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Vi- Jul 8, 9:21 AM
PS.: I have dropped Kakushigoto yesterday after 5 episodes.

It´s not a bad anime itself, but it´s boring. It´s less boring than Wave Listen to Me, though.

The only scenes I enjoyed were the scenes wtih Hime (the little girl), she is so cute. But half of the anime scenes is without Hime, so....

In the end, I dropped and gave it a 6/10. It was okish plus somewhat boring. Maybe it would become better in the last episodes, but I wasnt willing to watch until the last episodes ><

Now, I started Princess Connect and I have already watched 4 episodes so far, it´s been enjoyable! Nothing outstanding when it comes to plot (at least so far), but the characters are nice and it´s kinda funny with a few on point action scenes. It´s been a good anime to enjoy and make you happy without looking for an unique plot or something.
Vi- Jul 7, 8:53 AM
Ah!! Sorry I have assumed you had watched Demon Slayer haha it´s such a hyped anime that I assume everyone watched it ><
Sincerely, you won´t be losing nothing besides a nice art and animation.
Most people are giving this anime 9 or 10, and I easily didn´t think twice before giving it a 4/10.
It´s not like I do not like Shounens, but wow... Demon Slayer had so many things that irritated me and much more ><

Yes. That Glipnir scene had me "what the fu....." for the whole time. I really couldnt believe that was really happening. A childhood friend asphyxiating his own defenseless childhood girl friend because he THOUGHT that she was the one who killed the other girl. Really. And clearly she can´t even kill a mosquito. Oh God... (I had to remember this again... ). For sure that was one of the worst drama/shocking scenes I have seen is these past seasons.

Going for Kukushigoto now. Looks promising, let´s se..
Vi- Jul 6, 3:22 PM
Harumin is one of those side characters that really deserved a spin-off. She is very good. That reminded of Prison School, the vice-president received a spin-off which was enjoyable! I even did a review about it hahaha it was short yet pleasent specially for those who liked her and who liked Prison School.

Oh!! I got now what you meant. That hype! Both had that hype "this anime will be amazing!".

Though I really liked AoT and unfornutely it wasnt the same with ToG.

This reminded me of Demon Slayer. How did you like Demon Slayer (your opinion about it, it can be simple) --I havent checked out your score (but that was on purpose).

Demon Slayer started for me as any other similar animes of the same genre. It started enjoyable. Not bad yet not amazing.
I started to dislike Demon Slayers more or less in the half of it, more or less in the arc of that demon girl who used a type of balls as her weapon. "Why?" Because they dragged the arc too much, not only that this arc in specifically, but a few others as well, taking about 3 to 4 episodes to end, which was too much in my opinion, making me feel bored.
Then, the introduction of two main characters that many loves: the Javali head and the blond boy. I confess that those two were the main reason for me not enjoying the anime. Then, the last episodes were canon fillers, and the last a fan service of gore.

In the end, I couldnt enjoy it. >< But sure, the animation and art are very pretty, as expected from Ufotable.


Glepnir... is one of those animes that you´ll enjoy only if you totally turn off your brain and just accept what you are watching hahaha
If you dropped, there is one specifc scene that... wow... how bad it was
What a bad, scene. Wow. Not bad in terms of "how sad it was" but how bad the scene itself was.

Vi- Jul 1, 7:29 PM
Quick message: I have already watched 6 episodes of Glepnir and I feel like keep going. So far no free violence thank goodness to Kami lol
So far its okay. A 5/10 or 6/10. The ecchi is what keeps me hooked to the anime, sincerely.
The curious thing is: it´s an anime with violence, blood, and ecchi but they manage to censorship nipples by covering them with the girl´s hairs, leaves and things like that lol
Vi- Jul 1, 6:32 PM
Harumin! She was my favorite in Citrus >< A few times I really caught myself hooking for Harumin, maybe she had "more than friendship" feelings towards Yuzu but looks like it wasnt the case =(

People were comparing Tower of God and Attack on Titan? I mean, they really are so different in my opinion despite both having "shounen" as one of their genres.
I felt very similar to you when watching Tower of God plus I had those particularly matters that bothered me ><
There is a manwha making a lots of success, called Solo Leveling, I wonder if it will ever get an anime adaptation. I would say it Solo Leveling manwha makes more success than Tower of God. I havent read it.

Ye! It had a very light touch of yaoi here and there. Yaoi per see does not bothers me, but Tower of God were being already so mediocre and making me angry that even that very light touch of yaoi irritated me hahaha

By the way, Tower of God aside, I started watching Glipnir, and... I have watched 4 episodes so far. I confess that... if it werent for the ecchi itself I would have dropped Glipnir already.
The ET spaceship becoming coins and all didnt convence me >< the violence in episode 1 and 2 really bothered me, and I can see this pattern until the end. I cant stand these animes based in free violence >< I ll watch a few more episodes and see what happens. I can see me dropping it very soon.

