he is helping Riki, in secret, he hopes that they will never be together, since among all the other members, Kurugaya remembers what happens in the routes of other heroines. If you analyze everything that happens in Refrain, you'll realize that the same thing happens in Kurugaya's route: Kyousuke makes it rain in order to mess with the minds of others - this is the reason Kurugaya doesn't go "outside" when it rains, and that is the reason it starts raining everyday when she declares that she and Riki are a couple. In truth, she is the one who made Riki stronger and more confident, thus I think her True Ending should be the ending of the entire series since in Rin's route and Refrain, you can't even say Rin & Riki formed a couple.
Edocchi Jul 6, 2:40 PM
I have finished Refrain, as well as the anime adaptation which is very good. A nice decision to put the three arcs in one season. BUT I was quite disappointed that they took away the romance entirely out of Kurugaya's adaptation. Tbh, I'd go as far as to say that Kurugaya's route might be the only one with actual romance. I mean, I love the romance in Haruka's route, but I was just okay with them taking away the romance in season 1 of the anime (the other routes too). But absolutely not for Kurugaya's. They even half-assed it about her gaining strong emotions because of her friendship with the little busters. I feel the amount of emotion that one gains from romance is infinitely greater than those of friendship. And the worst part is that it could have worked (bcause of the whole timeloop thing). But they didn't and it left me salty.
Other than that, I have no major complaint. The part when Riki & Rin escaped to Rin's grandfather's house is shortened but I think it works pretty well as a closing scene thanks to the song "Hanabi" (though I think the vn with its details is better in showing how strong Riki's feeling toward Rin).
Refrain anime is a really good adaptation. Everything has been noticeably improved over the previous season, especially the artwork & animation. I actually prefer the anime's character designs to the VN's.

About the plot, imo the true end felt disjointed and slapped together. The world itself and it being created with the collective consciousness of all the people who deeply care for eachother actually made sense to me and was presented nicely by Kyousuke. The recreation of the world, however, is a bit odd. I just personally feel like it was hard to accept it without feeling cheesy and weird in the vn, but the rest of the story made it worth to me and I'm not bothered by it and accept it for what it is, and that it's fair that someone says it's unnecessary or a cheap way to please the readers who can't handle that kind of thing. The anime handled it in a better way at the cost of the fake-out.
Edocchi Jul 2, 7:30 AM
If I say I have free time then I really do, haha. For these past 4 years, June-July is always the time I go full hikikomori xD

The thing I like with Haruka's route is that it is the most intense, which contained not the story of one, but of two girls caught in a game designed by heartless powerful grown-ups. And also the longest and hardest route. Riki's role and perspective as a protagonist are really well played here as he is the only one Haruka trusts. Make the wrong choice once by neglecting Haruka or making her jealous you're in for a bad ending (and it is one of the most emotional bad endings I have ever experienced).
The twist when Kanata impersonating Haruka was predictable though, I think I read too much Go-toubun.

Oh, I just noticed your favorite vn characters above lol. Seriously, Kengo really shines after the incident with Koshiki, and quickly became my fav character. When he yelled "Cheap trick!" to Kyousuke in Rin's arc, running at him punching him in the face, it almost made me tear up even though I didn't actually grasp what actually was happening, or what kind of relationship (or maybe promise) he had with Kyousuke. What I can say now is... I feel he is the most genuine character. I think he is even not as mature as Masato. Of all the LB members, I think he is the one who actually wants to have fun more than anyone else. He gives off this pure sincere feeling I rarely sense in a character in a friendship-themed story. Seeing him getting emotional really moved me. His tears are the real tears.

Refrain will really destroy me man I'm not prepared yet.
Edocchi Jul 2, 1:55 AM
I finished all pre-Refrain routes. I dropped (skipped) 2 of them.
This is how I rank them:
Haruka > Rin > Kurugaya >>> Mio >>>>> [Komari & Kud]

The reason I didn't enjoy Mio, Komari, and Kud was merely because I didn't like their characters. Mio's route is better storywise imo, pretty thoughtful, gotta appreciate the writing there. I'll check out the anime version of Komari & Kud before I start to play Refrain, it must be shorter and I think it's enough just to know the essential of the plot, I'm not that interested anyway. (I actually have downloaded the anime long time ago).

Kurugaya's route will probably be higher after I finish Refrain & read her true route. But for now, Haruka's route is the best one for me. It took me a while to grow to like her character, but when I got around to her route it really turned out to be better than I was expecting. The themes underlying it I've seen before but still work really well, and the execution of her relationship with Kanata is done brilliantly. In terms of romance too, I think Haruka's route is the most well done.
Anyway, why did you say it's not needed route :"(

Edocchi Jun 30, 9:31 AM
Already finished Rin's route (I heard there is part 2 of her route right before I unlock Refrain?). I had never seen the guide before, was just following my instinct and my love for Rin led me to this route. I liked it but something felt off and was lacking, specifically in how she proclaimed her so called "love" for Riki and asked to go out then nothing really meaningful occured for the rest of the route. But she is a childish character so I couldn't really see her being romantic anyway. Her relationship with Riki was still very cute. And the most important thing was I got to see that angelic smile of hers. I hope Rin 2 will be much better.

Will continue later with Komada Komari's route (though I'm curious to read Mio's). I wonder why she appears first in the opening, even before the main heroine (Rin).

Ah sure, I skipped using C.
Edocchi Jun 29, 10:56 AM
Have started Little Busters! and now I'm on May 20, which means it's been a week since the story began.

Few opinions on it:
(+) I love the opening. It's already one of my favorites.
(+) The main cast's (LB) interaction is so much fun.
(+) Rin is my favorite character. There were hardly any boring moments when she was on-screen. She loves cats <3
(+) The baseball mini-game made me laugh many times.
(-) I don't like Riki's voice
(-) The fighting mini-game sometimes can get weird it's hard to imagine. I wonder how the anime handles it.
(-) None of the other girls left a good impression on me. Genki girl, childish clumsy girl, loli, onee, bookworm. There are probably backstories behind their personalities, but at this point I just couldn't care less about them.

So from here, how long will it take before I can get to Refrain? I will probably skip a few routes if I think it's dumb.
Edocchi Jun 28, 10:03 AM
I plan to rewatch Angel Beats sometime in 2020 to celebrate its 10th anniversary. Would be great.

Oh, what's the prequel about? I've heard of it but never bothered to check it out.
Edocchi Jun 28, 3:32 AM
Thanks. I will play the vn then. I will have free time for the next two months. My only doubt is that it is a slice of life. I've read some sol VNs before and I dropped almost all of them. I guess sol VNs aren't for me. But I do want to get into Little Busters because... I actually miss Angel Beats so much but im not feeling like re-watching it and I heard Little Busters shares a lot of similarities.
Edocchi Jun 28, 2:04 AM
Little Busters. Should I go with the vn, or the anime?