Vi- Jul 1, 8:31 AM
Exactly. You said it all.

I like cool girl characters, but Mei soon started to bother me. She in deep loves her "sister" but keeps acting all cold and indifferent most of the times, that is when it starts to bother me.
Then, it is when they decide to use the "rapist skill" for some yuri fun. Because she acts so cold that a normal passionate kiss wouldnt happen. I didnt fully dislike Citrus, yet I didnt like it. I wish I could like it specially because it´s a famous yuri anime/manga and the art is very nice (but sure, art is not everything, it´s a plus), but in the end I couldnt like it as much as I wanted.
Ah! when it comes to the other characters, I liked them! Specially some secondary characters. My main problem was specially Mei and those other things I have mentioned.
The manga is not different from the anime. So you can skip it without any worries.

Netsuzou, on the other hand.. was bad. Everything about it. Story... characters...

I understand! The boring factor and how average it is.
The problem I had with Tower of God it´s that not only it was boring, but a few particular things bothered me, such as: (1) the MC itself; (2) How he obtained that sword in the first episodes; (3) The sword decided to help him just because... he is cute. Things like that.
By the way, did you see (or feel) that it has a touch of yaoi?

Vi- Jun 28, 12:14 PM
Quick update: Just dropped Tower of God. Wow~ it so.................... omg... it will be EZ the worst anime of that season for me. Maybe even one of the worst animes I have watched considering I gave it a 3/10.

It another one of those animes I won´t understand why people think it´s SO good.
Vi- Jun 28, 10:15 AM
Yes! I remember liking Asuka most! It´s one of those characters that I wish it was the main character of the series.

I understand. My opinion is actually biased due to the yuri bait factor. Yours is way more reliable than mine. I wouldnt suggest someone deciding whether he should watch or not Hibike Euphonium taking into consideration my opinion haha

My problem with Citrus is the overuse of melodrama. I like drama and melodramas. In Citrus, however, they overuse it. I mean, something that could be solved in less than 1 chapter/episodes takes 2 to 3 chapters/episodes. They keep dragging that melodrama over and over and on top of that, most of the times, it´s a lame (or "cheap" word is more suitable here?) melodrama.

Ah! another problem with Citrus I had is how forced the yuri scenes were (the intimates scenes such as kisses). Almost every scene like that one girl pushed the other down. Very few scenes the kisses happened naturally. Curiously, I like when a girl pushes the other down to kiss or something, but doing it over and over starts to become very repetitive and somewhat annoying.

Another reason is Mei. Many loves her, but over the time Mei started to annoy me due to her indecisiveness (when it comes to love her "sister") and lifeless expressions (though I know people likes that because it gives her a cool vibe).
Did you read Citrus manga? The ending was rushed as hell. Curiously, the author decided to work on Citrus 2 (which already has 7 or 8 chapters so far).


Netsuzou is...... Not only I do not like NTR (netorare) but the characters... the story wow... there arent words for it, the only word I can think of is "bad" hahaha I know this far away from a constructive opinion, but I really can´t think in anything else.


I didnt know about Tsurezurebiyori. It´s a small manga. Ill read it <3 I ll do it after I finish watching the animes from the last season <3
I wont fully read your review to avoid expectations (though I will do it after finishing the manga).
I am not very good when it comes to pure slice of life works unless there is something else to entertaining me or to follow throughout the work/story. For example: Yama no Susume is slice of life but it has 'climbing mountains´ to it. Or, a slice of life anime but it has a relationship development or build-up I can follow (it does not necessarily need to be focused in romance or drama).
However, it does not mean I won´t like it~

Let´s see...I ll for sure give it a try, and when that happens I ll give you my opinion.

Vi- Jun 27, 9:23 AM
I understand what you are meaning about the gutsy factor. Actually, I also did see that.
Hm, It´s not like I didnt enjoy Hibike, it´s just that... I don´t know. Maybe the yuri bait factor really turned me off. Because I remember I was enjoying Hibike to some extent until that reveal.
Asuka is the character I liked most if you were to ask me which character pleased me most. It is one of those characters that "I wouldnt mind keep watching more for her".

I watched Chikai Finale as well.
Both the movie and the seasons were similar to me when it comes to why I didnt like and what I liked.
Chikai Finale was another one that, if I am not mistaken, had a good amount of yuri bait. This time it was with Asuka? (I am not sure though).
I remember I got very unsatisfied with the ending because I was always there thinking that "this time it will happen for sure, the yuri that is". I am starting to realized that my main problem with Hibike was the yuri bait. But.... it is not my fault~~~ I mean, KyoAni clearly shows you yuri interests in Hibike, and then "it´s not like you were thinking!" it´s like they were fooling with my kokoro specially because I do really like yuri.

Ah, about the childhood friends. Yes, I did see that. It didnt bother me so much probably because I was already at a point that I wasnt enjoying Hibike so much.

There will be more Euphonium? I didnt know that. I thought the movie was their last release. And... they ever release anoter Hibike anime I will

You are probably similar to me but in my case it´s related to the mecha genre. However, the difference is that I was never fan of mecha, yet I didnt dislike it, it´s just that I hardly came across good mechas.
And... indeed, there are not very truly good yuri animes. I mean, sure there are good ones out there, and that I loved (Girl Friends, for example), but there are much more so-so yuri content out there (as a yuri fan, I would probably enjoy regardless, but at the same time I can see that it´s nothing out of ordinary. Now, there are yuris I didnt enjoy, such as Citrus (in general) and specially Netsuzou Trap (and curiously, those were the yuris that got an anime adpatation >< hahaha)
Vi- Jun 22, 9:09 PM
Don´t worry! I am myself who might take a few days to answer ><

It´s hard to talk about Hibike because I know many loved that anime, and I didnt enjoy it so much as all the others.
Actually, I ended up irritated with Hibike because I really felt betrayed.
The yuri bait really was a shock for me because they revealed everything in episode 7 or 8 (when she confessed that she loved that teacher). So, I felt like I was stabbed on my back. After that, I couldnt enjoy Hibike anymore.
I do really like yuri, but yuri bait is a yuri I really cant with. Sure, there are a few yuri baits I have enjoyed, but they made clear that was a yuri bait since the beginning. In Hibike, they didnt do that. They took it seriously (regarding the girls relationships) until they showed the truth. As for someone who thought that was watching a yuri anime all the time... that really came as a shock.


PS.: I have never read the novel.


Me too, an ending where both of them would meet and then move on wit their individual lives (or together, somehow, as sisters), would be the ideal ending. Still, I liked the fact that it was a simple yet emotional movie. Making something simple to be that emotional is what really pleased me.
Vi- Jun 13, 3:09 PM
I have been doing good. A bit boring doing to quarantine (even though I do love to stay at home 90% of my time I am already in need of going out a bit haha). In my case I am having a lots of time to watch animes, mangas... the work time is not the same recently.

I did think pretty much the same as you.

Kyoto Animation´s name weights. The studio itself is very famous and many love it. Specially due to its art and animation which is awesome. I would say that a good amount of Kyoto impact in its animes is not due to the story or plot (I am not saying they arent good), but due to its animation, and so how they are able to make simple drama storie into something very emotional.
I confess I am not a dead fan of any studio (that is why I didnt like much Hibike for example, specially due to the yuri bait; I really felt betrayed and how I wasnt much captivated to the story and characters). PS.: I do love yuri, but yuri bait is something I really cant (unless it´s related to comedy).

When it comes to Violet Gaiden, I do also thought that Taylor didnt want to meet her before until she solidify herself in life (job, until she gets more mature and all).

Ah, about the scene where those men appear saying Amy is from a noble scene, I am starting to think that this is one of the traits I have pointed out back there: it´s simple yet you could get a gist sufficiently to situate yourself in the story and become attached (at least a bit) to the characters.

Ye, I also didnt like the very end. I didnt dislike though I didnt like it either.
I had 2 endings in mind that would make me happy:

(1) Taylor meeting Amy, physically (not just by letter, I mean)
(2) Remember when Amy was holding a letter? She was dressing a white one-piece right close to that lake. Then, I had imagine Taylor´s voice right behind Amy saying: "may I deliver the letter for you, nee-nee?" (too bad it didnt happen how I had imagined, that would have made really happy).

I realized that in animes with drama there are lots of ending similar to that. They wont show you what people most want. They will give you that bittersweet ending (even though you know that they will meet each other, eventually) and leave the 'after' up to your imagination.
Vi- Jun 11, 2:19 PM
Hello! How have you been doing?

I just watched Violet Evergarden Gaiden, it was simple yet emotional.

My only complain is about the sudden event where some men appear to Amy and Taylor claiming that Amy is a daughter of an important family. That was kinda sudden and without any explanation.

However, I have been thinking, about the end... at the end, why didnt Taylor met Amy? She kept there hiding there in the bushes. I mean, that was a golden opportunity after so many years without meeting each other.
Ranacchi Apr 27, 4:32 PM
Happy birthday!
Edocchi Apr 27, 11:45 AM
hey, happy birthday! :D
BlackShaggy Jan 12, 10:20 PM
O pior critico dos animes. Parabens.